Wednesday, February 17, 2010

People are travelling more, expert claims

Brits are increasingly seeking holidays abroad, with many booking flights to Thailand for a sunny escape for example, it has been claimed.

Ian Bradley, spokesperson for the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO), explained that tourists are feeling less constrained in their travel options since the worldwide economic situation has improved.

"People are definitely travelling more as the global recession eases and people feel confident to travel more," he stated.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Book your travel the easy way – Trust a renowned Travel Agent

Every jaded traveller is likely to swear by travel agents, when it comes to flight booking. After all, there are limitless benefits in trusting travel agents to book your flights, rather than unnecessarily bothering yourself with this ticket booking hassle. The insider network of travel agents gives them access to attractive flight deals, which an outsider may never even get to hear of. Airlines sell tickets to travel agents for massive discounts and the agents pick up commissions instead of fees. Simply put, this translates as enormous savings for passengers.

In fact, to give air tickets an iron clad guarantee, it is highly recommended that one should book tickets through travel agents who are members of ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents). ABTA members have to rigidly adhere to ABTA guidelines, which are aimed at maximising passenger benefit. In other words, if anything goes awry, then the travel agent would be there to sort out matters.

Perhaps, the best part of hiring travel agents is that your flight itinerary gets planned by seasoned professionals. For instance, if you are looking for specialised services such as cheap flights to India, then wracking your brains over the Internet may or may not get you the best deal, but a professional travel agent will definitely be able to work out the most suitable option for you. An agent is best suited to help you zero down upon that perfect stopover and the shortest transit. In fact, the Internet may prove too tedious if you try to search flights with more than one halt. Travel agents have a treasure of information concerning flights and can significantly cut down your travel time by apprising you of connecting flight between different destinations.

Passengers with special needs can safely depend upon travel agents for all requirements. Be it pre-arranged wheelchairs or customised on board food options, travel agents take care of all the nitty-gritties.

In case, you book tickets on your own and then need a last minute cancellation, the airline may not be too cooperative with fare adjustment. However, if your travel agent deals with the situation, the scenario changes remarkably because airlines treat agents differently. After all, the agent brings in a high volume of business to the airline. By hiring the services of a renowned travel agent, you can even expect an automatic upgrade which may not be so convenient with the airline.

A travel agent helps keep track of expenditure. The Internet is not too feasible if multiple bookings have to be made. Quite often, credit transactions are found to lack in details. You can also be rest assured that for international travel, one of the most trustworthy sources of information on your health documents, passport, visa and any other paper work is the travel agent.

Overall, the travel agent takes care of every detail of your air travel and makes sure that everything goes smoothly. So, be it cheap flights or just some peace of mind, travel agents always come in handy for your air trip.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cheap Flights Offers and Booking

Planning a trip to about getting your air tickets at a fraction of the published rate?

Sounds far fetched? It's actually possible if a bit of planning and foresight goes into firming up your travel plans. To get rock-bottom fares you need to book your tickets at least six months in advance. As the scheduled date of departure draws near travel agents typically begin to charge higher for the same flights that too if they happen to coincide on holidays, festivals or national events.

Since most airlines release fresh fares on Wednesday and Saturday mornings chances are that you might get the best rates on both these days. Ensure that you always book return tickets from the same airline as one way tickets typically cost more. Getting the lowest fares also means compromising on the airports which you might use while embarking or disembarking from the aircrafts. The savings which the airlines make on airport fees are passed on to consumers making it a win-win situation for both. You and your family need to be less finicky about the choice of the airports.

No-frill airlines are the default choice amongst budget travellers, however the heavily discounted fares offered by them come with riders. Modifying the dates of your trip on such airlines can be a very expensive affair. No frills or Low-cost airlines typically have prohibitive cancellation and date-change charges which might hamper your flexibility while on a tour.

If you are travelling on a shoe-string budget then scheduling your arrival and departure flights to India on week days will be a good idea. You need to be a little net savvy if you are frequent flier and make internet your best money saving tool.

One can find numerous flight search engines which will retrieve information from all available airlines databases and comes up with the most economical flights options. All you need to do is to enter your flight details, arrival/departure dates, choice of airport and press the search button. The good news is that these online flight search tools even include the database of all low cost airlines offering you even more money saving options.

Rickshaws 'will still be a sight on holidays to Delhi'

People booking flights to Delhi may be pleased to learn that rickshaws will continue to be a familiar sight on the city's streets.

A ruling to regulate the number of the small vehicles operating on Delhi's roads has been overturned, allowing rickshaw pullers to haul their carts and passengers around the city, the Guardian reported. One rickshaw puller Sharif told the newspaper that he was "very happy" about the decision.

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Travellers 'have a responsibility to look after holiday destinations'

Holidaymakers should consider looking into eco-tourism options when booking flights to India, for example, one guidebook author has stated.

Jeremy Smith, editor for Rough Guides, explained that people are becoming more environmentally aware in their every day lives and should ensure that they extend this mentality to include travel.
"We're still in someone else's home even if we're not in our own home and we have a responsibility, therefore, to the world to ensure that we protect it and after it," he said.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Families 'should take a personal tour on holidays to India'

Families that have decided to book flights to India and explore some of the country's historical sights should think about booking a personal tour guide, one travel journalist has recommended.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, Chris Middleton explained that his family trip to the country was enhanced by enlisting a guide to show them the sights and sounds of the region they were visiting. He explained that they had a great guide who listened to their requests and shaped the itinerary to suit them.

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Booking flights to India 'a great idea for families'

Although booking flights to India may not seem like the first thought for a family holiday, one newspaper has urged British tourists to consider visiting the country with their children.

Christopher Middleton and his family compiled a list of the top ten reasons that a family should visit India for the Daily Telegraph. According to the travel writer and his offspring, the best thing about the country is the range of vegetarian food on offer.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Travel Insurance

Buy travel insurance to make sure your trip goes smooth and is enjoyful. Here are reasons why everyone should buy insurance:

· If your flight plans are cancelled, delayed or baggage lost, your travel insurance will cover it and you will not have to worry about spending any extra money than you already have. Everyone knows how frustrating it can be traveling, travelers insurance will just take part of the frustration out of it.

· If you rent a car and get involved in a car crash, travel insurance policy will cover any damages to you and your car if you caused the crash.

· Any medical emergencies will be covered by your insurance policy. Also if you need to be evacuated out of a country or transported to a hospital of your liking because of a medical emergency, your policy will cover it.

· Many travel insurance agencies provide you with 24 hour service for emergencies or any travel questions you may have.

· Travel insurance will cover you during severe weather. Whether your flights are being cancelled, if the destination is made inhabitable, if your home is destroyed due to severe weather, baggage lost or destroyed, or if you require any medical services because of severe weather, your travel insurance agency will cover everything.

Consider purchasing “Cancel For Any Reason” travel insurance. Then you can literally cancel for any reason. You can get health insurance quotes and travel insurance quotes online fast and easy.

Goa 'a perfect spot for relaxation'

Booking flights to Goa and exploring some of the destination's hidden beaches could be the best way to escape a hectic lifestyle, it has been claimed.

Journalist Nick Rufford explained that the laid-back and empty beaches that drew travellers to the destination in the 60s and 70s can still be found if you are prepared to hunt around. Writing in the Times, he advised heading north towards the Chapora River for holidaymakers seeking long sandy beaches without another person in sight.

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See Mumbai 'come alive' with the Kala Ghoda Fair

Anyone who is preparing to board a plane to take flights to Mumbai this week is in luck as they will land in the city in time to experience the final days of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival.

The annual event brings together cultural events and workshops, in areas such as dance, music, film and arts around the city for one week. According to What's On When, the K Dubash Marg area is usually a hive of activity during the festival.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Children 'more likely to find cheap flights to India

Parents are asking their children to find cheap flights to Australia, for example, to help cut the costs of family holidays, new research has discovered.

According to the Daily Mail, mums and dads are asking their offspring to seek out the best bargains on the internet in a bid to make family breaks more affordable.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Charter a Luxury Yacht

Luxury yacht charters are a welcome change to your traditional sun holidays of travelling on a plane, then staying in a hotel. Charter boats are a more exciting and different way to spend your holiday, making your own fun and being looked after by a crew.

Luxury yacht charters typically have on-board crew to look after your every need, this can include a skipper, mate, stewardess, chef and maid. Bear in mind you get what you pay for, so for a luxury charter yacht which can accommodate 10 guests in 5 cabins, which sails around any part of the world you want it to, for example the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, can cost around £41,000 per week.

As such, Yachts are popular with socialites and celebrities who are celebrating birthdays or simply want a break, to share with their friends in utter luxury.

You can expect gourmet food freshly made by the chef in the fully equipped galley, excellent service from the crew and the finest interior fittings creating an ideal setting for formal dining. Luxury yachts usually contain a full width VIP cabin, usually located on the main deck with a Queen Size bed and en-suite bathroom. A typical 10 man yacht will have cabins on the lower deck and include a full width Master Cabin with a King size bed, walk-in wardrobe, en-suite, spacious bathroom, a double cabin with Queen size bed with en-suite bathroom and two twin bedded cabins with en-suite bathrooms.

Most want a yacht experience for the chance to catch the sun on the top deck, with a gentle breeze in one's hair. Deck spaces will vary in size depending on the yacht, but a 10 man will provide plenty of seating for each person, including a large shaded area to relax. A flybridge, icemaker and BBQ are all standard when it comes to luxury yachts, so is the chance to partake in watersports, such as; windsurfing, water skiing, snorkeling and fishing. A jet ski also comes with some yachts, allowing no opportunity for boredom.

You can debark wherever takes your fancy, whether it be beside secluded beaches or caves, or for the more adventurous you can simply jump off the swimming platform into the warm sea.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Enjoy a boat trip in Kerala on relaxing holidays to India

People who are thinking about jetting away to warmer climes and want to book flights to India may need some help deciding which region of the country to visit.

The experiences of one travel journalist in Kerala, one of India's southern states, could aid any decisions.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, Michael Kerr explained that he had a relaxing break on a rice boat travelling around Kerala's backwaters.

He was the only visitor on a trip he described as "bewildering".

With between 700 and 1,000 boats carrying tourists in the region, he explained that he had not expected the trip to be a peaceful one.

However, Mr Kerr was pleasantly surprised by what he discovered: "I took in the sights and sounds of riverine life, delighted to find that the backwaters were not as spoilt as I had feared."

Anyone who is travelling to the area and wants to ensure that they do not damage the natural environment may be pleased to learn that one tour operator in Kerala - Tourindia - has been nominated for an award for best practice by the World Travel and Tourism Council.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Indian ecotourism firm shortlisted for world travel award

People booking flights to India may be interested to know that one of Kerala's tour operators has been shortlisted for a prestigious environmental award.

Tourindia is among the companies that will be contesting one of the categories at the 2010 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards run by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

It has been nominated for the Community Benefit Award at the WTTC event.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Holidays to India boosted by Channel 4's India Winter season

The number of Brits booking flights to India with the intention of visiting the country to work in orphanages has received a boost of late.

According to The Year Out Group, many people have been inspired to travel to the country following Channel 4's India Winter season, which has seen the broadcaster showing films such as Slumdog Millionaire and documentaries including The Slumdog Children of Mumbai.

Spokesperson for the association Marcus Watts commented: "Lots of viewers saw the way thousands of young children live on India's streets and have felt inspired to do something to help them."

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Holidaymakers 'missing out on cheap flights due to booking habits'

Travellers from the UK have changed their booking habits when it comes to flying, it has been revealed.

According to Skyscanner, this could mean tourists are missing out on the cheap flights to Thailand or India, for example.

Research released by the organisation found that, in 2009, British holidaymakers searched for flights an average of 34 days before they travelled, compared with 146 days ahead of their trip the year before.

Holidaymakers 'missing out on cheap flights due to booking habits

Brits 'losing out' on all-inclusive holidays to Thailand

Almost two-fifths (39 per cent) of British tourists are wasting money booking all-inclusive holidays to Thailand, South Africa or other popular destinations, it has been revealed.

Research carried out by found that many people jetting off on trips where everything is paid for up-front are losing out by not taking full advantage of the facilities on offer.

The company found that 57 per cent of those on all-inclusive breaks ventured outside of their hotel for at least one meal during their stay, while 49 per cent of respondents did not realise that facilities such as spas and gyms were part of the package.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Delhi has "real urban glamour"

People who are taking flights to Delhi this year should make sure they spend a few days wandering around the city's streets before moving on to visit other areas in India, it has been recommended.

Travel journalist Stephen McClarence described Delhi as a city with "real urban glamour" in an article for the Daily Telegraph and urged tourists visiting the city to take time to explore and not just see the usual holidaymaker hotspots.

Among his suggestions of must-see sights are the Red Fort and neighbouring Jama Masjid mosque in Old Delhi.

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Jet off to India for alternative skiing holidays

Booking flights to India and travelling to the rural region of Kashmir could prove to be a great choice for an alternative ski break, according to one travel journalist.

Writing for the Observer, Tom Robbins explained that he had the "most interesting, unusual, fabulous ski trip" on his visit to Kashmir and the Himalayan resort of Gulmarg.

He commented that one of the things that makes the area so special is the "sense of space" because there are not many people staying in the mountains in this region in the north-west of the country that forms part of the border with Pakistan.

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Kerala makes 'an excellent family holiday'

People who want an exotic holiday that will occupy the children as well as themselves could do worse than booking flights to India and travelling on to Kerala, according to one travel journalist and mother.

Writing for the Guardian, Caroline Philips explained that she selected the south Indian state for a trip with her two daughters and was happy to find the children enjoyed it as much as she did.

Her trip took in areas in the north of the region, which are still considered off the beaten tourist track, she commented.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Rocking out on flights to Delhi

Flights to Delhi in mid-February could be a more rocking affair than is often the case.

That is because fans of the rock genre may be flocking to the region to attend the Rock in India event, which is scheduled to take place on February 20th.

If flights to Delhi are not available, flights to Bangalore for February 22nd will allow travellers to attend the second staging of the festival.

However, some criticism of the event has arisen this year after the billing took on a slightly different format to previous years.

Past headliners have included Iron Maiden, Machine Head and Megadeth; but this year's concert is led by the Backstreet Boys and Richard Marx.

As part of the event, the organisers have created a "rock democracy" where local rock groups are listed on the festival's website.

The initiative is intended to give Indian rock acts the opportunity to connect directly with their fans, as well as being showcased during the concert itself to visitors from all over the world.

Jet Airways wins customer loyalty award

Flights to India with Jet Airways allow passengers to enjoy the services of an award-winning aviation operator.

The airline currently has 89 aircraft operating from 61 destinations, both in the domestic market and offering flights to India from overseas.

Nikos Kardassis, chief executive officer of Jet Airways, says: "We have always endeavoured to delight our guests with our world-class product and customer service, both in the air and on the ground."

Those efforts have now been rewarded with the news that Jet Airways has secured its third consecutive victory in the Loyalty Awards.

In 2008, 2009 and now 2010, the airline took the accolade of Customer and Brand Loyalty, defeating the competition from other leading airlines each time.

Other titles taken by the operator over the years include the Freddie award for Program of the Year and the TTG Travel Asia accolade for Best Domestic Airline, which it won in 2005.