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Flights to Trivandrum take One to God's Own Country

Trivandrum is a not to be missed destination for anyone taking cheap flights to India. Be it tremendous natural beauty or astounding historical monuments, Trivandrum crawls with a plethora of excellent sights, sounds, and smells.

Trivandrum makes for one jewel of a holiday destination. Full of intoxicating natural delights like palm fringed beaches, huge tracts of verdant tropical greenery, captivating dream like sunsets, virginal lagoons, and gently sloping hills, Trivandrum captures the imagination. Almost everyone who takes one of those cheap flights to India makes it a point to visit Trivandrum as the destination is amongst the most popular places in Asia. Being the erstwhile home of many kings and dynasties, Trivandrum is also a treasure trove of historical monuments. Here are some of the prized jewels from Trivandrum.


Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of India and the confluence of the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean makes for an exhilarating spot. Kanyakumari is famed for the worship of the goddess Devi Kanya and pilgrims flock to the destination in hordes. A little offshore is the Vivekananda Memorial, the meditation spot of the famed Swami Vivekananda. The mandapam here offers an excellent insight into the wonderful blend of diverse architectural styles from different parts of India. Kanyakumari remains one of the biggest reasons for spending on Trivandrum flight tickets.


The globally renowned Kovalam beach is just some 16 km from Trivandrum and has been luring travellers right since the 1930s. Taking herbal massages, swimming, and sunbathing are amongst the numerous leisure activities at the beach. Kovalam also stays alive with delightful cultural performances. Shopping zones, cheap affordable cottages, swimming pools, Ayurvedic health centres, and the famed Ashoka Beach resort are some of the other draws here. Kovalam, along with Kanyakumari, remains another major reason for hopping on to some flight to Trivandrum.

Padmanabhapuram Palace

Dating back from 16th Century, the wooden Padmanabhapuram Palace is a dazzling piece of Trivandrum’s unique architectural style. While the floors have been polished with a mixture of local plant juices, crushed shells, egg whites, and coconuts, the ceilings are carved with exquisite rosewood floral patterns. Besides architectural wonders, the palace is also full of marvellous interesting items such as secret underground passages, Lord Krishna’s pictures, chairs carved with Chinese designs, mural paintings, Saraswati temple, granite dance hall, and Belgian mirrors. One of the more gory attractions of the palace is a hanging cage, where prisoners died an excruciating death at the beaks and claws of eagles. The palace has an outer cyclopean wall, which was erected without the use of mortar.


The calm serene hamlet of Varkala has plenty of tourist magnets. This sea resort is known for its mineral rich water springs that supposedly have many medicinal properties. Two of the biggest attractions in Varkala are the Janardhanaswamy Temple and the Sivagiri Mutt.

Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

The huge sprawling Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary spells sheer bliss for any nature enthusiast. Eucalyptus plantations, long sloping hills, and fauna life like elephants, sambhar deers, lions, and leopards together make the sanctuary a wonderful getaway to the wild side. Many travellers have discovered that the joy visiting the Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary makes up a lot for the money spent on those cheap flights to India.

Neyyar Dam

Taking a picnic to the Neyyar Dam is a great way to have a day trip in Trivandrum. Boating in the Neyyar Lake here and wondering through the wilderness of the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary are two of the most popular pastimes for visitors. The sanctuary gives one the chance to get up close to exotic animal life like tigers, elephants, wild boars, wild buffaloes, different snake species, and porcupines. For a further taste of wildlife, one can always head to the nearby lion safari park and crocodile breeding centre.


This pristine hill resort is a trekker’s paradise. Trees blooming with colorful flowers, serene orchids, and natural springs make the place a treat to the eye. While going to Ponmudi, numerous travelers also stop at ‘Golden Valley’ for a quick dip in the refreshing cool crystal clear mountain stream there.

Happy New Year 2011 ! Say It in Thailand This Time

Thailand is one place where people need just an excuse to party and celebrate! So you can well imagine the magnitude and enormity of celebrations in the country as the biggest party of them all draws near.

Indeed, New Year celebration in Thailand is just epic and numbers of tourists pick flights to Thailand setting up newer tourism records with each passing year. With warm and tropical climate, there can be no better place to spend your Christmas and New Year holidays but Thailand.

Being a highly tourist-centric country, Thailand does take its New Year celebrations quite seriously, impressing even the most astute of holiday makers. There’s something in this country for everyone. Be it young or old – the sense of merriment will surely tickle you!

New Year 2011 Celebrations in Bangkok will leave you awe-struck and impressed. Its Central World Plaza is the home for the official New Years Eve countdown. It is a massive shopping centre that features some of the finest and yummiest food courts. People from all over the world come to the city to experience what Central World has to offer. It is a mesmerising spectacle that leaves travellers spellbound and one that is not to be found any where else in the world!

The Peninsula Bangkok Hotel, a world renowned hotel, also boasts of interesting and spectacular holiday decorations. Take a stroll at the foyer and experience wonderful lighting display put forth by the hotel.

Talking about lighting, it must be known that Thais just love making lighting displays and during New Year festivities one can see some of their greatest works. Bright neon lights displayed on the buildings along with perfectly choreographed lighting arrangements on streets will definitely leave you dazzled.

New Year holidays in Bangkok can only be summarised as breathtaking! Thailand is perhaps the only country in the world that celebrates New Year three times a year, but it would be a grave mistake to confer that the festive spark and local enthusiasm fades out with so much activity. In fact, Thais take New Year Celebrations a gear up with each passing year.

Holiday season results in a spurt in Thai tourism and this is when most of the nation’s hotels are fully booked. It is highly important to book hotel in advance if you are planning a New Year holiday in Thailand. Plan early, party hard and have an experience of a lifetime this year as the brand new year of 2011 settles in.

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Kingfisher launches domestic Indian flights

Kingfisher Airlines has confirmed the introduction of five new flights to its domestic routes in the New Year.

Kingfisher Airlines has confirmed the introduction of five new flights to its domestic routes in the New Year.

The airline will begin offering flights to Mumbai from Jabalpur, Belgaum and Indore as well as adding interconnecting flights between Jabalpur, Belgaum, Indore and Mumbai.

"These flights are open for sale from Monday. The flights to Belgaum will commence from Jan 10th 2011 while the flights from Mumbai to Jabalpur and Indore will commence from Jan 24th 2011," explained Manoj Chacko, executive vice-president commercial at Kingfisher Airlines.

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Taj Mahal Hotel Delhi: Symbol of Quintessential Mughal Hospitality

Reflecting the grand heritage of the Mughals, Taj Mahal Hotel sits pretty among the lush surroundings of Lutyens’ Delhi. Featuring elegant architecture with modern facilities, the majestic hotel can easily be labelled as one of the best hotels in Delhi.

Winner of the 5 Star Diamond Award by the American Academy of Hospitality, the Taj Mahal Hotel Delhi is just 40-minute drive from the international airport and is located at a convenient distance from different government offices, embassies and the city’s prime commercial hub, Connaught Place.

Step into the glittering white lobby of the hotel and get dazzled and pleasantly shocked with the wonderful Mughal designs portrayed through beautiful golden inlay works and intricate motifs. If you seek beauty then your search ends right at this hotel!

Accommodation Options

Taj Mahal Hotel Delhi offers a spectacular range of rooms and suites that feature the best of amenities and services available to the mankind. The hotel’s different categories of accommodation options include Deluxe & Luxury Rooms, Taj Club Rooms, Executive Balcony Suites, Luxury Suites and The Grand Presidential Suite.

Guests at all of these rooms and suites have access to special privileges like complimentary breakfasts and cocktails, as well as complimentary usage of gymnasium, Jacuzzi, steam and the meeting room.


The Taj Mahal Hotel Delhi serves the best food to its guests and stands way ahead of other hotels in Delhi as far as dining and wining is concerned. From casual eateries to formal fine dining, guests have access to a range of dining options at the magnificent Taj Mahal Hotel. Guests at the hotel can experience the nuances of the finest Indian and international cuisines in amiable settings. Emperor’s Lounge, House of Ming, Machan, Ricks, The Grill Room, Varq and Wasabi by Marimoto are different restaurants at Taj Mahal Hotel.

Melbourne - A Must on Your Australian Itinerary

Melbourne is one of the most loved tourist attractions in Australia. Great culture and an appealing historical heritage make flights to Melbourne one of the most sought after. Look out for those Melbourne holiday packages that incorporate the true essence of the place.

Often regarded as the ‘world's most liveable city’, Melbourne is the marvellous melting pot of Australia. Consider this! Melbourne has the largest Greek city population outside Greece as well as the biggest Italian city population outside Italy. If that’s not enough, the cosmopolitan of Melbourne boasts of a mix of Chinese, Vietnamese, Jewish and Arabic-speaking communities.

Flamboyant Victorian-era architecture and verdant conventional boulevards reflect the glorious history of the city, while cutting-edge growth personifies its inscrutable contemporary style. But to its credit, Melbourne keeps its urban frenzy to a delightful slow pace, much to the amusement of holiday travellers to the city.

Popular city with travellers and travel agents alike

Holiday makers in Melbourne are spoilt for choices with the city featuring and producing some of the world’s finest art, music, cuisine, fashion and performance. There is a plethora of cultural festivals, performances, art galleries and museums to titillate and engage the visitors. Over the period of time, the city has emerged as a big tourist hot spot which has led to an increase in the number of flights to Melbourne from around the world. Britons who are smitten by this lovely place need not fret as several Melbourne flights are available from London.

With it being such a famous holiday spot, Melbourne is also one of the most competitive destinations for travel agents. Travel agencies hope to offer the best possible holiday deals including real cheap flights to their clients. And this means more options and choices for travellers. Check out details of different holiday packages offered by different travel agents and choose the one that suits you the best. A little research on major Melbourne attractions will only make the travellers more prepared.

Unique Attractions and Activities

The enigmatic city of Melbourne boasts of several unique attractions that ensure a perpetual flow of visitors.

Comedy Festival

The cultural hub of Australia, Melbourne witnesses a splurge of visitors from around the globe during the famous Melbourne International Comedy Festival, an annual event. Anyone who is looking for a healthy laugh can grab cheap flights to Australia and come down to Melbourne to get a taste of the world’s finest stand-up comedy and comic performances.

Winery tours

Wine production in Melbourne is an attraction in itself. Few holiday packages also include winery tours. At Élan Vineyard and Winery one can experience some of the finest vintage wines in Australia.

Heritage of the city

A holiday tour to Melbourne’s attractions is the best way to experience the vibrant cultural and historical heritage of the city. Tour the gold mining towns, and sample the intricate architecture dating back to the Victorian era. Look out for a travel agent who offers holiday packages that feature such guided tours.

Aboriginal Heritage Walk

The heritage of the Aboriginals, who were the original occupants of most parts of the country including Melbourne, is also prominently visible in the functioning and working of the city. Tourists can take the Guided Aboriginal Heritage Walk and experience the way and life of the Aboriginals first hand. Travellers can also witness some of the finest the Aboriginal art, whose uniqueness and distinct style sets it apart from other art forms.

Overall, Melbourne is a terrific spot for fun and interesting holidays as the place thrives with wonderful modern attractions, stimulating cultural scene and features a historical heritage that remains unparallel in the region. Opt for a Melbourne holiday package that features the essence of the city and answers hows and whys of the place. This will make your holidays truly memorable. Choosing a Melbourne travel package that incorporates cheap flights to Australia won’t hurt the traveller either.

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Cheap Air Tickets for Flights to India

There are a number of airlines that are offering different flights to India which not only makes flying to India easy but comfortable as well.

The great Indian legacy has always been successful in attracting tourists from all across the globe, but today the Indian heritage is not the only thing which grabs a travel enthusiast’s attention. The country is fast becoming the top most economic powerhouses of the world which means there is a growth in each and every sector. So what better place can you find when you have a combination of luxury and heritage henceforth this is the biggest reason why most travelers chose India as a preferred destination.

Now as the tourists visiting the country is increasing with each passing day hence most of the airlines are offering a number cheap flights to different cities across the nation. There are so many choices available that a person can be easily confused. Different airlines offer different discounts on various things some of which include:

  • Direct Flights
  • Cheap Fares
  • Baggage Allowance
  • World Class In-Flight Services

If saving time is on priority for you then you can consider Lufthansa or Qatar Airways to different destinations such as Mumbai and Delhi. On the other hand, if saving money is the priority for you then you can go for flights offered by Jet Airways, Oman Air and Air India. But if you are looking for the cheapest flights to India then Kuwait Airways is the name that you should start searching for.

Another option available if you are in a hunt for cheap flights to India is Kingfisher Airlines. The airline is offering cheap flight tickets from the London Heathrow airport to the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. On the other hand, Etihad airways is a luxury Arabic Airline that offers cheap flights to the capital of India i.e. New Delhi. Gulf Air is another airline which offers cheap flight tickets to New Delhi. All these options will surely give you a tough time to choose if you are in the hunt for cheap flight tickets to India.

It is true that there are so many options available which allows customers to book tickets according to the need and budget like Air France offers the most luxurious and expensive flights to Mumbai whereas Oman Air offers a very budgetary option to the similar destination. There are so many flights available that flying to India was never this easy before. With so many options available the tourism of the country is bound to increase in the near future.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Top Travelling destinations in Mumbai

Mumbai, the capital of India is a must to watch on your holidays in India. It has everything for all travelers globally. The City is a bustling center of finance, films, fashion, entertainment, culture, media, politics and much more. There is a lot to see in Mumbai, but the typical "tourist" sights are concentrated in South Mumbai.

Arguably the largest and the most cosmopolitan city of India, Mumbai (earlier Bombay) is a must for people planning holiday to India. Commercial hub of India, Mumbai is country’s financial powerhouse and the primary gateway to the rest of the world. If you are planning a trip to India, you will find far more flights to Mumbai than Delhi or other metros.

The City is a bustling center of finance, films, fashion, entertainment, culture, media, politics and much more. There is a lot to see in Mumbai, but the typical "tourist" sights are concentrated in South Mumbai. Worth seeing are the Gateway of India, the Victoria terminus (now CST), and the Police headquarters, Taj Mahal Hotel or generally just take a stroll around South Mumbai. Get bowled over with rock cut caves such as the Elephanta, Kanheri, and Mahakali within the limits of the city which comprises much of the land that was claimed from the sea over centuries.

You can also plan to visit the colonial buildings, the museums and art galleries, take a stroll down the beaches, parks, gardens or just get adventurous in the city’s own National park – a rare characteristic of a metropolis. One may check out the modern buildings and malls, the churches and cathedrals along with countless mosques, Hindu and Buddhist temples. Mumbai is also known for its vibrant and colorful nightlife and fun-loving people.

If you are travelling from UK then referring to Southall Travel could be a best choice to search and find your flights fares and booking. It offers unbeatably cheap flights to Mumbai with a range of renowned international carriers that you would love to fly with. Its teams of travel experts are available 24 x 7 to assist you with the planning and booking of that lifetime holiday that you have always dreamt of.

Call on 0844 855 8001 to book your holiday that would be tailored to best suit your every single requirement be it flights, hotels & resorts, transfers, car rentals, insurance etc. Or you can book your travel online. The fare finder helps you find and book the best fare to fly to Mumbai. Just supply your travel details in the Travel Planner and you will find all the best deals on flights to your favorite destination.

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New Year is here. USA is calling. Go, Go, Go!

The New Year is just round the corner and if you have booked your flights to USA brace yourself for a roller coaster time of fun and frolic. The immense size of the US translates as dozens of charming places to take one’s pick from for indulging in New Year festivities. In fact, you will be spoilt for choice as almost every New Year attraction is irresistible in the USA. In fact, talking about some of the most well known attractions like the theme parks of Orlando, the overwhelming festivities of New York, and the electrifying parties of Las Vegas would be just scratching the surface. Here is a just a little insight into the New Year celebrations in New York and Las Vegas.

New York

Welcoming 2011 by spending your New Year in New York will be a memorable experience of your holidays in USA. Every year, thousands of tourists pour into New York to witness the gala festivities. Although, there is no end to the events and celebrations, two of the most outstanding events are held at Times Square and Prospect Park. Times Square has been witness to the famous New Year’s Eve ball drop event for more than a century. It is a mesmerising moment as the ball is lowered amidst the countdown for the New Year and finally reaches the ground at the stroke of midnight. Prospect Park is famed for the stunning display of fireworks. Another exhilarating event is Central Park midnight marathon, where thousands participate to the accompaniment of champagne, fireworks, music, and all the trappings of merry making.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas would be the perfect place in USA for innumerable visitors for starting 2011 on a party mode. Dining out, trying out one’s luck at the casino tables, or setting the dance floor on fire at one of the many New Year’s Eve parties are some of the lures of Sin City. Especially, the street party celebration on the main Strip area is a hot draw for many visitors. Similarly, almost every hotel and restaurant will host a gala party. New Year holidays in Las Vegas also spell as a great time for celebrity watching as celebrities are invited to many of the events and functions. A couple of hot parties amongst hundreds of others on the cards for this year round are TAO with Carmen Electra at the Venetian Hotel, and Lax Nightclub’s New Year’s Eve Bash at the Luxor Hotel and Casino.

Friday, December 24, 2010

New Year’s Celebrations in Australia – Top Destinations

Parades, New Year Eve’s balls, music shows, celebrity events, theme parties and almost every conceivable form of entertainment becomes a part of New Year celebrations in Australia. Literally, every place becomes a celebratory venue, ranging right from beaches and parklands to people’s drawing rooms and backyards. Anyone catching flights to Australia in the near future should definitely consider the following places for celebrating New Year’s Eve.


The residents of Sydney claim that Sydney is the world’s most liveable city. The city is definitely one place in Australia that beats New Year celebrations any where else in the country. In fact, Sydney is supposed to be the first city in the world to celebrate New Year. Visiting Sydney during New Year makes every penny spent on those flights to Australia absolutely worth it. The fireworks display alone makes for an unforgettable experience and draws scores of tourists. Tens of thousands of fireworks light up the night sky into a shimmering canopy of shooting stars. In fact, the fireworks display is biggest highlight of New Year celebrations in Sydney. Darling Harbour is the main venue of the fireworks displays.


Melbourne welcomes the New Year with a bang. If comedians, DJs, and live bands spice up the night at Birrarung Marr parklands, the Alexandra Gardens bursts with magic shows, dances, and movie screenings. Chilling out at the Waterfront City Piazza in Docklands and picnicking on the Victoria Harbour Promenade are yet other ways to experience New Year celebrations in Melbourne. Absolutely not to be missed are the two fireworks displays, one at 9:15 p.m. and the one at midnight. Melbourne will be a truly rocking place to welcome 2011 during your holidays in Australia.


Anyone planning to take holidays to Adelaide for New Year’s Eve, 2011 is in for a treat. Taking in the sight of the most stunning fireworks display in South Australia from the Elder Park is one of the biggest charms of a New Year celebration in Adelaide. Balmy summer skies, band performances, and innumerable multi-ethnic cuisines set the mood right for some merry dancing. Conjurers and amusement rides exhilarate children and adults alike. Some of the major hotspots for New Year celebrations are the seaside town of Beachport and the Victoria Harbor port. The Pinky Flat’s family fireworks display at 9 p.m. and the Victoria Bridge at midnight are amongst the must witness events of a New Year break in Adelaide.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dubai: The Place to be this New Year’s Eve

Dubai is a red hot tourist attraction that charms visitors with its larger than life image. New Year celebrations in Dubai are mesmerising and delightful as hordes of international celebrities descend upon the shores to accompany you in your festive revelries.

Planning to escape the cold this New Year? If yes, then Dubai should be at the top of your preferred destinations list. Treat yourself and your family with an unforgettable New Year in an absolutely exotic location.

Dubai makes New Year Holidays Memorable

Dubai holidays leave many a visitors bewildered and flabbergasted with the unparalleled opulence and magnificence of this modern emirate. The place brims with wonderful attractions and is regarded as one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. Even in regular times, Dubai stands out with all its monstrosity and gaudy lifestyle. So one can well imagine the extent of celebratory stupor when the New Year 2011 strikes!

Dubai offers larger than life New Year festivities in its world famous resorts, hotels and other significant locations. The celebration is all pervasive and Dubai Creek and Jumeirah Beach are few of the many hip places one needs to be.

The city’s festive celebration dazzles its visitors with great pomp and show. Dubai boasts of some of the world’s most luxurious and wonderful hotels and each of these hotels tries to outdo the other in terms of grand spectacles and holiday festivities. Hotels and night clubs come out with an array of attractive offers and events to entice tourists. International performers are called in, wonderful light displays take place and incredible shopping discounts pour in. In short, Dubai offers all the trappings of a perfect New Year holiday destination and your holidays here are sure to become a memorable part of lives!

Budget Accommodation Options during New Year Holidays

New Year’s Eve means a spurt in tourism to Dubai and one is well advised to book hotels well in advance lest they want to hassle later on with overflowing hotels during New Year holidays. Apart from the super luxurious hotels like Burj Al Arab, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah and Atlantis, The Palm; Dubai features a range of pocket-friendly hotels that will not put a big financial dent on your revelries as you welcome New Year 2011.

Holiday Inn Express Dubai Safa Park, Royal Plaza Hotel Apartments, Ramee Guestline Hotel, Dar Al Sondos Hotel Apartments by Le Meridien and Orchid Hotel are few of the budget hotels that New Year revellers can explore.

Dubai is one place that lives up to the promise it makes to its visitors. The place offers amazing live entertainment options, a myriad of fun activities and wonderful shopping bonanzas. Book your tickets on flights to Dubai and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of deserts and savour the hot barbeques this New Year.

A Sunny Merry Christmas in the Land of Oz

If you have had enough of a white Christmas year after year and want to see something different, grab one of the flights to Australia and get acquainted with a sunny Christmas. Clear blue skies, brilliant sunshine, and a hot weather are the usual hallmarks of an Australian Christmas. Everybody is in a celebratory mood as it’s the Summer Holiday season in Australia. The country is a melting pot of numerous colourful ethnicities such as Britons, Greeks, Spaniards, French, Chinese, Indians, and Thais and visiting Australia during Christmas allows one to experience the tremendous diversity marking the celebration of the festival. Here are two of the most popular cities in Australia for a Christmas holiday.


Sydney makes for a charming destination for celebrating one’s Christmas in Australia. One of the liveliest venues is the Bondi Beach, where rampant merry making continues throughout the day and the aromas of booze and beach bar-be-cues are overwhelming. Visiting one of the Carols by Candlelight events of Sydney is another excellent way of making the most of your Christmas in Australia. Carols by Candlelight are Christmas carols led by celebrities and other pillars of the community. The biggest of such events is held at the Domain Park. Sydney is also hailed as the most liveable city in the world by its residents and would be one of the ideal places to celebrate Christmas and welcome New Year’s Eve, 2011 with a bang. There are ample opportunities for experiencing the spirit of Christmas amidst all the holiday merry making as well. Just one example is the Reverend Bill Crewes’ Exodus foundation lunch at Ashfield


Melbourne, along with Sydney is another terrific city for celebrating Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve, 2011 in Australia. Melbourne’s denizens also hail it as the most liveable city in the world and both cities try to outdo each other whenever the chance presents itself. Of course, Christmas is no exception. There are hearty meals and scores of free Christmas events in parks, gardens, streets, and other venues. If you are with kids, don’t miss Santa’s Grand Arrival event at Bourke Street Mall. Some of the other places worth checking out are Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight, Wonderland Fun Park, Nativity Scene, and Ice Lounge. Those looking forward to indulge in some great Christmas wining and dining would do well to check out venues such as Arintji Restaurant, Three Degrees, The French Brassiere, and ZINC at Federation Square amongst many others.

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Few Important India Travel Tips

Indian is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading tourist attractions with the country swarming with foreigners. Before catching flights to India, it is important to take care of certain things and pointers that will contribute towards making your holidays fun and memorable.

Be it food, religion, culture, people or geography - Diversity of India permeates each and every aspect of life! One of the world’s popular tourist destinations, India boasts of incredible historical legacy and remarkable cultural heritage.

Travellers from different parts of the globe visit India to get a bite of the famous ‘heavenly’ splendour. With careful planning, holidays to India can turn out to be most memorable and something completely extraordinary.


Careful planning will surely make your stay in India extremely enjoyable and pleasurable. Take care of the below mentioned pointers before catching flights to India.

  • Always apply for a multiple entry visa to the country as it offers the scope of re-entering India after one has taken a detour to some neighbouring country.
  • Visitors must carry photocopies of all the important documents with them.
  • Avoid arriving in India without a prior hotel booking. Ask the hotel authorities to send a car for you if you do not have any local meeting you at the airport.


It has to be said that medical facilities in India are not among the best in the world. Finding a modernised health care facility in some rural Indian area can turn out to be a tough work.

  • One should be sure to opt for a comprehensive medical insurance before booking flights to India as private hospitals in cities are expensive.
  • Tourists should carry their medications along with them. It is also suggested to bring along some common medicines for things like common cold or upset stomach.
  • Food and water hygiene must be carefully taken care of in India. One should dink only from sealed water bottles.
    • Most parts of the country are affected by various mosquito-borne diseases. Travellers must take care of that and carry some mosquito repellents with them.
    Seasons in India

    The country has four chief climatic seasons – winters, summers, spring and autumn.

    Throughout the year, travellers buy flight tickets to India; however the period between October and February is generally regarded as the best time to holiday in India.

    • Winter (November to February): One can travel to almost any part of the region during the season. No wonder cheap tickets to India are highly sought during this period.
    • Summer (May to July): Hill resorts like Simla, Ooty and Manali provide cool retreat from the scorching heat of Indian summers.
    • Spring (March-April): The climate during the period is pleasant and is perfect to roam around in any part of the country.
    • Autumn (September-October): It is the perfect time to catch any of the different cheap flights to India if one wants to sample the great Indian festivities.
    Find more about Checklist for travellers to India:

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    UK Snow Chaos: Thousands Remain Stranded before Xmas

    Christmas season this year is turning out to be a nightmare for travellers stuck in the different UK airport as snowfall disrupted flight movement across Britain.

    London Heathrow turned out to be the worst-affected with the airport cancelling all of its incoming flights on Sunday. BAA has been receiving flak from all quarters after it was unable to de-ice the taxiing areas.

    Travellers’ Trouble

    Travellers who got their flights’ tickets and were hoping to spend some quality time with their families during the holiday season got a reality check with thousands of them still at the Heathrow waiting for the flights to take off. Passengers who were lucky enough to book early and grab cheap tickets on flights proved to be not so lucky after all as LHR was inundated with stranded holiday travellers.

    Secretary of State for Transport, Philip Hammond promised an inquiry into the matter and acknowledged the public indignation as travel plans of thousands went for a toss.

    He told BBC Breakfast: "Once we have got through the problem, once we have got things moving again, then we will have to have that discussion and find out exactly what went wrong and, most importantly, what went wrong in handling passengers who were stranded.

    Colin Matthews, the chief executive of BAA, also tendered an embarrassing apology to sooth the tempers.

    Airlines Grounded

    British Airways, the national airline of the United Kingdom, grounded 70 of 130 departures at Heathrow, and 89 of its 133 arrivals.

    Budget airline Ryanair, popular for cheap flight tickets, was among those which were grounded at different airports.

    Airline welcomes India flight growth

    Following a rise in air traffic in India, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is planning to increase its operations in 2011.

    The airline is set to increase its flights to India by up to 40 per cent and revamp aircraft used on its services.

    MAS's regional senior-vice president for South Asia, Azahar Hamid, explained that the airline has enjoyed almost full capacity flights from Indian airports since the start of the year.

    "For next year we are looking at 30 to 40 per cent growth rate in load. We are going very strong in India. Based on our market projections, traffic going out of India is very strong and positive," he told Bernama.

    The airline currently offers flights to Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai but is planning to expand into services to other Indian cities in the future. Malaysia Airlines handles around 50,000 passengers per day and flies to 100 destinations.

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    Monday, December 20, 2010

    Some Merry Facts about Christmas in Dubai

    Merry Facts about Christmas in Dubai. Find more about Christmas shopping in Dubai, parties galore, Pious Soul Searching related information. Read it here to know about Christmas celebrations in Dubai.

    If you are boarding your flights to Dubai a day or two before Christmas then brace yourself to witness this emirate in a completely different avatar! In fact, you will be forgiven for thinking that your flight has landed in some Western country rather than the Islamic nation of Dubai. Well, this may be a little exaggeration, but the fact is that Dubai celebrates Christmas with more aplomb than some of the Western nations. Gigantic imported Christmas trees and other Christmas paraphernalia adorn many of the malls and the soft melody of Christmas carols hangs thick in the air. Here are some of the highlights of Christmas celebrations in the spellbinding emirate of Dubai.

    Christmas Shopping in Dubai

    Dubai is a shopping paradise throughout the year and during festivals the shopping bug becomes all the more potent. Christmas is no exception and one has to step into some of the malls and souks to get bombarded by irresistible festive discounts. In fact, a Christmas in Dubai is a wonderful opportunity to bring home priceless holiday souvenirs for a steal. Visitors can take their pick from the season’s finest collections. With the world famous Dubai Shopping Festival slated to begin from 20th January, 2011, be rest assured that the shopping scene would be frenetically gearing up for the festival and anyone spending Christmas in Dubai would get the full benefit of the extravaganza.

    Parties Galore

    Dubai is known the world over for its lavish hotels and parties. Experience this earth shattering party fervour by visiting Dubai’s hotels during Christmas and you will leave with unforgettable holiday memories. After all, hotels and other entertainment venues leave no stone unturned to outdo one another in terms of festivities. Dazzling decorations and special mouth watering Christmas feasts are laid out for revellers. Like year after year, 25th December, 2010 to 1st January, 2011 will be one of those times when the celebratory zeal of the party capital of the Middle East will assume humongous proportions.

    Some Pious Soul Searching

    Many will associate Christmas celebrations in Dubai with endless entertainment, glamour and vanity. Although, there are countless fun things to do, Dubai also offers enough options for the more religiously inclined. Carols are sung in numerous parishes and devotees can attend the morning, afternoon, and midnight masses. A popular place is the St. Frances of Assisi Church. Everyone is permitted to walk into the church for attending the Mass. Another endearing thing about the church is that keeping in line with the true spirit of Christmas; the Church arranges lunch for the poor.

    Saturday, December 18, 2010

    Indirect Flights – A Smart Way to Travel

    There are a number of compelling reasons to travel by indirect flights. Not only do they happen to be cheap, one also gets a variety of privileges like exploring exotic airports and countries, and flying with different airlines.

    Taking indirect flights as a means of making cheap flight bookings has been around for quite sometime. Although, netting cheap fares is perhaps the biggest attraction behind indirect flights, there are some other lures as well. Indirect flights give one the chance to explore different exotic airports and countries. Indirect flights also allow one to experience flying with different airlines. Quite unsurprising, that so many travellers make exhaustive online searches for indirect flights. Here is a little more insight on indirect flights.

    Big Savings

    As a thumb rule, indirect flights usually translate as cheap air tickets for the buyer. In fact, many travellers make a conscious effort to break their journey into different legs when they go about making flight bookings. Air travel involving multiple legs is highly likely to be much more economical than a direct flight and most travellers who wish to reduce their air tickets cost try to include at least one stopover in their journey.

    More Airlines to Choose From

    A major reason behind the high savings is the availability of more airlines to choose from. In other words, travellers booking different legs of their journey separately can take their pick from a number of airlines serving their stopover destinations. This means, there is a high scope of comparing the fares offered by different carriers and narrowing down upon the cheapest air tickets.

    Chance to Explore Different Airports and Countries

    Indirect flight bookings also allow travellers to have a brush with many world class airports as well as exploring fascinating destinations which they may not have plans to fly to in the near future. For instance, many travellers with a stopover in Delhi and Dubai can explore the amazing Terminal 3 of both the airports. Many travellers on long haul flights like from London to Sydney also opt to take a stopover in magnetic Far East destinations such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore. However, travellers hoping to explore the different destinations need to make sure that they meet the entry requirements of their stopover country.

    Opportunity to Fly with Different Airlines

    A direct flight limits one’s flying experience. For instance, someone who takes a direct flight from London to Delhi with Air India will only get to experience the services of Air India as compared to one who would book the same travel in two legs from London to Dubai and then Dubai to Delhi on two separate airlines.

    Charm of flying Airbus A380

    Taking indirect flights on certain routes also increases the chances of an opportunity to travel aboard the famed super jumbo Airbus A380. Currently, just five airlines have a handful of these planes on specific long haul routes. For instance, travellers flying from UK to Sydney with a connection at Singapore may book Qantas flights as the airline has deployed A380s from Singapore to Sydney. However, the travellers must confirm the same from the travel agent or the airline as the schedule may change without notice.

    Friday, December 17, 2010

    Increase predicted in Indian hotels

    India is set to benefit from an increase in hotel rooms over the next three years, claims a new report. According to a study conducted by property consultancy Knight Frank India, the country's hotel market could increase from 74 billion rupees to 119 billion by 2013 as new properties open up and more people take flights to India.

    Growing interest in the city of Mumbai is expected to encourage the greatest increase in the market, followed by New Delhi and the surrounding area.

    Shreenath Shastry, national director of the hospitality agency at Knight Frank India, explained that the current number of rooms in the National Capital Region (NCR) is just over 11,000 in all budget sectors.

    News Reference

    Thursday, December 16, 2010

    More flights to India from Middle East planned

    A key India-based airline is set to increase the number of flights to Delhi from locations across the Middle East.

    Air India believes that the Gulf region is a crucial market and there is strong customer demand for such services, reports the Hindu.

    In particular, the carrier could plan to offer flights from Middle East airports to a number of new destinations with all services travelling via New Delhi.

    News Reference

    A Merry Christmas in India at Goa and Kerala

    India, being home to a sizeable Christian community is perhaps at its merriest best during Christmas. An endearing part of an Indian Christmas is the diversity, which marks celebrations in different parts of the country. Not only Christians, quite a few people from other communities also make merry as Christmas is a perfectly justified excuse for being happy. After all, who can resist the irresistible spirit of Christmas? In case, you are catching your flights to India sometime before Christmas, here are just two of the places where you can head to for a truly fiery Christmas experience.


    Goa and Goans are synonymous with fun and frolic and if it’s Christmas time, celebrations literally shoot up to the heavens above. This erstwhile Portuguese settlement has a very high Christian expat population and a massive colonial hangover. Quite unsurprisingly, Goa is one of the most Westernised places in India and its denizens celebrate Christmas with great aplomb. With Goa also being a red hot holiday destination, many visitors have discovered that a Christmas in India is best experienced in Goa. While hotels, restaurants, and beaches burst with feasting and dancing, the religious angle is also not ignored. In many homes, the ‘nativity scene’ is enacted with cribs being prepared for the baby Jesus. Homes as well as cathedrals and churches are decked up with Poinsettia flowers, while there are many midnight masses and trading of Christmas gifts. With 2011 round the corner, Goa will also be geared up for New Year celebrations, and visitors can anticipate a full solid week of entertainment.


    Kerala, or rather ‘God’s own country’ is another charming place for spending one’s Christmas in India. This South Indian state which has recently been ranked by Smart Travel Asia as the number one holiday destination in Asia is home to a considerable Christian population. Planning your Christmas holidays as well as New Year’s Eve 2011 break at Kerala definitely makes for a swell idea. The weather is absolutely divine during this time of the year and a celebratory atmosphere electrifies the environment with the entire community steeped in the colours of the festival. Elaborate celebrations and events are held at various venues and all the usual trappings of Christmas are to be found complete with Christmas cakes, the Crib, Christmas carols, Christmas stars, children awaiting Father Christmas, exchange of gifts, and dazzling fireworks displays.

    Tuesday, December 14, 2010

    After Obama it’s Your Turn to Experience India Holidays

    India is perhaps the only tourist destination that attracts different kinds of tourists to its beautiful shores. Be it the attractive beaches, holy pilgrimage sites, adventurous expeditions or cultural exploration tours, India holiday packages offers it all.

    A land of great diversity, India holidays offer an amazing mixture of experiences for the travellers. Delhi, nation’s political capital, is perhaps the summit of the chaotic Indian charm. The city is a maze of historical architectural wonders that perfectly complement its modern splendours. The city’s food scene is simply legendary with the scrumptious street food stealing the thunder from its urbane, high class dining scene.

    Just 200 km from Delhi is the city that holds the biggest pearl in the necklace of world’s most beautiful tourist attractions, the Taj Mahal. This astonishing monument is a marvellous piece of art that baffles and stuns one and all. India holidays are not considered complete unless you visit this magnificent tomb. Not far away is the colourful city of Jaipur, the quintessential Indian city. A mythical place, Jaipur symbolises all you have heard and imagined about India. From big turbaned men to colourful sari clad women to great forts, the city delivers on the promise made by India to its visitors.

    Goa is another big attraction that mesmerises tourists with its glamour and beauty. It is the only Indian city that truly reflects the vibrant colours, traditions and cultures of the West. Palm-lined sandy beaches characterize this place full of fun and frolic. The party capital of India, Goa is much relaxed and laid back compared to other uptight and conservative Indian cities.

    The beautiful province of Kerala is an integral part of India holidays. Make sure that you choose those Indian holiday packages that incorporate a visit to this lovely land. Grand temples, isolated beaches, lush green gardens, excellent treatment spas and the warmth of locals will certainly transport you to the land of tranquillity and peace.

    Over 20 new hotels planned for India

    At least 25 hotels could be opened in India by a Sweden-based company. Svenska Hotels has confirmed that it plans to develop a number of hotels in the country over the next decade, reports

    "Svenska is focusing on creating a new segment within the Indian hospitality landscape, with small format luxury hotels that offer personalised and exclusive services to upscale business clients," explained Zia Shiekh, chairman and managing director of Svenska Hotels.

    The company recently opened a five-star hotel in Mumbai. Offering 30 rooms, the property is based at the Lokhandwala Complex and has five restaurants.

    People taking flights to Bangalore could be interested in Svenska's second hotel which is due to open in the region in January.

    News Source for Over 20 new hotels planned for India

    Monday, December 13, 2010

    Bangkok Airways resumes flights to India

    Bangkok Airways has confirmed that it is introducing new flights to Mumbai and Dhaka in 2011.

    Starting in March 2011, the airline is planning six flights per week to Mumbai from Bangkok using Airbus A319 aircraft. Capacity for the flight will be 120 seats. The flights to Dhaka from the Thai capital will operate seven times a week and will offer 162 seats on an Airbus A320.

    Nandhika Varavan, vice-president of Bangkok Airways, explained the carrier is keen to expand into the Indian market and would lead to offer flights to New Delhi and Kolkata but is facing limitations due to traffic restrictions.

    News Reference

    Friday, December 10, 2010

    New flights to India from Italy

    Non-stop flights to New Delhi from Milan have been introduced by Jet Airways.

    The India-based airline is making use of Airbus 330-200 to provide the service from Delhi's new Terminal 3 building at Delhi International Airport.

    Operating daily, the service will leave Delhi at 12.55 and arrive in Milan at 18.00, while the return flight will depart Italy at 21.25 and arriving in India at 09.55.

    Sudheer Raghavan from Jet Airways said: "Jet Airways is delighted to bridge two ancient and historical civilisations, which now play a very important role in the 21st century.

    News Reference

    Wednesday, December 8, 2010

    How to Find Cheap Flights to India from UK

    The exotic land of India comes to mind as one contemplates to spend a rejuvenating vacation in a enticing destination without paying a bomb on airfares. Flights to India are pretty cheap and so are the hotels. What else do you want if you are planning a quick getaway?

    Spending a rejuvenating vacation in an exotic land without paying a bomb on airfares is the coveted dream of many. One such destination, which immediately comes to mind is India. After all, the country has every ingredient for a fulfilling vacation, be it some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, stunningly mountain destinations, scores of wildlife parks teeming with rare wildlife, and cities showcasing rich slices of history. One of the best things about an Indian vacation is the bewildering array of cheap flights to choose from. One simply needs to know where and how to look.

    In case, you are banking upon travel agents, then get in touch with one of the big respected names like Specifically, tell the agent that you are looking for the lowest possible fare as quite often there are specials that are not classified under economy.

    Similarly, while making Internet bookings, you may come across a test price, average price or lowest price. One needs to make as many comparisons as possible among the different offers. To ensure a safe position, it is prudent to make an early booking of a deal, which offers the best value and is completely refundable. After that one can always hunt for better deals.

    Sometimes, a good price may be available on the main leg of the flight, but it could be high on the connect. In such a scenario, the search should be reversed, or different legs should be booked separately. A minimum of three hours should be allowed between the flights for international departures/changeovers.

    The best discount is often to be found at the website of the airlines. In certain scenarios, people need to sign up with an airline. In return, the carrier emails special offers a few days before the take off date. Such offers are highly restricted, but extremely cheap.

    One may also try out some unconventional options like bumping, charter flights, ethnic bucket shops, foreign bucket shops, and courier flying. All in all, there is absolutely no dearth of choice of cheap flights to India.

    Tuesday, December 7, 2010

    Holiday in Mumbai: A Brief Snapshot of the city

    Mumbai with its impressive skyscrapers, tasteful theatres, opulent hotels and ritzy shopping arcades attracts the crème de la crème of leisure and business travellers from all across the world. The city is famous, the world over, as a place that fosters and nurtures unattainable dreams. Thousands of tourists rush to book cheap tickets on all Mumbai flights during Christmas and New Year to experience the celebratory mood that engulfs the city during this time of the year. The whole city virtually descends in places like the like Juhu beach, Madh Island, Bandra Bandstand to participate in the festivities and welcome the New Year.

    Reserve your ticket on any flight to Mumbai on your favourite airline and stay in any of its luxury hotels which will indulge you by offering you a world of luxury and comfort. Drive through the roads of Mumbai and marvel at its buildings built in old-Victorian style architecture like the Gateway of India, Victoria Terminus, Rajabai Tower and St. Peter’s Church that reveal interesting insights into the city’s history and cultural heritage. Visit the Kanheri and Elephanta caves that continue to intrigue visitors with their fascinating rock-cut sculptures even today. Indulge in some exciting water sports at Essel World, Mumbai famous theme park that is the ultimate destination for adventure sports enthusiasts. If you have to come to Mumbai then exploring its culinary landscape in its restaurants, roadside dhabas and hotels would surely be a good idea.

    Offering the finest food and wines from all across the world; the city is an overwhelming experience to savour over and over again. No wonder millions of visitors come to the city each year to explore this incredible city that is famous for its glitz, glamour and allure.

    Monday, December 6, 2010

    New Indian hotel under construction

    A new 103-room hotel is being constructed in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The four-star property is being developed by Best Western India and Indore-based Horizon Group and is expected to be completed by October next year.

    Located in the city of South Tukoganj, the new accommodation could appeal to those taking flights to India in 2011.

    "Indore, known for its architectural splendour and touristic sites is also host to many industries, like automobile, textile, IT etc. We aim to provide the Best Western traveller the same quality that is seen the world over," said Sudhir Sinha, president and chief operating officer at Best Western India.

    News Source

    Saturday, December 4, 2010

    Kerala Appropriately Crowned the Best Asian Holiday Destination

    Kerala holidays is an enchanting experience with eye-catching landscapes, brain drifting backwaters, incredible mounds, wonderful wildlife parks and sanctuaries and dazzling sun-kissed beaches. The region offers a host of opportunities for the travellers who are looking for adventurous getaway along with serene natural beauty.

    A mesmerising blend of multiple cultures, traditions and notions, Kerala is a holiday destination of a lifetime. The place incorporates everything that charms and appeals to the most astute of travellers. Be it the wonderful beaches, misty hill stations, spiritual pilgrim centres or grand historic monuments – just one visit to the God’s own country and you will know why Kerala has all the lovely epithets associated.

    The capital of the state, Trivandrum is a popular destination with palm fringed beaches, virginal lagoons, undulating mountains, verdant tropical greenery and captivating sunsets. Trivandrum flights continue to transport an ever increasing number of tourists to Kerala as the state has made an indelible mark on the world tourism map.

    In a poll carried out by an independent online travel magazine ‘Smart Travel Asia’, Kerala has been voted by travellers as the best Asian holiday destination beating the likes of Bali, Phuket and the Maldives. Nearly 60 percent of voters who took part in the poll are based in Asia, while 20 per cent live in UK/Europe and 20 per cent in North America.

    Last month, Trivandrum also hosted the first Indian edition of the British Hay on Wye Literature Festival which saw a number of literary enthusiasts of international fame heading towards the God’s Own Country.

    Most international travellers booking flights to India for the first time pick Kerala for their holidays. Flights to Trivandrum are available from many UK airports however Heathrow is a preferred airport to depart from for a great choice of flights and timings.

    Despite many accolades and natural grandeur that is not to be found anywhere else, the state is considered as a pocket friendly destination with a number of cheap flights and some of the best hotels in India.

    Wednesday, December 1, 2010

    Indian car company may attract female travellers

    A top car rental firm in India is hoping to appeal to female travellers taking flights to Mumbai.

    Avis India is the first company in the country to offer customers the chance to have a female driver as it believes it could appeal to female holidaymakers.

    "The single woman traveller always feels insecure while in a new city. A well-trained lady chauffeur driven rent-a-car goes a long way in allaying her fears," explained Sunil Gupta, chief executive officer of Avis India.

    Tuesday, November 30, 2010

    India is a 'year-round destination'

    India is an ideal destination for travellers, according to the country's ministry of tourism.

    Rajen Habib Khwaja, secretary of the Asian nation's ministry of tourism, explained India is a year-round destination and people will need to visit the country more than once to fully experience all that it has to offer.

    "Besides the fantastic cultural and heritage tourism products, India today offers a range of new products in adventure and sports tourism, both soft and hard.

    News Source

    Monday, November 29, 2010

    Fog and Flight Issues Plague Bangalore Airport

    It is winter time again and airports across India are going into overdrive to tackle the inevitable fogs that cloud the skies. Like most other airports, the Bengaluru International airport is also set to put its best foot forward to deal with the situation as fogs are expected to result in massive flight delays. Expressbuzz revealed airport sources as having disclosed that a fog contingency plan has been set aside after a meeting with Air Traffic Control, different airlines operating flights to Bangalore, Meteorological Department, and the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF).

    It is noteworthy that last year dense fogs in North India led to large scale rescheduling of numerous Bangalore flights. In fact, every year many travellers who book their flights to India during winters, have to put up with fog related delays in quite a few airports across the country. The fog that surrounds Bangalore airport is called Radiation fog. This year round, the fog was expected to start from 15th November and is likely to last till 15th February 2011.

    Airport sources were quoted as saying ‘We are anticipating morning fog up to February and flight operations are expected to be hampered," said an official who did not want to be identified. "Keeping this in mind, we have directed all airlines and airport partners to undertake steps to minimise the inevitable difficulties that passengers will have to face.’ For passenger convenience, airport initiatives include sending SMS updates on flight status and flashing fog related news on LED screens at the airport

    Anyone, who has booked cheap flights to India and has plans of travelling to Bangalore, should be well informed about the fact that fogs during the wee hours delays 1215 flights, which creates a backlog of airborne flights as well as those on the ground. This in turn delays 4042 flights on a daily basis revealed the source.

    Friday, November 26, 2010

    Indian airline plans new flight agreement

    Indian airline Kingfisher Airlines is to form a new code-share agreement with American Airlines in 2011.

    The deal means that American Airlines will be able to put its code on Kingfisher Airlines domestic flights within India as well as on flights to Delhi and Mumbai from London Heathrow.

    In return, Kingfisher Airlines will be able to code-share on American Airline flights to Delhi from Chicago and some services between the US and London.

    News Source

    Wednesday, November 24, 2010

    Ideal Time to Catch Flights to Delhi

    Delhi is brimming with tourists all year around. However, it is best to be aware of the city’s notorious weather as it gives you an edge while planning for Delhi holidays. Hop on to the flights to Delhi when the weather is best and the place is buzzing with life.

    The diversity of the enigmatic city of Delhi peeps through every aspect of the life, be it people, culture, lifestyle, architecture, shopping or food. And the varied climate of the city further intensifies this particular trait of the city. The winter chill of the city can be as frigid as the Himalayan peaks while the peak summer temperature can easily shoot above 40°C and make the scorching heat of Rajasthan seem pleasant. The monsoons of the city are not to be left behind and can bring the notorious Delhi traffic to a standstill with the flooding roads.

    Even with such atrocities of weather, Delhi is one city that is a hit with the tourists throughout the year. Having said this, tourists are well advised to be acquainted with the moody weather of the city well before boarding flights to Delhi as one would not like to be struck in a five hour long traffic jam caused by a flooded street or to have torrid blisters caused by the scorching city heat. Some surprises (shocks) are better avoided!

    Summer Season

    Delhi’s average summer temperature ranges from 30º C to 45º C. The heat during the summers can be unbearable for many, especially for foreign tourists. The period from May to July is considered as the hottest time of the year. The city’s scorching summers can be attributed to the hot waves in the western part of the country. Such heat waves can be extremely hazardous and one needs to take proper care and precautions during the time. The arrival of the monsoon in the end of July or beginning of August does bring some relief from the frying heat.

    Winter Season

    Winter season in Delhi is short as compared to the summers. Winters generally start from the beginning of November and continue till February-March. However, irrespective of the duration, the winters in Delhi can be quite chilly. Temperature can plummet to near-zero degrees and the city is often covered under a blanket of thick fog during the season. The dense fog negatively affects the visibility on the streets and the people are well advised to take adequate precautions while driving during night as well as early morning. The afternoons can be pleasant with nice bright sunshine.

    Monsoon Season

    July generally is the harbinger of the monsoon thunderstorms. The rainy season in the city can stretch till September. The monsoon in the city is often erratic and random with an average precipitation of around 7.5 inches per month. With the end of September, the rain starts tailing off and with it the temperatures also comes down tumbling to something bearable.

    Best time to Visit Delhi

    The best time to visit the colourful city of Delhi is certainly February-March and September to November. The weather is generally pleasant and ideal for planning outdoor leisure trips.

    During the spring season (Feb-March), the city blooms and blossoms into almost a picturesque setting and thus provides a charming sight. Beautiful flowers and green trees greet the visitors and fill their hearts with joy and elation. This is also the time when Delhi becomes a tourist hotspot and cheap flights to India become increasingly difficult to come by. It is best to plan your air travel well in advance to save yourself from spiralling costs on Delhi flights.

    The period of September to November is the time of pink winters in Delhi. The weather is perfect for outdoor excursions and the city truly comes into its being during the time. A series of festivities and celebrations on occasions of Diwali, Eid and Dussehra is another added advantage of travelling to Delhi during this period. Those keen to witness the legendary traditions of the country can be most benefited by reserving a seat well in advance on any of the cheap flights to India during this season.

    Cricket World Cup 2011

    Cricket is big in India and with the Cricket World Cup 2011 being held in the country, be ready to get dazed and dazzled during the period of February to April. Delhi is hosting several world cup matches and this is indeed good news for people planning their Delhi holidays during the time. While Delhi reflects the chaotic charm of India, cricket portrays the energetic charisma of India. Expect fireworks when the two meet at the 2011 Cricket World Cup. Absorb the glory of city’s superb historical monuments along with the eyeball grabbing action on the field.

    Hotel company plans Indian expansion

    InterContinental is planning to add a further 45 hotels to its Indian portfolio by 2015. The additional properties will mean the group will offer more than 10,000 rooms to those taking flights to India.

    Introduction of the Holiday Inn Express brand will increase the number of low-cost hotel rooms on offer to travellers and will met the demand for affordable accommodation within the country. It is expected that India-based Amrapali Group will manage a number of the new hotels.

    Anil Kumar Sharma, chairman and managing director of the Amrapali Group, said: "India's need for world-class hotels consistent with rapid economic growth make this an opportune time for us to expand our hospitality portfolio."

    He added that the Holiday Inn Express was a key brand and would offer a "mix of convenience, comfort and value".

    News Source

    Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    New hotels in India planned

    The Chennai-based Auromatrix Group is forming a new partnership to develop new hospitality opportunities. Auromatrix, alongside American Hotels and Lodging Association chairman John Russell and a number of other industry figures, is launching Advaya Hospitality. The new venture could see the creation of hotels in the US and India by the second half of 2011.

    It is expected the new Advaya Hotels will be located in US key cities such as New York, Miami, Atlanta and Phoenix, while its Indian operations will focus on new resorts in Chennai, Tuticorin, Kakinada, Visakhapatnam and Vellore.

    "The timing is right," explained Mr Russell.

    "The economy is starting to come back and there are many properties and sites out there that present outstanding opportunities."

    Auromatrix oversees a number of hospitality developments in India such as Hotel Abhay Days in Jodhpur and Deccan Plaza in Chennai.

    News Source

    Monday, November 22, 2010

    Grounding of Qantas A380 Fleet May Spell a Little Inconvenience

    On 4th November, the Sydney bound Qantas A380 that had to make an emergency landing in Singapore may have exploded in mid air, media reports have revealed. The flight, which took off from Singapore, was one of the six A380s owned by Qantas. All these planes are fitted with the Rolls Royce manufactured Trent 900 engines. According to investigators, the problem arose because there was leakage of oil which caught fire leading to the heating of the metal parts and bursting of the engine. The explosion churned out metal parts, some of which cut through the hydraulics and an engine control line located in the wing of the aircraft. The pilots were forced to land in Singapore as the second wing and approximately half of the brake flaps of the damaged wing spun out of control.

    Alternate Arrangements

    Taking serious note of this potentially fatal incident, Qantas has grounded its entire A380 fleet until safety issues are addressed completely. The airline indicated that this may take up to 7 weeks. Passengers who had made meticulous travel plans and had fulfilled their dream of buying a cheap flight ticket for the A380 are likely to be a disappointed lot. However, Qantas has assured that there would not be much inconvenience. The airline has a huge fleet that includes 14 A330s and 26 B747s along with 30 other aircrafts. This entire fleet can be used for making alternate travel arrangements for the affected passengers.

    Saturday, November 20, 2010

    Sightseeing and Things to Do In Chennai

    Chennai is one of the leading tourist attractions in the South India. With beautiful temples, glorious beaches, yummy food, remarkable shopping options and great wildlife, tickets on flights to Chennai are always highly sought after.

    A city of contrasts and diversities, Chennai is the coastal city in South India that boasts of ancient monuments, beautiful temples and a popular beach that adds verve to the city’s attractions.

    Dusty, crowded and polluted, Chennai is surely not the one that will attract many at the first glance. However, with a little persistence one can discover the city’s innumerable treasures characterised in delectable cuisine, remarkable shopping options and astounding historical monuments.

    Located in the south east part of India, Chennai is one the largest Indian cities and also the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu. Featuring a coastline of more than 25 kilometres, the city was groomed into a trade centre during the British rule over the nation. Consequently, the coastal city has developed into a metropolis that portrays a charming cultural mix with a blend of European traditions and architecture.

    Chennai is a wonderful tourist attraction that is specifically cherished by the European visitors. Chennai tour packages are always in demand and along with major British airlines, several India-based carriers offer convenient London to Chennai flights.

    Take a look at the various attractions of the city that entices international tourists to grab flights to Chennai.


    Beaches are the top attractions in Chennai. The mesmeric beaches of the city welcome every kind of traveller with equal warmth. People can indulge themselves in fun and excitement within the pristine ambience of Chennai beaches. Lots of sun bathing and peaceful boating define the life at the beaches of this golden city.

    Chennai’s Marina Beach is the second largest beach in the world with a stretch of approximately 13 kilometres. The beach was revamped in 2009 with beautiful new galleries, charming landscaping and gorgeous fountains. Marina Beach currently features 14 galleries, an internal walkway along the sands and a high-tech lighting arrangement that enchants visitors at night. No wonder, there are so many leisure travellers who queuing up to grab those cheap flights to India.

    Other exquisite beaches in Chennai include Elliot’s Beach, Covelong Beach, Muttukkadu, Rameswaram and Kurusadai Islands.


    Chennai is the region with deep spirituality and spiritual faith that is reflected through the numerous temples present in this city. Temples in Chennai range from colossus monumental structures to small stone buildings, each possessing certain significance in the lives of people.

    Parthasarathy Temple is one of the major tourist attractions in Chennai. Dedicated to the Lord Krishna, the temple is located in the heart of the city and provides serene refuge in the hustle and bustle of the city.

    A beautiful temple, Kapaleeswarar Temple is more than 2000 years old and is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. The temple observes special prayers and organises festivals almost every day.

    Other charismatic temples in the city include Kalikambal Temple, Mangadu Kamakshi Temple, Vadapalani Dandayudhapani Temple and Thiruverkadu Mariamman Temple.


    Apart from holy places and beaches, wildlife is the biggest attraction of Chennai that entices travellers from various parts of the globe to its beautiful shores.

    Guindy National Park is a fascinating attraction in the city that appeals to nature lovers. It is relatively a very small national park but it is among the very few that are located inside a city. Featuring tropical dry evergreen vegetation, the Guindy National Park is home to black bucks, spotted deer, jackals, snakes, more than 100 species of birds, and a number of different invertebrates.

    The Arignar Anna Zoological Park is a must visit for animal lovers. Frequented by approximately 700,000 people each year, the park boasts of varied species of wild life. The zoological park is home to different varieties of birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals.


    With a plethora of shopping opportunities, Chennai is truly a shopper's delight. Known particularly for its silk, the city has sprung up a range of designer boutiques and hip malls off late. Contemporary and traditional artworks, antiques, paintings and jewellery items are also quite sought after in the region. These artefacts are usually pretty affordable and fittingly complement the cheap flights to India.

    The Victoria Technical Institute, Central Cottage Industries Emporium, Naturally Auroville and SIPA'S Craftlink are few of options for tourists looking for cool traditional art work.

    Friday, November 19, 2010

    Marketing could help small Indian hotels

    A new company has been created to help showcase the wide range of hotels available to those taking flights to India.

    Owner Phillippa Kaye believes Indian Experiences will play an important role in marketing India's large number of privately-operated hotels -especially those that aim to be eco-friendly or offer guests good memories.

    "The focus is on the experience given to travellers in order to showcase the best of the local area and not just focus on the tourist hotspots." explained Ms Kaye to Travel Daily UK.

    She is also planning to spend the next 12 months discovering some of India's most appealing hotels ranging from luxurious resorts to those based in the country's national parks.

    News Source

    Thursday, November 18, 2010

    Kingfisher Airlines Fishes out More and More Awards

    Kingfisher Airlines, the only Five Star airline from India, bagged five Frequent Traveler Awards for its loyalty programme King Club. Kingfisher Airlines is the only airline from India, which won from the Middle East and Asia/Oceania region. The different awards are Best Redemption Ability, Best Earning Promotion, Best Elite Program, Program of the Year, and Best Loyalty Credit Card.

    Importance of the Awards

    The airline is based in Mumbai and remains a natural choice for millions of Britons who seek luxury flights to Mumbai. Besides Mumbai, from time to time, Kingfisher also advertises special deals and cheap flights to India in general. By winning this award, Kingfisher has again managed to hog limelight. Voting was carried out by frequent flyers across the globe and reflects the immense popularity of the King Club programme. In fact, more than a million travellers from over 200 countries voiced King Club as their favourite programme across different segments during 2009.

    Future Prospects from the Awards

    These awards are truly democratic in nature as travellers get to rate hotel and airline programmes from their very own perspective. Going by the popularity of the programme, it is logical for anyone who frequently takes flights to India, especially Mumbai flights, to sign up for the King Club programme.

    Kingfisher also bagged awards across the following categories:

    • The Best Earning Promotion
    • The Best Redemption Ability for the guests ability to redeem free flights on kingfisher Airlines and Partner Airlines
    • The Best Loyalty Credit Card for Kingfisher First American Express Credit Card
    • The Best Elite Program for King Club Platinum Tier benefits

    Awards Venue

    The announcement of the awards took place at the Sheraton North Houston at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, TX. The ceremony was attended by more than 125 representatives from the sectors of loyalty, credit cards, hotels, and airlines.

    KQ to increase flights to India

    Kenya Airways is planning to double the number of flights to India that it currently operates. The national carrier is understood to have sought approval for the new plans from India's prime minister Manmohan Singh.

    Kenya Airways has requested that it be allowed to increase flights to New Delhi from Nairobi and flights to Mumbai from Nairobi to make a total of 14 services per week. The airline claims the new flights would help to support the local tourist industry and strengthen ties between the two countries.

    The airline recently revealed an increase in pre-tax profit of 66.7 per cent during the first half of the year to September. According to the carrier, the FIFA World Cup in South Africa helped to boost passenger traffic growth in the region by 19.8 per cent.

    "We have been concentrating a lot on people and systems in the past six months, which has at least paid off," said Titus Naikuni, chief executive officer of Kenya Airways.

    News Source

    Kingfisher Frequent Flyer Programme

    King Club, the loyalty programme of Kingfisher Airlines, is counted amongst the best available frequent flyer programmes. A Skytrax rated 5 star airline, Kingfisher is a preferred choice and often comes up with cheap fares for flights to India and other destinations.

    King Club, the frequent flyer programme of Kingfisher Airlines is amongst the most rewarding frequent flyer programmes. This loyalty programme offers a plethora of benefits to its patrons. As far as membership goes, besides basic membership, there are four tiers across King Club, namely King Red, King Silver, King Gold and King Platinum. Every tier comes with its own set of special privileges such as cheap and discounted tickets, lounge access, and upgrade vouchers to name just a few.

    It is important to point here that the airline is a Skytrax rated 5 Star airline and apart from popular loyalty programme, offers some of the best services in the air travel sector. The airline operates out of its base at Mumbai and operates flights to global destinations, and is a preferred choice of those looking for cheap flights especially to India.

    Tier I - King Red

    King Red is the first tier of membership under King Club. One can qualify for King Red by earning 3,000 Status Miles, 6 Sector Points, or 4,000 Partner Miles in a preceding 1 year period. Long distance travellers such as those departing London on flights to Mumbai can easily earn these points to qualify for King Red. Here is a list of the privileges for King Red members.

    • Web check-in bonus (250 King Miles)
    • Personalized baggage tag
    • E-ticketing / Mobile ticketing bonus (500 King Miles)
    • Earn King Miles on Kingfisher Airlines and select partners
    • Permanent membership card
    • Earn King Miles for shopping at our in-flight Duty Free
    • Redeem King Miles on Kingfisher Airlines, select partners and Air Boutique ONLINE

    Tier II - King Silver

    King Silver members are entitled to all the benefits of King Red tier and some additional privileges as well. To reach this tier, one has to earn 60 Sector Points or 30,000 Status Miles over the span of a successive 12 month period. With 3 timeframes for calculating the retention status of this tier, one can easily re-qualify to King Silver. These timeframes are winning 54 Sector Points in preceding 12 months, 72 Sector Points in preceding 18 months, and 84 Sector Points in preceding 24 months. The key features of King Silver are as follows.

    • 15% Tier bonus
    • Personalized baggage tags
    • Redeem King Miles on Air Boutique ONLINE
    • 1 Upgrade voucher
    • Priority baggage assistance
    • Priority check-in (Domestic Airports only and subject to availability)
    • Domestic Lounge Access (for travel on Kingfisher First / Kingfisher Class and subject to availability)
    • Excess baggage allowance

    Tier III - King Gold

    The King Gold Tier offers a world of extra privileges. Qualifying as a King Gold member necessitates winning 84 Sector Points in a preceding 6 month period and 120 Sector Points, or 60,000 Status Miles in a preceding 12 month period. Passengers can retain membership by winning 108 Sector Points in a preceding 12 month period, 144 Sector Points in a preceding 18 month period, and 168 Sector Points in a preceding 24 month period. King Gold passengers get the following facilities.

    • Nominated travel coordinator
    • Personalized baggage tags
    • Redeem King Miles on Air Boutique ONLINE
    • One additional Domestic Lounge voucher for your companion
    • Priority Boarding
    • Three Upgrade vouchers
    • Guaranteed Seat Reservations subject to certain terms and conditions.
    • Excess Baggage Allowance
    • 25% Gold Tier bonus
    • Priority Baggage Assistance
    • Access to Domestic and International lounges subject to availability

    Tier IV - King Platinum

    This is the top most membership tier and is crammed full of benefits. The two timeframes for qualifying to this status are winning 180 Sector Points, or 90,000 Status Miles in a preceding 12 month period and acquiring 126 Sector Points in a preceding 6 month period. King Platinum has three timeframes for calculating tier retention. These are winning 162 Sector Points in a preceding 12 month period, winning 216 Sector Points in a preceding 18 month period, and winning 252 Sector Points in a preceding 24 month period. Here are some of the features exclusive to King Platinum status.

    • 35% Tier bonus
    • Waiver of Cancellation and Rebooking fee on published fares
    • Five upgrade vouchers
    • 50% discount on companion redemptions in Kingfisher First
    • Non expiry of King Miles
    • Personalised & exclusive section in Air Boutique ONLINE
    • Complimentary Companion King Gold Membership card

    The 5 star airline may not be considered by those flying to global destinations as one offering consistently cheap fares but those on flights to India would definitely reap most benefit due to the Indian origin of the airline clubbed with its highly rewarding loyalty program. Further details on the program can be accessed by visiting the link