Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thailand 'is a sophisticated gap year destination'

Travellers who are planning gap years may want to book flights to Thailand as one travel expert described the country as a sophisticated destination.

Chris Lee, marketing advisor for the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), commented that Thailand has a lot to offer those on gap years, as well as people holidaying there.

"Gap years are not just about doing a lazy trek, people want to get involved with cultural tourism, do home stays and get a much more down to earth product," he said.

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Thailand 'offers great value for money'

Brits hoping to take a bargain long-haul break in 2010 may wish to consider booking a flight to Thailand.

According to Travelmood, it is one of the best value destinations for British travellers.

Rad Sofronijevic, the company's managing director, said 2009 saw a rise in the number of people making late bookings and noted that, as a result, airlines and hotels are offering great deals for 2010 in order to encourage early bookings.

"Thailand is definitely more affordable for 2010 than it was this year because of the great, value-added deals around," he commented.

Mr Sofronijevic added that flights to Australia and New Zealand are also becoming more affordable for Britons.

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Boarding pass problems 'may irk those on flights to Thiruvananthapuram'

Those people planning to book flights to Thiruvananthapuram in the near future may wish to double check that they have printed off their boarding pass before travelling to the airport after the publication of new research.

According to accommodation provider Jurys Inns, forgetting to do this - and then incurring a charge at the airport as a result - is one of the most annoying things that business travellers encounter on their trips.

Other things that were found to be particularly irritating by the survey included dim bathroom lighting that does not allow for make-up to be applied efficiently and missing breakfast due to early business meetings.

Forgetting to take a mobile phone or BlackBerry charger - meaning that the device becomes useless once the battery has run down - also made the ranking.

In recent days, Thomson and First Choice predicted that warmer destinations are likely to attract an increased number of customers next summer.

Travellers 'are likely to find good flight deals in 2010'

Travellers are likely to find some excellent deals on flights to Thailand and other popular destinations next year, it has been claimed.

Simon McNamara, director of industry affairs for the European Regions Airline Association, said the past 12 months have been tough for most carriers.

However, he noted that this is likely to benefit holidaymakers and business travellers.

"What could be advantageous for customers may be the fact that airlines will be discounting tickets, in order to attract the numbers in terms of demand once again," Mr McNamara commented.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Flights to India

Looking for flights to India may be a challenging task for many. The trouble is that you will have a tough time selecting from a tantalising array of options as almost all airlines are set to outdo each other with the best possible deals on offer. Mystical India brims with attractions galore – be it culture, looming mountains, lush forests, or sandy beaches. Naturally, tourists flock to the country prompting airlines do their best to pamper travellers.

Often thought of visiting Delhi, the rich cultural city with grand remnants of stately colonial and magnificent Mughal architecture? Unbelievably, you can fly for as low as £245 from London Heathrow Airport! There are scores of other options. If frilly in-flight services matter to you, then you can select from the upper end of the spectrum from Kingfisher Airlines and Jet Airways with price tags of £397 and £322 each.

A trip to India is incomplete without a visit to Mumbai, home to the world’s largest film industry. You can reach this fabulous destination for an amazing £245. Can it really go lower than this? Near Mumbai, India’s premiere beach destination of Goa has long remained a hot favourite vacationing destination. Why not? Laidback but extremely fun filled ambience against a backdrop of surviving Portuguese culture works its magic on the most jaded traveller. You can steal a deal to Goa with Air India for for as low as £417.

To witness an amazing convergence of the old and the new, head to Hyderabad. With epithets like the ‘City of Nizams’ and the City of Pearls, Hyderabad is full of delightful historical landmarks and culinary wonders. Trust Jet Airways to take you there with fares starting from £322. Whether you are a history buff or a pub crawler, make sure to visit the swish city of Bangalore. Once ruled by Tipu Sultan and adorned with many historical buildings, today Bangalore has come to be known as the Silicon Valley of India. Fly to this wonderful destination at a shockingly low fare of £333.

Whether it is Lufthansa for merely £411 for round trip to the ‘City of Joy’ (Kolkata), or a paltry £289 for a trip to the coastal city of Chennai with Kuwait Airways, it is the tourist who is being spoilt for choice. With all these flights to India available from London Heathrow Airport, get ready to explore this enigmatic country on a shoestring budget.

Luxury train journey across India 'an incredible odyssey'

One travel journalist has written of the "incredible odyssey into India's past" that he experienced on one of the country's luxury train rides.

Writing for the Guardian, Sarfraz Manzoor described his week-long trip on the Golden Chariot that took him from Bangalore to Goa.

People booking flights to India may want to consider the journey as part of their itinerary on a visit to the country.

Mr Manzoor visited historic locations, such as the ruined city of Hampi, the palace in Mysore and the spectacular statue of Jain saint Bahubali in Shravanabelagola.

Passengers on the train also had the opportunity to go in search of the elusive tiger on a safari in the Nagarhole National Park.

Although he did not see any tigers, Mr Manzoor did find an elephant: "An elephant, its trunk dressed in leaves, emerged as if from a dream. I had never seen elephants in the wild before and it reduced me and everyone else to silence."

The Golden Chariot makes four stops – Mysore, Hassan, Hospet and Gadag -between Bangalore and Goa.

Travellers offered winter flu advice

Travellers booking cheap flights to Thailand and other popular destinations have been offered some advice on how to keep the sniffles at bay this winter.

Catching a cold or the flu can put a serious downer on holidays. However, according to one publication, there are a number of steps people can take to prevent the spread of germs.

Writing for the Mirror, Nigel Thompson noted that passengers should carry a bottle of hand sanitiser with them, which should be applied liberally and at regular intervals.

"Use antibacterial wipes. They can help in disinfecting anything you may rest your hands on, such as your tray table and arm rests," he added.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holidays to India 'a top choice' for 2010

Anyone booking flights to India next year may be pleased to hear that the country has been chosen as one of the ten best places to travel to in 2010.

World Travel Guide highlighted Delhi as a particularly good choice as the city is set to host the Commonwealth Games in October next year.

As a result of the forthcoming sporting event, authorities have made a number of improvements to city's infrastructure and have resolved to teach basic English to workers in the hospitality and transport industries.

The online guide also recommended that visitors looking to escape from the chaotic urban environment should take a trip to the seaside state of Kerala.

"Away from the urban sprawl, this is a vast and diverse land, with tranquil beaches, parched deserts and fresh mountain retreats," the website stated.

The Commonwealth Games, which are taking place between October 3rd and 14th, will showcase international athletes in events such as archery, cycling, wrestling and table tennis.

Airline award winners announced

Singapore Airlines was the biggest winner at the Official Airline Guide (OAG) annual awards this week.

The Asian-based carrier picked up four gongs, including the title of best international first class airline.

Additionally, Singapore Changi was voted the best airport in the world by the registered OAG members and frequent fliers who took part in the ballot.

Other winners included Continental - which picked up the accolades for best airline based in North America and the best executive/business class carrier - and Virgin Atlantic which was awarded best airline based in Western Europe and best transatlantic airline.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Virgin Atlantic offers bigger planes on flights to Delhi

Virgin Atlantic has announced that it will operate a fleet of larger aircraft on certain routes over the Christmas period to help passengers who will encounter travel difficulties as a result of industrial action at a rival airline.

Flights to Delhi are among those that will use a larger aircraft, along with several major transatlantic routes, such as those to New York and Washington.

An additional 68 seats will be provided on each flight, as the airline will use an Airbus A340-600 rather than the A340-300 model.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hyderabad 'offers secrets waiting to be discovered'

A travel journalist recently described his trip to Hyderabad as a "quintessentially Indian experience".

Writing in the Daily Mail, Tim Lott talked about a recent trip to the southern Indian city.

Initially sceptical of the spiritual journey promised by the itinerary, Mr Lott explained that he was completely surprised by what he found.

After spending a few days sightseeing in Hyderabad, Mr Lott's trip took him to a spa resort on Vembanad Lake.

While here, he underwent a soul rebalancing session, which he said was "a remarkable encounter".

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Jet Airways announces new Delhi route

Anyone booking flights to Delhi could soon be taking a new route courtesy of Jet Airways.

The carrier has announced that it will begin a daily flight from the Indian capital to Doha alongside its existing routes to Mumbai and Kochi.

Delhi to Doha operations and the reciprocal journeys will commence from January 21st 2010.

Nikos Kardassis, acting chief executive officer at Jet Airways, commented: "The launch of our daily services to Doha from Delhi will cater for the strong customer demand for direct flights on the route."

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Taj Mahal one of the top landmarks in the world, survey says

Anyone who has booked flights to India may be planning to visit one of the country's best-known landmarks, the Taj Mahal.

According to a recent survey by, it is the third most popular sight to see in the world, after the Eiffel Tower in Paris and St Peter's in Rome.

More than 10,000 travellers voted in the poll, which demonstrates that the 17th century palace still has appeal for modern tourists.

Located in Agra, the Taj Mahal was constructed by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal and is described by the Taj Mahal website as "the epitome of love".

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Qatar Airways launches new route to Bengaluru

People booking flights to Bengaluru in India will have another option from early next year.

Qatar Airways has announced that it will be launching flights to the city from its Doha hub at the beginning of February.

The Bengaluru route will be the first of three launches which will see the carrier expand its international network.

This will be the 11th destination served by the airline in India and will mean that the company operates 71 flights to the Asian country each week.

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News Media

British travellers aim to jet off more often in 2010, poll finds

A poll carried out by Travelzoo has revealed that 55 per cent of Brits aim to travel more in 2010 than they did this year.

Two thirds (66 per cent) of respondents said that they will be taking one or two holidays in 2010, while 31 per cent intend to take three or more breaks next year.

Of those planning trips, 76 per cent said they plan to take a short break before May.

Joel Brandon-Bravo, managing director of Travelzoo UK, commented: "We're very pleased to see that our UK subscribers are upbeat about their plans for 2010. [They] clearly see travel as a must do element of their lives."

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Skiing will be the next big thing in India

Skiing in India could be the next big thing, according to Richard Rice, the managing director of Ski Safari.

Commenting on trends for the decade ahead as the noughties draws to a close, Mr Rice stated that the ski industry in India could really take off over the next ten years.

"While the likes of Japan, Mongolia and Chile are likely to emerge as viable ski destinations in the coming ten years, we feel that India's slopes will be the hottest draw of the next decade," he predicted.

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Holidays are one of the highlights of the year

British people are prepared to give up all kinds of things if it means that they can still have their holidays, one travel specialist has asserted.

Bob Atkinson, an expert at, commented that people view their holidays as "one of the highlights of the year".

He added they will save up and sacrifice all kinds of things in order to ensure they get at least one break in a year.

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Consumers advised to check holiday cover

A travel expert has urged holidaymakers to check how they are protected in the event of their airline or tour operator going under.

With Globespan and Allbury recently failing, Simon McNamara, director of industry affairs for the European Regions Airline Association (ERA), has warned tourists to be careful when booking a trip.

"Any consumer who buys a product needs to look at what protection they need and how much responsibility they should take for this," he said.

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Travel in style with Indian railway holidays

Travelling across India by train could provide the ultimate in luxury holidays, according to holiday firm Cox and Kings.

The Maharajas' Express train is cited as being the most lavish locomtive in the world and is due to be unveiled in Mumbai in January 2010.

Operating between Mumbai and Delhi and also Delhi and Calcutta, passengers can enjoy the richness of Indian life and culture from the comfortable surroundings of their train's carriage.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Delta Air Lines expects business growth in 2010

The chief financial officer of Delta Air Lines has claimed that the carrier expects to see positive revenue growth next year.

Speaking at the Next Generation Equity Research conference on Wednesday (December 9th), Hank Halter said that Delta is anticipating a seven per cent drop in unit revenue for the fourth quarter, Reuters reports.

However, he also indicated that the airline will experience a return to growth in 2010, possibly as a result of more people booking flights to India, South Africa, Australia and other destinations.

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Travellers 'are seeking eco-friendly breaks'

The majority of tourists will choose eco-friendly tour operators and airlines when possible, an industry expert has said.

Dermot Blastland, managing director of TUI UK & Ireland, said: "Consumers are going on holiday because they want to have a good time but 60 per cent of them prefer to go with companies who are eco-friendly."

He added that the trend indicates that people are "starting to take climate change seriously".

In terms of destinations, Mr Blastland commented that resorts need to take climate change into account when making any alterations to their premises or developing new attractions.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Special Adventures on your holidays to India

Though India has come a long way from Kipling’s Kim, the country still retains the grand trunk road and snake charmers. The precise destination for adventurous souls, India has it all --- dizzying mountains, never ending rivers, dense jungles, multiple vernaculars, quaint old villages and beautiful beaches. Unbelievable wonders assail the seeker of Eastern mysticism. Visitors to Karnataka’s Mathoor village are shell shocked when they discover that Sanskrit, often said to be the world’s oldest language, survives as the language of choice here. This is in stark contrast to the fact that today international flights to India feed this intriguing, versatile and intricate land with an unceasing supply of travellers eager to explore it.

Among numerous beautiful hill stations, Darjeeling is a gem, which allows one to behold the dazzling glory of KanchanJunga, supposedly the second highest mountain peak in the world. Further world famous hill destinations are the Valley of Flowers, Kashmir, Manali, and Mussourie to mention just a few. For the brave hearts, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Kashmir offer nail biting heli skiing and normal skiing opportunities. The hilly heights are also perfect for hang gliding, snowboarding, rock climbing and ice climbing.

Campers can take their pick from family camping, weekend camping, wild camping and winter camping across the breadth of the nation. Indulge in the adventure of bicycling over difficult terrain on the hills. The great adrenalin rush resulting from the mountain biking in Ladakh which is among the best destinations for the sport will leave you craving to come back.

Adventure sports in India are incomplete without an experience of rafting in the swirling currents of the Ganges in Rishikesh. This sporting bug even bit celebrities like Sir Edmund Hillary and Brad Pitt.
Country’s premier beach destination, Goa offers great water sport and adventure activities. Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Jet Skiing and fantastic opportunities to unearth the secrets of the deep blue sea in the midst of some finest marine life is sure to boggle your mind.
The jungle enthusiast would do well to visit the Sunderbans Delta (home to the famous Royal Bengal Tiger), where boating excursions take tourists deep into the jungle. A saying goes that very few who spot the tiger live to tell the tale. It is a fact that due to some inexplicable reason, most Sunderban tigers are inherently man eaters. Among numerous other sanctuaries are the Gir Forests inhabited by the nearly extinct Asiatic lion, Ranthambore National Park, the Kaziranga Rhino Sanctuary and the Corbett National Park. Most sanctuaries conduct jungle safaris including night safaris.

To behold the might of nature, do not miss the Thar camel safari. This ocean of sand reveals how lost you are without your guide and camel. A cruise over the Chambal River is panacea for further craving for adventure. The cruise brings one in close proximity to ferocious crocodiles.

Whatever your travel pursuits may be, this vibrant, enigmatic and diverse land is sure to leave you with memories to cherish for the lifetime.

Holidays in the sun 'a top trend for 2010'

Holidays to Thailand could be among the top trends next year as more travellers head for the sun, according to Thomson and First Choice.

The operator has set out a list of travel predictions for 2010, with warmer destinations expected to experience an increase in popularity.

Value for money will be the most important factor in British holidaymakers' decisions when it comes to booking a trip, the company claimed.

With this in mind, Thomson and First Choice has predicted that all-inclusive breaks will be a favourite choice among those looking to stick to a holiday budget.

Over the past five years, bookings in this area have increased by 32 per cent and the travel agent expects this trend to continue.

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Tourists offered tips on best Goan beach houses

People who have booked flights to Goa but have yet to select any accommodation for their holiday may want to consider some of the suggestions made by the Daily Telegraph.

The newspaper has selected four of the best beach houses on offer to travellers in the region.

Vivenda dos Palhacos tops the list. Described as a "beautifully restored Hindu-Portuguese hacienda", it is situated just a short walk from Majorda Beach.

Offering individual rooms and one self-contained cottage, the publication claims that it provides an "authentic Goan experience" that is slightly off the well-trodden tourist trail.

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Cheap flights 'are not going to disappear'

Passengers have become so used to cheap flights that airlines will struggle to raise their prices, an aviation specialist has predicted.

David Henderson, spokesperson for the Association of European Airlines (AEA), commented: "The market has got used to fares at a much lower level. We don't think the airlines will be able to put their fares back to where they were."

He said that, while this is bad news for carriers, it signals the continuation of cheap airfares for tourists.

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Travellers can 'rediscover India' at the Commonwealth Games

Tourists booking flights to India for the Commonwealth Games next year can look forward to a varied holiday, the country's minister of tourism & culture said.

Kumari Selja commented that UK travellers are an important part of the tourism market for India, adding that they often travel around during their stay.

She noted: "They go [to] the beaches in Goa and they go for the wildlife, they go just about everywhere. They are really adventurous people."

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Highest rooftop bar in Mumbai opens

Anyone arriving on flights to Mumbai may want somewhere to relax and soak up the atmosphere of the city before embarking on a sight-seeing tour.

If they decide to visit the city's latest bar, then they could be treated to a unique experience.

A rooftop bar, called Aer, is located 34 floors above the streets on the Four Seasons Hotel.

Promising "panoramic city and sea views and [an] endless ceiling of sky and stars," this nightspot could be the perfect choice for a romantic drink or a fruity cocktail.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finnair announces charity campaign

Finnair has launched its Change for Good campaign this year in support of Unicef's initiative to bring clean water and a clean environment to the children of India.

Passengers on any of the carrier's flights will be given the opportunity to donate some of their leftover holiday money to the good cause.

Collection envelopes will be placed in seatback pockets and anyone is free to place money in them, which will then be collected at the end of the flight.

Christer Haglund, senior vice president at the airline, said: "Finnair and its customers have already collected nearly €1 million (£910,000) for Unicef work through the Change for Good campaign."

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Continental Airlines pioneers cash-free service

People booking holidays to India who are planning to fly with Continental Airlines may be interested in its new on-board shopping service that will allow passengers to pay by card only.

The airline announced that it was making the changes following feedback from passengers and cabin crew that indicated a card service would be preferable for making purchases on the plane.

Handheld card readers will be used to take payment and save passengers having to root around in their bags to find the correct change. However, cash will still be accepted for purchases of duty-free products.

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Advice on Taj Mahal alternatives offered for holidays to India

Tourists booking flights to India may be planning to visit one of the country's most iconic landmarks, the Taj Mahal.

Writing in the Guardian, Tom Hall from Lonely Planet offers some advice to tourists who may struggle to see the Taj Mahal during their trip.

Responding to a letter from a woman visiting Agra on a Friday - the only day that the monument is closed to the public - Mr Hall suggested taking in Agra Fort and Akbar's Mausoleum.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dubai, Kerala and Cairo feature in list of best small hotels

Anyone booking holidays to Dubai, Kerala, Cairo or Thailand may be interested in a list of the top 20 boutique hotels available to help travellers escape from the winter blues.

Travel journalist Annabelle Thorpe has picked out some quieter options for people looking for a quiet winter-sun break.

Writing in the Guardian, she described the Fusion boutique hotel in Dubai as "a real find". Compared with many of the emirate's hotels, Fusion is a small, 15-room hideaway based in Jumeirah that offers guests classic Arabian villas with gardens.

Also featured in her top 20 is the Villa Belle Epoque in Cairo that "provides an escape from the madness of Cairo's streets in the lush suburb of Maadi".

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