Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Flight to Hong Kong Took Me to a Land Of Wonders

After my two visits to Hong Kong, I have started to consider myself some kind of expert on the city. So, let me enlighten and enrich you with some of my treasured tid bits on the city that never sleeps (which city sleeps by the way)!

If you are a tourist or a potential tourist or some idler who is just fascinated by Hong Kong, the following information might be highly beneficial for you after you have booked your flights to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong provides an opportunity to experience the fantastic fusion of eastern and western cultures – from style and shopping to an array of cuisines. While the city’s bright neon lights and soaring skyscrapers reminds one of the rapid development the region has witnessed, the temples and colonial buildings speak (scream, rather!) of its glittering past.

Smaller islands that surround Hong Kong are the perfect places for anyone who wishes to seek the spiritual splendours of this orient destination. The Po Lin Monastery on the island of Lantau holds one of the worlds’ largest statues of Buddha and remains a top attraction for devotees and holiday makers alike.

Victoria peak is another popular tourist delight that is responsible for making cheap flights to Hong Kong such a prized commodity! Get on the mountainside tram that leads up to Victoria Peak and get acquainted with perhaps the world’s best view of a skyline!

Enjoy your trip to Hong Kong and experience a city that was meant to be a top holiday destination from the beginning of its existence!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beach and Wildlife Good Reasons for Booking Flights to Kenya

Hopping aboard flights to Kenya would be a wonderful holiday prospect for most travellers. The country is home to excellent beaches and wildlife parks. Here are some of the best beaches and game reserves from this African country.

Most tourists from different parts of the world travel to Kenya to discover or rediscover the country’s magnificent beaches and wildlife. With Kenya being a major hub of tourism in Africa, there are quite a few budget airlines that offer cheap tickets to the destination. Be it lounging on the beaches or going on Jungle safaris, a sojourn to Kenya ensures a lifetime of pleasing memories.


Although, Malindi is full of beaches, the main beach somehow endears itself the most. Anyone who wants to experience some great surfing action here should book flights to Kenya during June to September. The beach is also divine for some big game fishing, sailing, jet skiing, water skiing, and parasailing. The nearby Malindi Marine Park also ensures ample captivating sights. Checking out underwater life on a glass bottomed boat is a must have experience at the beach.

Watamu Beach

The Watamu Beach is one of the widest as well as the most peaceful beaches in Kenya. Diving is a big craze here and one can even learn the same from PADI-accredited scuba diving instructors at the beach. The Watamu Marine National Park has made the beach all the more popular. With its pristine white sands, the beach experience at Watamu goes a long way in justifying what travellers spend on buying tickets for their flights to Kenya.

Kizingoni Beach

The Kizingoni Beach is a collection of seven beautifully designed privately owned houses on the beachfront and is a part of the Lamu archipelago off the country’s North coast. Many of the airlines provide cheap night flights to Kenya from Europe that have a connection to Lamu on the same day.

Masai Mara Game Reserve

The Masai Mara Game Reserve is one of the major highlights of tourism in Kenya. Full of rolling hills and grasslands and open savannahs, the Masai Mara Game Reserve is perhaps the most popular game reserve in the country. Travellers planning to visit should coincide the ticket bookings for their cheap flights to Kenya in accordance with the famous annual migration of animals. This is the time when there are higher prospects of witnessing how lions, leopards, and other predators of the wild swoop down upon their prey.

Nairobi National Park

Kenya travel may well be incomplete without a visit to the Nairobi National Park. With the exception of the Elephant, visitors can witness the majestic splendour of Africa’s Big Five here. In fact, the park is stocked with over 100 species of mammals and abundant bird life. Nairobi National Park also holds the distinction of being the oldest of Game Reserves and National Parks in Kenya. Not to be missed are the Animal Orphanage and the Safari Walk.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Simple Tips for Netting Cheap Flights to Mauritius

Boasting paradisiacal scenery and countless tourist trappings by way of beaches, colourful marine life, mouth watering food, and an overwhelmingly friendly population, Mauritius is a hot favourite holiday getaway. Read some easy tips on booking flights to Mauritius.

The Internet is full of comparison sites on cheap flights to Mauritius. In fact, the destination is a major competitive route and airlines fall over each other to lure travellers. Make sure that you make an exhaustive use of these flight comparison sites before booking your tickets.

The cost of flight tickets to Mauritius are likely to be low during the months of December to March as this is not the best time to visit the place. But many travellers do plan their travel during off season for cutting costs.

Usually, budget conscious travellers would go for multi leg flights connecting at one or more stopovers enroute.

Booking a package deal including ones flights to Mauritius as well as hotel works out to be much cheaper than booking these elements separately. However, it is highly advisable to book package holidays to Mauritius from expert travel agents and thoroughly scrutinise the terms and conditions of the deal.

Subscribe to email alerts on the destination. Air Mauritius and many of the other airlines serving the destination come up with special deals on Mauritius from time to time.

As the saying goes, ‘the early bird gets the worm’, make sure that you book your flights to Mauritius well in advance.

Monday, March 28, 2011

India's wildlife offers more than just tigers

Visitors on flights to India are urged to discover the variety of wildlife on offer beyond the popular tiger tours, as Indian Experiences is running a series of alternative offers at its eco lodges this year.

Corbett National Park is celebrating its Platinum Jubilee this year with a range of jeep safaris from Jim's Jungle Retreat featuring elephants, crocodiles and around 600 species of exotic birds.

Elsewhere, Reni Pan Jungle Lodge in Satpura National Park claims to be India's best-kept secret, with leopards, wild dogs and sloth bears all sighted nearby.

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Beaches and Jungles of Kenya – Irresistible Allure

Beaches and wildlife game reserves prompt hundreds of travellers to book airline tickets to Kenya year after year. The country is a hub for travel and tourism in Africa as well as the entire world. Here are just some of the best beaches and game reserves that make this cheap travel destination a raging holiday getaway.

Kizingoni Beach

The Kizingoni Beach is a part of the Lamu archipelago off the North coast of Kenya. This collection of seven mind blowing beachfront houses can be easily accessed from Europe as numerous airlines operate cheap flights to Kenya at night with a same day connection to Lamu. The Kizingoni Beach experience is worth every penny that you spend on your flights to Kenya.

Watamu Beach

The Watami Beach with its pristine powdery sands and balmy waters is another not to be missed attraction for someone who has booked flights to Kenya for a beach trip. The beach is highly popular because of Watamu Marine National Park. Diving is another major attraction here and visitors can enrol for a cheap short diving course with the PADI-accredited scuba diving instructors available the beach. Buying cheap flight tickets to Kenya will treat you to all this and much more.

Game Reserves

Kenya is synonymous with the Big Five and the country’s numerous game reserves have made it one of the biggest names in Africa in terms of jungle travel and tourism. Be it the watching the annual animal migration or going on a walking or jeep safari, Kenya will knock your socks off. The major game reserves for a jungle trip include Nairobi National Park, Masai Mara Game Reserve, and Tsavo East and West Game Reserve.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lovely Pakistani Destinations

Pakistan and tourism may not ring a bell with most travellers. However, with famous cities like Lahore and Peshawar, this cheap exciting country prompts quite a few adventure loving tourists to fix their travel plans. Here are some of the cities worth buying airline tickets to.


Most visitors booking flights to Pakistan tend to visit Islamabad. This is said to be the cleanest cities in the country and is full of numerous lakes and gardens. Islamabad also serves as the site of the world famous Hindu and Buddhist religious spot of Taxila. With one of the busiest airports in the country, one also stands better chances of bagging cheap flights to Pakistan by booking tickets for Islamabad.


This hot Pakistani travel destination is another good choice for cheap flights to Pakistan as numerous airlines serve the city’s famous Jinnah International Airport. However, cheap tickets are not the only lure for connecting to Karachi on flights to Pakistan. The city offers ample tourist attractions such as city centre shopping, lip smacking cheap food at the Khadda Market, Boat Basin, and Burns Road food stalls. Karachi is also famous for its numerous beaches, with a very popular one being the Hawkes bay beach.


Peshawar has the potential of becoming a major tourism hub for the country. The city is full of interesting hotspots and also serves as a transit point for Afghanistan. The most endearing places in Peshawar include Bala Hisar Fort, Peshawar Museum, and All Saints Church. Peshawar is also well connected with Lahore.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Get on to a flight to the religious land of India

India is the perfect destination for those who have always yearned for a dose of Eastern mysticism. Richly steeped in history, the country is among the earliest civilizations known to man. A host of airlines operate flights to India from most of the UK destinations, making the country an easily accessible destination.

Perhaps, one of the best parts of an Indian vacation is that very few places in the world offer you such value for money as found in this country. The hill regions are as famous for their natural beauty and mountain sports as they are for being religious hot spots. Among the most well known is the Char Dham Yatra, which is a visit to the holy spots of Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath, and Kedarnath.

There are even written records of people having seen a palace like ice formation atop an inaccessible mountain peak near the Tibetan border. This palace is believed to be the dwelling place of King Himalaya, an Indian god.

Those who are entranced with yoga can learn this ancient art at the holy city of Rishikesh, which has become the yoga capital of the world. A visit to Haridwar, Prayag, Nashik, and Ujjain during the Kumbh mela treats one to an extraordinarily overwhelming mass religious fervour, which borders on madness.

At Bodh Gaya, one may even witness the spot where Lord Buddha attained divine enlightenment. The country is dotted with an infinite number of holy temples, mosques, churches, and gurudwaras. Most of these glorious religious edifices have a rich legend. Even today, it is said that no prayer goes unanswered at the Dargah in Ajmer. Those who plan to start their Indian itinerary would do well to make Delhi their starting point. Not only is the city located within convenient proximity to all the destinations, but is also well connected with flights to India.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to Find Cheap Flights to India from UK

The exotic land of India comes to mind as one contemplates to spend a rejuvenating vacation in a enticing destination without paying a bomb on airfares. Flights to India are pretty cheap and so are the hotels. What else do you want if you are planning a quick getaway?

Spending a rejuvenating vacation in an exotic land without paying a bomb on airfares is the coveted dream of many. One such destination, which immediately comes to mind is India. After all, the country has every ingredient for a fulfilling vacation, be it some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, stunningly mountain destinations, scores of wildlife parks teeming with rare wildlife, and cities showcasing rich slices of history. One of the best things about an Indian vacation is the bewildering array of cheap flights to choose from. One simply needs to know where and how to look.

In case, you are banking upon travel agents, then get in touch with one of the big respected names like Specifically, tell the agent that you are looking for the lowest possible fare as quite often there are specials that are not classified under economy.

Similarly, while making Internet bookings, you may come across a test price, average price or lowest price. One needs to make as many comparisons as possible among the different offers. To ensure a safe position, it is prudent to make an early booking of a deal, which offers the best value and is completely refundable. After that one can always hunt for better deals.

Sometimes, a good price may be available on the main leg of the flight, but it could be high on the connect. In such a scenario, the search should be reversed, or different legs should be booked separately. A minimum of three hours should be allowed between the flights for international departures/changeovers.

The best discount is often to be found at the website of the airlines. In certain scenarios, people need to sign up with an airline. In return, the carrier emails special offers a few days before the take off date. Such offers are highly restricted, but extremely cheap.

One may also try out some unconventional options like bumping, charter flights, ethnic bucket shops, foreign bucket shops, and courier flying. All in all, there is absolutely no dearth of choice of cheap flights to India.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Jet Airways to set up Hyderabad hub

UK travellers on flights to Hyderabad will have a wider range of options this summer, as Jet Airways has announced plans to develop a mini-hub at the city's airport.

This will mean that onward domestic flights to Bhubaneswar, Vijaywada, Jaipur and Nagpur will be even easier from March 27th onwards.

Flights from Hyderabad to Bhubaneshwar and Jaipur will run on a daily basis, while Nagpur and Vijaywada will be served six times per week.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Discover India by rail for the authentic local experience

Whilst the quickest way to string together a tour of India may be catching flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or any of the other major cities, train travel is undoubtedly the more colourful way to see the country.

India's rail network covers over 63,000km, and Wanderlust magazine has this week published its definitive guide to getting around the subcontinent on a packed commuter train.

"There is nothing to match the views of India seen from a train window," Anthony Lambert writes on the travel publication's website.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Destinations and Tips to Consider while Buying Air Tickets to India

There are endless reasons for buying air tickets to India. The country is full of wonderful destinations like Cochin, Goa, Kerala, and many others. Read on for some interesting tid bits on these three destinations as well as travel tips on the country.

The endearing travel destination of India makes for an unforgettable Asian Odyssey. Anyone looking for the best time to visit India has the entire year to choose from as the Indian weather is pretty varied during different times of the year. For instance, the hills are best visited during summers, while Central and Southern Indian destinations are wonderful during winters. Check out three popular destinations in India and some travel tips.


One of the places to consider while buying air tickets to India is the 'Queen of the Arabian Sea' or Cochin. Captivating palm fringed beaches, smashing sunrises and sunsets, and mesmerising backwaters, Cochin will steal your heart. The destination also provides ample scope for buying souvenirs like ethnic prints done in hand woven textiles, grass mats, and coconut shell decorations. A good time to buy cheap tickets to Cochin is during the monsoon months of June to September.


Goa is probably the party capital of India and the most popular of honeymoon destinations in India. Adrenalin fuelled beach fun, scrumptious seafood, shopping at flea markets, ample booze, and a rich Portuguese ambience all make Goa a never ending roller coaster of fun. The destination is at its celebratory best from December to March.


Kerala’s magnificence is indefinable. Affectionately called ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India and also makes for a wonderful honeymoon. Tranquil meandering backwaters, mangrove jungles, clusters of coconut palm, and paddy fields with an emerald green hue have all done their bit to give Kerala the vote of the best Asian holiday destination in the ‘Best in Travel poll 2010’ in the poll conducted by the independent online travel magazine, Smart Travel Asia.

Travel Tips

The travel tips given here deal with entry requirements especially pertaining to visas and passports for the travellers booking flights to India. It is strongly recommended that the information be crosschecked with official sources.

  • A visa is mandatory for entering India.
  • Foreigners arriving on term multiple entry visas need to register with the nearest Foreigners Regional Registration Officer. This process has to be completed within 14 days of arrival.
  • Overstayers have to pay a fine and can also be put on trial. They can also be detained and even deported later on.
  • Travellers leaving India cannot re-enter the country before two months unless they can produce adequate documentation by way of ticket booking evidence and an overall itinerary suggesting that they had visited some neighbouring country as tourists. Another clause states that visitors planning to get back to India before the two month period are required to visit the Indian Consulate or High Commission of the country they have travelled to. More clarifications are available at FAQs published by the MHA:
  • Passports should be valid for at least six months from the date of application for the visa to India. Furthermore, the passport needs to be valid for a minimum of six months from the date of arrival in India.
  • If you want to treat yourself to the Cricket World Cup matches in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, you will have to obtain a double or triple entry visa. While applying for this visa, proof of your itinerary will be required.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Delhi gears up for the festival of colour

Travellers taking flights to Delhi will be treated to a festival of colour this weekend, as the traditional Hindu festival of Holi gets underway in the Indian city.

Holi is celebrated every year in India as local Hindus pay tribute to the god Krishna and the good harvest by taking to the street and smearing everyone with coloured powders and water.

No-one is exempt, so tourists are advised to wear old clothes as everyone gets covered with the colourful gulal powders and coloured water.

This year, Holi will take place on March 20th, and the celebrations start on the eve of Holi with a bonfire or Holi ka Dahan, signifying the victory of good over evil.

The festival also features traditional sweets like gujiyas, puran polis and drinks, so you can get an authentic taste of Indian culture.

Book your flights to Delhi now and you can take part in this playful festival and get a real feel for the local culture.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Travel Update: American Flights Resume to Tokyo

Several American airlines have resumed their normal flight schedules to Tokyo in the aftermath of Friday’s shocking earthquake and tsunami in Japan. After numerous cancellations, Japan’s major gateways’ Haneda and Narita are witnessing normal operations.

Delta Air Lines and American Airlines have announced that they have will operate usual flight schedules to Japan; while United Continental Holdings said it is operating its regular schedule to Tokyo's Narita International Airport.

United Continental Holdings, formed as a result of a merger between United Airlines and Continental Airlines, announced that daily Continental flight from Guam to the Sendai airport is abandoned indefinitely as Sendai was the major victim of the Friday’s catastrophe. A United’s spokeswoman stated that there has been no reported injury to any of its 1,000 employees based in Japan, and there are no intentions of evacuating these employees from Japan. United also announced a fee-waiver for passengers who booked tickets on flights to, from and via Japanese airports and need to have their flight schedules changed. Several passengers who bought cheap tickets on United’s flights need not to pay a penalty through March 18.

Delta Air Lines also rolled out fee-waivers for passengers who booked cheap tickets on Delta flights to and from Japan, with travellers entitled one-time travel change through March 20.

Travel Advisories for Japan

Various countries have rolled out travel warnings against travel to Japan or certain areas in Japan. UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office has advised against all non-essential travel to Tokyo and northeast Japan.

Catch Flights to Kuala Lumpur for a True Malaysian Experience

Anyone looking for an Asian odyssey should definitely consider catching flights to Kuala Lumpur. The city makes for an amazing destination with its attractions like Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, and Aquaria.

The term ‘truly Asia’ finds ample reflection in Kuala Lumpur. This exciting cultural pot pourri boasts all tourist trappings like good food, great shopping, and an inescapable nightlife. The city is also full of beautiful temples, mosques, and giddying skyscrapers. Buying airline tickets to Kuala Lumpur definitely ensures king-size entertainment.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

Located in the captivating Lake Gardens, the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park emerges as a treat to the eyes. Being home to over 160 species of birds, the place is a hot draw with most visitors. Some of the most popular denizens of the bird park are parrots, flamingos, eagles, hornbills, and ostriches. Visiting during the feeding times of the birds is the best way to enjoy the park. To satiate hunger pangs, one may sample some cheap food served at the Hornbill Restaurant in the park. The Bird Park experience seduces many travellers into visiting again when they book flights to Kuala Lumpur in the future.

Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve

The Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve is full of beautiful winding nature trails. Visitors can treat themselves to the sights of amazing flora and fauna life. Joining a free guided tour of the park from the Menara KL is a great way to explore the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve.


A trip to the Aquaria is like stepping into some parallel universe. Immense tanks filled with colourful marine life exhilarate the onlooker. The major highlight is the walk through the humongous underwater tunnel. This walk treats one to amazing sights of giant gropers and sand sharks. Visiting during the shark feeding times proves to be an all the more rewarding experience at the Aquaria. It may not be an exaggeration to state that those who don’t visit the Aquaria would not be justifying the cost of their flights to Kuala Lumpur.

Islamic Arts Museum

The Islamic Arts Museum beautifully showcases colourful history of Islamic arts. In fact, the museum is reputed to be stocked with some of the best works of Islamic art on the planet. The artefacts include religious manuscripts, weapons, jewellery, ceramics, tiles, textiles, costumes, and carpets. Not to be missed is the spectacularly recreated Ottoman room and the miniature models of the most famous mosques across the world. One can also buy exquisite Islamic art and craft items, while an onsite restaurant dishes out some lip smacking Middle Eastern fare. Besides all these attractions, the museum’s amazing architecture also grabs attention.

Petaling Street Market

Anyone interested in picking up some extremely cheap souvenirs may check out the Petaling Street Market. The market is flooded with pirated DVDs as well as duplicate watches, perfumes, luggage, clothes, and other accessories of top brands. The Petaling Street Market is at its liveliest during night and is also good for buying coconut rice and fruits. A visit to this affordable market for sure contributes towards making your cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur even more worthwhile.

Dharma Realm Guan Yin Sagely Monastery

Dharma Realm Guan Yin Sagely Monastery is an oasis of tranquillity and creates the perfect ambience for some meditation. The d├ęcor of huge gilded statues, mandala ceilings, and potted bonsais soothe the senses. The Buddhist goddess of compassion, Guan Yin, is the presiding deity here. In case you are fretting over issues like not getting the best cheap flights to Kula Lumpur or some other mundane matter, a visit to the Dharma Realm Guan Yin Sagely Monastery will definitely make you feel peaceful.

Cosmo's World

Kuala Lumpur is full of various theme parks. One of the most famous and conveniently accessible parks is the Cosmo’s World. Its location inside Berjaya Times Square shopping centre also makes the Cosmo’s World a great place for some shopping. Cosmo’s World is full of adrenalin pumping rides and some of the hottest attractions in the park are Genting Highlands, Mines Wonderland, and Sunway Lagoon.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Air India introduces online check-in option

Air India has launched a new service that will allow passengers taking flights to India to check-in online.

The carrier will open check-in 48 hours before departure for domestic and international flights originating from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, reported Express Buzz.

Passengers will be able to print out their own boarding pass and once at the airport will be able to go directly to security checks rather than check-in.

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How to Find Cheap Flights to India from UK

The process of booking cheap flights to your destination could be highly baffling with a number or airlines and travel agents promising to offer you the best. I implement the following procedure to find cheap flights to India and find it really effective.

Step 1 – Check with Popular Travel Agency Website

Opt for Flexible Date Search in the travel planner. This option queries the website for your travel dates +/- 3 days both on your departure and return dates.

Although you may prefer one particular carrier over other, search for fares on all the airlines by selecting ‘all’ or ‘any’ for the choice of airline. This would present you with an opportunity to compare the fares on different airlines.

Indirect flights are usually cheaper than the direct and non-stop flights. Leave the option which prompts for choice of direct or indirect flights blank to maximise you chances of finding cheap flights.

Submit the travel details in the travel planner and pick the lowest fare for flights to India from an array of fares displayed based upon your preferred date of travel and preferred airline. Note down the detailed travel itinerary and the fare now and in every step forward.

Step 2 – Check on the Airlines’ website

Check directly with the airline for the cheapest fare offered by them. It is recommended that you first check with the airlines that have Indian origin like Air India, Jet Airways or Kingfisher. Apart from increasing your chances of getting cheaper fare, this will also allow you to get the best baggage allowance.

Step 3 – Fare Comparison on Travel Search Sites

Now query some travel search websites which can provide you with a comparison of the fares and itineraries directly from different airlines and various travel sites., Expedia, Orbitz etc are few popular ones.

Step 4 – Finally, Call Travel Agent(s)

Once you have done your research as above and are in the possession of the cheapest fare, call the travel agencies directly. Simply, quote the fare which is available with you and ask the agent to get you something to beat this fare. Some travel agents such as are able to match their fares with the one that you found online subject to certain conditions.

Other Tips

Sometimes destination specific sites are also able to quote highly competitive fares.

Booking different legs of your journey separately also helps cut down on flight costs.

Booking package deal including flights and hotels can result in great savings.

Ask for further discounts as many popular travel agents have great negotiated deals with the airlines and are in a position to slash their mark up.

Always book well in advance as the fares tend to rise as the travel date draws closer.

Air travel during the off season is cheaper.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Colombo Architecture – Making Flights to Colombo Popular

Colombo has always been a top tourist destination that has beguiled tourists. The city is full of attractions that entice tourists to buy flights to Colombo. But, Colombo architecture is one charm that stands apart, portraying different cultures and eras.

Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital reflects all the colours and cultures that make up this island nation. Colombo is the perfect launch pad to kick start your holidays in Sri Lanka. A brilliant tourist hub in itself, Colombo is regarded as the melting pot of traditions and cultures that is inundated with a myriad of amazing distractions that are bound to enthral tourists! Exotic natural beauty, contemporary attractions, wonderful food and remarkable shopping scene – Colombo is devoid on nothing that makes tourists book airline tickets to any holiday destination!

However, it would not be wrong to state that more than anything else the splendid architecture of Colombo is what that spellbinds holiday makers. From ancient colonial marvels to the glitz and glam of contemporary structures – Colombo is one city whose architectural splendours are perhaps second to none, enticing many to grab cheap flights to Colombo.

Colombo Architecture – An Overview

Colombo has an incredibly varying architecture that spans different eras and depicts different styles. The city is almost a paradise for each and every one who has even the mildest of interest in designs and architecture. Colombo boasts of a brilliant selection of colonial buildings that are influenced by the Portuguese, Dutch and British styles. The city also features a magnificent array of Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Indian and Contemporary architectural structures. In Colombo one can stumble upon a historic building dating as far back as the 1700s just alongside a towering modern skyscraper! Take a look at the several architectural gems of the city that make flights to Colombo such a popular affair.

Colombo Dutch Museum

Colombo Dutch Museum portrays the history of the Dutch colonization in Sri Lanka. It was built in mid-17th century and along with five other remarkable buildings served as the residence of Count August Carl Van Ranzow. It was reconstructed as a museum and was opened to public in 1982. The Colombo Dutch Museum has a mesmeric assortment of unique architectural elements from the Dutch colonial style. The museum showcases furniture items, ceramics, coins and weapons that demonstrate the life and culture of the Dutch traders. It is an incredible allure for all those who book cheap airline tickets on flights to Colombo.

Jami-Ul-Alfar Mosque

Jami-Ul-Alfar Mosque is one of the most remarkable structures in Colombo that fascinates all and sundry. The beautiful mosque is striped red and white and was built in 1909. For all those who wish to sample the incredible Islamic designs and styles, a visit to Colombo’s Jami-Ul-Alfar Mosque is a must.

Sri Kailawasanathar Swami Devasthanam

The Sri Kailawasanathar Swami Devasthanam is considered as the oldest Hindu temple in the city of Colombo. Featuring traditional Hindu architectural patters and designs, this temple has shrines devoted to Lord Shiva and Ganesh. The Sri Kailawasanathar Swami Devasthanam is a mesmerising opportunity for the holiday makers who grab cheap flights to Colombo to study the vibrant and wonderful Hindu art.

Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya

Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya is one of the most major Buddhist temples that are located in and around Colombo. Built more than 2000 years ago, Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya is a fine example of splendid Buddhist architecture that entices many to look out for cheap tickets on flights to Colombo. The Buddhist temple features stunning visuals of reclining and preaching Buddha along with frescoes portraying episodes from his life.


Colombo is flooded with so many beautiful churches that it is actually difficult to pick one of them! The St. Peter’s Church near the Grand Oriental Hotel and the Wolvendaal Church at Wolfendahl Street are few of the many old churches in Colombo that attract tourists. Apart from being religious sites, these churches are fine example of Colonial architecture in Colombo.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bangkok Airways starts flights to Mumbai

New flights to Mumbai from Bangalore have been started by Bangkok Airways.

A total of six flights per week will connect the Thai capital with the Indian city as the airline capitalises on the strong demand for seats. An Airbus A319 will make the trip with a total of 118 seats available - 12 in business class and 106 economy seats.

The company is also set to start new flights from Bangkok to Dhaka from March 27th as part of its ongoing expansion plans, reported IANS.

"Demands are there and we realised that there is still plenty of room to be filled in terms of seat capacity," explained Bangkok Airways' president, Puttipong Prasarttong-Osot.

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Flights to Maldives – Flights to a Fantasy Land

Maldives is the best place in whole world to spend your holiday vacations!! This one sentence perhaps summarizes my thoughts and feelings about this magnificent island nation! Maldives’ natural beauty is stunning, refreshing and simply incredible. The country is made up of more than thousand small islands known as islets. These islands indeed make for prefect holiday trip for people who need tranquillity and isolation, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Maldives’ capital city, Male is a pure delight that allures tourists towards its. The city boasts of number of museums and tourist spots that entice travellers into buying airline flights to Maldives. Male has many top class hotels and restaurants, as well as economical hotels and lodges that ensure that those tickets on cheap flights to Maldives weren’t the only cheap things you grab on holidays to Maldives. Male is full of mesmerising attractions but underwater caves near the beaches are something that must not be missed. And since we are talking about beaches, let it be known that Maldives beaches are amazingly gorgeous and peculiarly different from each other. Clear blue water with soft whit sand make up the basic characteristics of the glorious beaches of this wonderful island nation. Get rewarded with abundant sunlight and picturesque sunset and rise as you explore the beaches of Maldives.

Maldives also boats of elegant mosques, churches and temples portraying stunning architecture. Learn about the region’s history, religion and culture on your Maldives holidays.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Days Inn plans Indian expansion

The Days Inn brand is set to open three key hotels in India by March 2013.

Part of the Wyndham Hotel Group, the three hotels will include a 48-room property close to Jaipur Highway, a 102-room hotel in Sahil Square in Neemrana and 80-room hotel close to the centre of Asansol.

"India remains a market where there is great potential for growth," explained Ken Greene, Wyndham Hotel Group president and managing director, Asia Pacific.

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Grab Flights to Mauritius & Explore a Gourmet Heaven

Perhaps the first things that comes to every mind when one thinks about Mauritius holidays is the incredible beaches and spectacular natural beauty. While such imagery is absolutely justified given the presence of mesmerising beaches and natural wonders in the nation, it is also true that because of its unbelievable beauty other facets of Mauritius are not completely explored or talked about.

Food is one such feature that has been overshadowed perennially by other country attractions. Move inland a little and you will stumble across a culinary heaven that has been largely ignored by the tourists. From cheap street side eateries to super luxury restaurants – flights to Mauritius on airlines will offer you an access to a plethora of dining options!

Mauritius Food Overview

Mauritius has a highly evolved culture which has influenced various aspects of the nation, including the food. Best of the restaurants in the country are known to keep their food culture relatively pure, however it does not mean that such eating joints are devoid of subtle local touches and exotic influences. Mauritius also boasts of restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines to suit every kind of taste bud unlike the above mentioned specialty restaurants.

Cheap food is also available in the country that is sure to complement your tickets on cheap flights to Mauritius. Follow the locals and head to street side joints where you can gorge on the tastiest food in the country.

Visit Mauritius and experience a gourmet delight that is sure to leave you satisfied, happy and of course stuffed!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Top Skiing Resorts Entice Skiers to Grab Flights to New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the biggest and popular skiing destinations around the world. Be it beginners or experts, each and every skier itches to test his skill and expertise at the nation’s different resorts making flights to New Zealand so popular.

Great snow, thrilling steeps, incredible resorts and a picturesque scenery! This is how the wonderful country of New Zealand welcomes all skiing enthusiasts. High altitude, mountainous terrains and a blossoming tourism industry make New Zealand a major skiing destination. Plan your next ski holiday in the country and experience the charm of the place firsthand.

There has never been a better time to book your ski holidays with cheap tickets on flights to New Zealand being offered be several airlines. Several tour operators offer affordable skiing packages to New Zealand integrating flight tickets, accommodation and skiing resorts. Take a look at the top most popular skiing resorts in New Zealand.

Broken River

Broken River is one of the leading ski resort located just 1.5 hour drive from Christchurch. Operated and administered by the Broken River Ski Club, the resort is one of the primary reasons New Zealand is a top skiing destination and airlines tickets to the place are so sought after. Broken River’s terrain features a huge open basin that is serviced by several high capacity rope tows. The terrain has grooming slopes for the beginners, and challenging slopes for intermediate as well as experienced skiers. Other facilities available at the resort include a spacious day lodge, canteen with snacks and skiing assistance from instructors. Broken River additionally employs ski patrollers to carry out any first aid requirements.

Cardrona Alpine Resort

Situated on the mountains between Wanaka and Queenstown, Cardrona Alpine Resort features more than 300 hectares of snow cover, treeless slopes, and has terrain for skiers and snowboarders of different ability levels. The resort’s lodging facilities include 10 onsite apartments and off-site lodging in the towns of Queenstown and Wanaka. Cardrona Alpine Resort also includes different restaurants - Cardrona Cafe, Captain's Pizzeria, Mezz Cafe and Noodle Bar, as well as a licensed childcare, ski and snowboard school, and snow shop.

Coronet Peak

Coronet Peak is a popular ski resort among foreign tourists and is located at just a short drive from Queenstown. The resort’s terrain incorporates wide open groomed runs, moguls and open back bowls. Additionally, the resort features several new features such as the magic carpet snow lift. Lodging options like hotels, motels, lodges and bed and breakfasts are available in the nearby towns of Queenstown and Arrowtown. Coronet Peak’s services and facilities include a ski and snowboard school, snow shop, snowboard and clothing rental, cafes and bars, and first aid and medical facilities.

Craigieburn Valley Ski Area

Craigieburn Valley Ski Area is one of the most popular ski resorts in New Zealand that has attained almost a cult status among skiers. The area features open powder bowls and steep narrow chutes, as well as a 600 meter vertical drop in the Middle basin. Located in the New Zealand's Southern Alps, Craigieburn Valley Ski Area is a non-profit organisation that is operated by passionate club members.

Treble Cone

Treble Cone is another popular ski resort that entices many enthusiasts to book flights to New Zealand. Located in the south-east end of the Southern Alps, Treble Cone receives an average annual snowfall of 5.5 metres. The resort offers a range of other services like child care, gear storage, equipment maintenance and a retail shop. In addition, the Treble Cone features a medical centre and bar.

Mount Dobson

Mount Dobson is a big hit among those who seek fun skiing and snowboarding experience. The place is best suited for beginners and families; however the terrain also features slopes that challenge the best of skiers and boarders. Mount Dobson provides a variety of services including ski and board rental, ski patrol and a ski and board school.