Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Top 3 North Goa Beaches That Seduce Unabashedly

For many beachgoers investing on flights and accommodation packages for India holidays, Goa remains the destination of choice! And when it comes to beaches, northern part of Goa hogs the limelight! In fact, the superb spread of sun-baked beaches in North Goa makes beachgoers scramble for luxury packages for holidays to India’s Pearl of the Orient. Here’s a little smattering on top 3 North Goan beaches that have long been responsible for propelling enquiries on all-inclusive packages for holidays in India’s seaside destination.

With a little hangover of the 70s Hippy culture, Anjuna remains the favourite playground for beachgoers booking travel and accommodation packages for holidays to India’s seaside state. Packed with endless fun and non-stop action for its visitors, Anjuna is the best place to lounge languidly on the soft sand sipping in an exotic cocktail and watch the sun play hide and seek with the clouds.

Palm-fringed, crescent-shaped Baga is a picturesque North Goan beach immensely popular for water sport activities including parasailing, jet skiing, body boarding and even surfing. Jam-packed with action, fun and empyreal beauty, Baga makes for one of the most compelling excuses for sun-seekers tempting them to book all-inclusive packages for holidays to India’s premier beachside destination.

Fondly dubbed as Hippies Paradise, Arambol is the place to be if beach parties with loud music and wild dancing is what you are looking for in Goa. With ample frolics and facilities, Arambol is a huge hit with westerners who book accommodation packages and India bound flights to the state for holidays. It is perhaps the best place to soak in the picture-perfect views of scarlet sun waning in the blue ocean.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Itinerary Idea for Week-long Holidays to South India

India’s God’s Own Country, Kerala has long been the top beguiler for westerners booking tickets on flights to the nation. The destination packs in inundating list of attractions and it remains a challenge to experience all its magical delights in a week or so! But with a little research, one may score a fulfilling vacation at the destination. Here’s a one-week itinerary to score a vacation worth all the money spent on tickets for flights bound for South India.

Arrive in Cochin
Arrive in Cochin! With its historical heritage, tranquil churches, bustling bazaars and a dash of modern glitters and glamour, Cochin promises something to every holidaymaker booking tickets on flights destined for India.   

Day 2 Cochin 
Start your morning tour with the popular Mattancherry Palace. Then find some serenity at the oldest European church in India - St Frances Church. End your sightseeing tour at majestic Fort Cochin! 

Day 3 Munnar
Drive to Munnar. Dotted with lakes, lush forests and attractions, this wonderful hill station is great destination for visitors booking tickets on international flights for holidays to South India. Get inspired by the picturesque Mattupetty Dam, behold the beauty of Kundala Lake and explore Eco point and tea plantations. 

Day 4   Munnar to Kumarakum
Next morning, leave for Kumarakum! This small picturesque destination along Vembanad Lake, with its scenic landscapes remains a perfect holiday stopover for visitors booking tickets on flights to the destination. 

Day 5   Kumarakum
After breakfast, make your way to Bay Island Driftwood Museum and explore the quality driftwood articles! Explore natural trails of the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary! Experience the backwaters and rejuvenate with an ayurvedic massage, which is an important reason for increasing demand of tickets on flights to the region. 

Day 6   Kumarakum to Kovalam
At morning, drive to Kovalam. One of India’s most famous beach resorts, Kovalam ranks high on the popularity charts amongst beachgoers booking tickets on South India bound flights. Superb beaches, balmy water and exquisite beauty are some characters that make this beach immensely popular.

Trivandrum to London
Move to Trivandrum International Airport and take your flight back home.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Toronto Film Festival to Begin in September 2013

International cineastes planning to make advance bookings for tickets aboard cheap flights landing in Canada in the month of September 2013 will have a window of opportunities waiting for them at country’s popular tourist destination of Toronto. The dates for eagerly awaited, Toronto Film Festival 2013 have been announced. The 38th edition of the fest will be held in the city from September 5 to 15, 2013. 

With screenings of over 300 productions from more than 60 countries, the fest is sure to tempt huge number of film buffs from different parts of the globe to book tickets on direct or indirect flights arriving in Canada to partake in this one of the leading public cinema events in the world. 

The fest is also set to feature Hollywood movie premiers complete with red carpet glamour, international cinema screenings, engaging on-stage conversations with leading filmmakers, post-screening discussions with subject experts and much more to entertain, engage and enrich regular movie buffs who book tickets on flights landing in the city and attend the fiesta. 

The autumn month is among the best time to visit Toronto and witness the fall foliage in Canada. During this time, the temperature remains comfortable to enjoy sightseeing and outdoor activities and escape the tourist rush of summer months. Surely, cineastes booking tickets on flights for holidays to Canada’s Theatre Capital particularly for the event can have a wonderful time with countless attractions and other things to do in the city.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Eat Like Mughal Kings at Delhi’s Top Restaurants

India’s Seat of Power, New Delhi has long been a compelling stopover for bon vivants from across the globe! But the city is literally flooded with choices galore for those who dream of relishing Moghul inspired royal flavours. In fact, most gastronomists who block tickets on scheduled flights bound for India spend a few days in the capital city only to immerse in the delectable Moghul flavours! 

Bukhara is a popular restaurant that serves a virtual world of flavours! Amongst the world of creative cuisines served here, Mughlai grubs are perhaps the most sought after! Indeed, Bukhara’s delectable platter filled with Mughlai flavours has long been a strong trigger propelling the demands for tickets aboard flights to this city amongst food lovers.   

Karim's is one of the most renowned Mughal eatery that compels many gannets to look for tickets on flights bound to India. Karim's tantalizing menu of scrumptious Mughlai cuisines and its mesmeric ambience are perhaps the most acclaimed highlights of the eatery enticing foreign gastronomists into booking tickets on international flights arriving in India, year on year!  

Dum Pukht is yet another fascinating place to be for the bon vivants who book tickets aboard scheduled flights arriving in India. Dum Pukht is revered for its long list of authentic Mughlai flavours and its hypnotic ambiance. Being a recherché restaurant, it appeals highly to luxury seekers who spend on tickets aboard full service flights to the capital.

Moti Mahal and Khan Chacha are the other popular dining places for gourmands who wish to eat like the great Moghul emperors on their holidays to India!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Orlando- Top Restaurants in Town

The fascinating city of Orlando in the USA knows it well how to feast the senses of a tourist. Other than the city’s awe-inspiring tourist attractions, there are the mesmerizing eateries in Orlando that regale a visitor’s taste bud and soul simultaneously. Interminable all-day buffets and cheap street hawkers are still around, but Orlando has turned into the contemporary culinary capital of Florida where top chefs bet their reputation at exclusive dining venues. Here is a glance at top three restaurants in the city that deserve a visit from all those epicureans who book tickets on flights landing in the USA.

Dave & Buster’s Inc: This swanky outlet is more about fun and excitement than the food! One can relish on a range of mouth-watering cuisines, cheer with ice-cold beers and can enjoy a selection of games at this exclusive restaurant-cum-game zone. All those who reserve travel tickets for Orlando bound flights find Dave & Buster’s Inc a perfect place to throw a party or be a part of one.

Fiorella's Cucina Toscana: This signature Italian restaurant at the Westin Imagine Orlando delights its guests with sumptuous meals inspired by fresh ingredient from around the globe. Spacious interior with charming decor and a fun and refreshing ambience just add cherry on the top. Undoubtedly, dining at this place is well worth the money spent on reserving air travel tickets on flights to the place.

Dragonfly - Robata Grill & Sushi: The restaurant has all the elements what it takes to be called ‘incredible’! Dragonfly seems to be a modern interpretation of the Japanese pub culture that offers a variety of Japanese dishes in a relaxed lounge environment. Situated at the Dellagio Plaza, Via Dellagio Way, Orlando, the eatery never fails to stimulate the senses of the gastronomes grabbing flights tickets to the destination.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Popular Activities for those Visiting Kerala’s Backwaters

International travellers who purchase tickets onboard flights reaching the southern state of Kerala in India are often seeking a relaxing vacation. But only rest does not make a true holiday experience, so, here are a few popular activities for ensuring a truly amazing time amidst the backwaters of Kerala.

Natana Kairali Research & Performing Centre for Traditional Arts

The diversity of Kerala is best showcased by the wide range of traditional arts practiced in various parts of the state. The Natana Kairali Research & Performing Centre showcases a wide range of such local arts including puppetry and dance. For the truly keen international visitors who reach India aboard flights terminating in the province, there are special classes available in lieu of a small fee. The centre organizes a special five day long mohiniyattam dance event in December that often leads to a sharp increase in the demand for entry tickets to this establishment.


A trip on a houseboat may be expensive but the tour is sure to leave the participants gloating about their decision to book tickets on flights terminating in India. This adventure might not be listed as luxury travel but it does have its charms of sleeping under the stars and feeling free from all the worldly cares as one travels at a lackadaisical pace along the waterways lined with coconut palm. A house boat trip typically includes authentic local delicacies served on board during meal times along with scheduled stops at major attractions in and around the area. Those looking for a more luxurious alternative can make bookings aboard any of the luxury cruises that operate in the area for a truly memorable holiday experience in the lap of lavishness. An alternative might be taking short trips by purchasing tickets of the local ferry service. No matter how you sail these backwaters in India, they are bound to give flights to your imagination!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lounges, Shopping and Dinning at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) caters to the maximum influx of visitors buying tickets on flights arriving in Thailand. Tantalizing dining, superb shopping and lavish lounges are all forte of this brilliant aerodrome. Quite expectedly, first time visitors booking tickets on international flights to the city are often rendered dumbfounded by this majestic international gateway in Thailand. 

Thailand’s international gateway simply stuns with its lavish lounges that are peppered across the complex. The facility eclectically caters to travellers with varied interest, taste, budget and preferences. Travellers considering tickets options on flights to or from Thailand’s capital are treated with a sumptuous set of services and facilities including complimentary snacks/beverages, TV screens, showers, meeting rooms, comfortable seating amongst a host of other facilities. 

Bangkok is a metropolis which is simply fanatical about food, flavours and aromas! And this can not be experienced anywhere better than at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Dining options are simply limitless at the place and passengers booking tickets on flights to fly to and from the city may fill their platters with tantalizing Thai and global flavours at one of the many recherch√© restaurants. But those with not so deep pockets need not be upset as they may head to one of the many quality cheap eateries like The Miracle Food Village near Entry Gate 5. 

The maddening frenzy of bargains galore at more than 270 retail shops dotting the International Departure and Arrival Halls as well as Transit Hall makes BKK the quintessential playground for true blue shoppers booking tickets on flights to the metropolis. One may shop for a wide range of products including electronic goods, hi-flying haute couture, arty souvenirs and much more. It would certainly be no exaggeration to say that shopping is one of the most important reasons behind the increasing popularity of Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lighthouses to Become Tourist Destinations in India

Foreign holidaymakers who are grabbing hold of tickets on flights bound to India can soon expect to experience a new concept in the country – Lighthouse Tourism! Indian Government has given the nod for the financial assistance to develop heritage lighthouses as tourist destinations. Soon, India will be able to provide yet another unique holiday adventure to leisure travellers netting tickets on flights for coastal cities like Mumbai. 

As per reports, of the 15 heritage light-houses having historical importance, Kanhoji Angre light house will be developed in the first phase of the project. A construction of a boat jetty and passenger terminal at the venue are being contemplated. Kanhoji Angre Island is located just few miles off the south of Colaba, Mumbai and can surely be promoted as an interesting alternative for a day trip once the jetty is developed. Locals as well international tourists who block air tickets and board Mumbai bound flights might soon be able to include a wonderful day excursion to their travel schedule. 

There is a feeling that the development of heritage light-houses will not only promote tourism in areas like Mumbai and offer a superb venue for holiday makers to spend an afternoon after booking flights tickets for the region but also protect the national heritage of the country. It is also believed that the project will give a boost to the growth of Cruise Tourism in India and encourage more vacationers to choose cruise holidays.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Luxury Train Tours in India – A Must Try

Many international tourists book tickets on flights reaching India with the intention of enjoying a luxurious holiday. But the diversity of this nation’s landscape is probably best witnessed by those buying tickets aboard the many trains operated in the country. Following are three popular luxury rail routes favoured by international tourists who flock to India aboard flights from all over the world.  

The Golden Chariot

The Golden Chariot is a one of a kind luxurious experience operating in the Southern part of India and it is managed by the government of Karnataka state. The tour includes a range of amenities for passengers including but not limited to air conditioned coaches, a lavish lounge, two restaurants, satellite television, Wi-Fi Internet and much more. Those who are on flights landing at the city of Bangalore in India can start their trip from the city’s train station. The trip operates once every week and tickets can be booked online using various currencies.

Palace on Wheels

The Palace on Wheels is the oldest luxury train operating in India and flights seldom come close to the comfort provided by this experience. The coaches were designed according to requirements specified by the many erstwhile royal families in India hence the facilities available are truly fit for royalty. By purchasing tickets on this rail service, holidaymakers can visit the many leading destinations across northern India in style including the cities of Jaipur, Delhi and Agra.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cape Town - Health & Safety Tips for Britons

Cape Town is a jewel in the crown of South Africa, luring hordes of Britons to invest on tickets for flights to the country. Being a popular tourist destination, the city boasts a high-standard health and safety facilities. However, travellers must pay heed to certain tips and advice just to be on the safe side. Take a look at some sage advice!

Cape Town is a neat and clean metropolis of South Africa, promising no wellbeing concerns for Britons who book tickets on flights for holidays here. The tap water is drinkable across the city and it can be consumed. The food quality is equally reliable. There are number of high quality restaurants in the metropolis that serve fresh and utterly delectable cuisines. Some of the renowned ones are La Colombe; Codfather Seafood & Sushi; Constantia Uitsig and Il Leone Mastrantonio. These rank high on the travel circuit of legions of gourmets who make reservations for tickets on flights landing in the nation. 

South Africa also boasts decent medical facilities with an exceptional series of state and private hospitals. However at the same time, it is advisable to get travel insurance before the tour. It should be noted that adults visiting the destination do not require any inoculation.  

British travellers blocking travel tickets aboard Cape Town flights would be delighted to discover that the city is extremely safe with low rates of theft and crimes. It is sensible to practice general advice and tips like avoid walking alone at night, hitchhiking and keeping your belongings in hotel room safe. 

Pay attention to the warnings and good words of the Cape Town Tourism Visitor Centre to ensure rewarding experience in South Africa. Last but not the least, keep an accurate map and guide when visiting Table Mountain National Park on foot.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Exploring Nairobi National Park and Its Many Wonders

Millions go to Kenya to savour its natural treasures, and this East African country offers splendid excursions and never fails to live up to the expectations of one and all. But the best thing is that one barely needs to leave the capital of the country for that unforgettable experience! Only 15-20 minutes from Nairobi city centre, Nairobi National Park tickles the fancy of wildlife buffs and is a great excuse for them to bag cheap deals for flights tickets to the destination.

Inside the park are lions, hippos, zebras, leopards, buffaloes and many other attractions for the visitors who consider booking tickets aboard Nairobi flights. Camping here can be so much fun, as it allows visitors to come close to nature and its wildest creations, and that too without discarding modern comforts. Nairobi Tented Camp is the first accommodation of any sort to be allowed here and is loved by everyone who seeks a different kind of adventure after booking tickets on flights to this part of Kenya.

Kingfisher Picnic Site is a famous resting spot in Nairobi NP, where tourists may encounter some rare species of animals and birds while enjoying fun time. Where else can you capture a scene of wild animals enjoying their natural habitat with skyscrapers in background! The paved and all-weather dirt roads in Nairobi NP can be navigated by cars and vans, which travellers can pick up at the gate or any tourist office in the city.

Though located close to the city centre, this animal reserve in Kenya enjoys a fascinatingly scenic setting with a variety of habitats, from open grass plains to dry forest and rocky river gorges. The wildlife enthusiasts who spend on tickets aboard flights bound to Nairobi, Kenya can spot many intriguing and rare species of animals, birds and reptile. One will have to opt for jungle safari to sight them going about their business.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Air India to Commence Operations to Birmingham from Delhi

Business and leisure travellers who remain on a constant lookout for tickets on direct services between India and UK have a reason to gloat as the national carrier of India Air India is commencing direct services from India’s capital, Delhi to Birmingham, scheduled to start from August 1. 

The new services will run four times a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The flag carrier of India is going to deploy brand new Boeing 787-800 (Dreamliner), offering tickets for 18 business class and 238 economy class seats on the route. 

Birmingham Airport’s commercial director appreciated the India national carrier’s endeavour. He was glad that the airline has recognised the strong demand and now plying state of the art Boeing aircraft to ensure convenient and comfortable air travelling experience to passengers who seek to book tickets for nonstop flights. 

The second largest English city is a well-known gateway to UK and remains one of the prominent hubs for both business and leisure travellers. With the introduction of this route, fliers can now take advantage of seamless connectivity and flexibly reserve tickets for the weekly flights.  

The flights will depart from Delhi at 1330 hrs and arrive in Birmingham at 1800 hours. While the return flights will leave the English city at 2130 hrs and land in Delhi at 1005 hours.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

British Airways Increases Frequency of Morocco Flights

British Airways (BA), the flag carrier of United Kingdom, voiced intentions of increasing the number of flights currently operating between the UK and the Kingdom of Morroco, a sought-after tourist destination in Northern Africa. After the increase of services to Morocco, travellers will be able to buy tickets aboard any among the ten weekly flights of BA to Marrakech and the thrice in a week operations to Agadir, a city in Morocco, from the United Kingdom. The change in schedule is expected to be enforced in late October, 2013.   

This expansion was made possible after BA’s purchase of British Midlands International, a former Lufthansa AG subsidiary with operations on various routes across Africa. Since the acquisition, this UK-based operator has added BMI’s fleet to its own and started increasing its flights to key routes across the African continent such as Liberia and Sierra Leone. This increase in frequency is expected to be beneficial for holiday makers to Morocco as well as business travellers who purchase air tickets to the country for work-related purposes. This proposed increase in flight operations on these routes would improve connectivity of key commercial areas in Morocco with London and onwards to other commercial centres globally.

Currently this full-service operator provides interested travellers with the option of purchasing tickets aboard daily flights that connect Marrakesh, Morocco with the UK as well as the twice a week service to Agadir city. This level of connectivity was achieved after four new services in a week to Marrakesh were added by the airline, less than a year back, when the BMI acquisition was completed. The increased tickets availability is expected to help in improving the current levels of trade as well as existing tourism relationships between Britain and the Kingdom of Morocco.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Charms of a Holiday in Kolkata

Kolkata - the city of joy provides enough reasons to reserve tickets aboard flights arriving here in India. Be it a leisure holiday or a business tour, the metropolis offers visitors a unique opportunity to reminiscence the colonial past and progressive present of India.

Kolkata is easily accessible by flights and there are various international airlines that provide air tickets for direct or indirect flights connecting India. For sightseeing purposes, the contemporary transport system makes it easy and comfortable to roam around but tourists also have an option to enjoy the lackadaisical pace of the classic “Tram Ride”.

Those who have not booked accommodations prior to boarding their flights terminating in this metropolis of India, can easily get rooms at the numerous star rated and budget hotels.

Kolkata spoils its guest for choice with unlimited possibilities. Tourists can enjoy the versatility of the city visiting various heritage establishments or the impressive Botanical Garden; watch a show at the Birla Planetarium; visit Swabhumi to get a clear picture of rural Bengal.

Before boarding flights back home, travellers have numerous options to buy ethnic Taant (hand woven fabric) or contemporary junk jewelry from the pocket friendly shops at New Market to the high-class malls.

Starting from the street food to authentic platter, satisfy your taste buds by trying dishes from the wide and versatile range of cuisine.

One can either spend the evening enjoying the beautiful panorama of the setting sun by buying tickets for a ferry ride in the Ganges near the Princep Ghat or avail a Victoria Ride or simply drop in to any of the nightclubs of your choice.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Malaysia Airlines-American Airlines Codeshare Allows New Flights

In the second phase of their codesharing, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and American Airlines have extended their arrangement, enabling fliers in Malaysia and the USA book tickets on code share flights directly with MAS. 

The initial phase of the arrangement was launched earlier this year and saw both operators commence codesharing on 136 weekly flights between Kuala Lumpur and the USA cities of Chicago, Dallas, New York, Miami and Raleigh through the three European stations, namely London, Paris and Frankfurt. 

Announcing the second phase of the agreement in the first week of July, 2013, all codeshare flights will be marketed as MAS flights, thus making it easier for those seeking flight tickets on the routes. This will allow tickets seekers in Malaysia and the USA to book air tickets directly with the flag carrier of Malaysia and take advantage of the services between Kuala Lumpur and the American cities of Atlanta, Houston, Washington, Boston, Portland, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas and San Diego. These flights will run via the Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas and Miami gateways. 

In addition, the codeshare agreement will be expanded to Singapore and Bangkok via the Kuala Lumpur gateway, allowing people in the USA to book tickets for seamless connection to travel to other parts of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). 

The management at the MAS Group feels that the code share enables them to expand its USA network without having to commence its own flights to the country.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Phang Tsedup Festival to be Held in India in July

The Phang Tsedup Festival, an annual religious event organised by the ancient Phang monastery in Leh city of India is scheduled to start on the 6th of July this here. This is a holy occasion for those of the Buddhist faith and lasts for a period of two days. Held near the popular summer getaway of Leh city in Ladakh district of India, this fest radically increases the demand for tickets aboard flights reaching the area. 

The main attraction for those buying air tickets to this part of India during this occasion is the sacred mask dance performed by the monks attired in colourful silk robes. These dances also include dance-dramas known as “Chhams” that represent the triumph of good over evil and give flights of fancy to the imagination of the visitors. The first phase of this revelry is a special prayer dedicated to Skyabje Jigten Gombo, the founder of this monastery in Ladakh district of India.

This year’s revelry will also witness the unveiling of the mammoth thanka that commemorates the life and deeds of Skyabje Jigten Gombo, which is done only once in three years. The organisers are expecting a huge turnout with Buddhists from round the world purchasing tickets to board flights landing in this part of India. An additional attraction is the display of various artefacts related to Buddhism, some of which would be available for sale. During this event, the monks’ abode is open to public and holiday makers can view the colourful paintings on the walls inside the building.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Leading Attractions in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, one of the most prosperous emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has grown in popularity among tourists who purchase tickets aboard international flights to visit the region during winter. Following are two places of interest for those visiting this emirate of UAE during the cooler months of the year.

Ferrari World
Families with children who buy tickets onboard flights arriving at Abu Dhabi in UAE will definitely visit Ferrari World. Currently billed as the largest indoor theme park in the world, Ferrari World’s many attractions are sure to enthral adults and kids alike. There are even mini Ferraris here that children can drive to give flights to their fancy of being the world’s fastest driver or the one with the coolest car. Additionally, a small museum depicts the story behind this global brand which has become a favourite amongst global car lovers. Considering the wide assortment of activities on offer, the entry tickets will definitely be worth the monies spent in getting to.     

Al Ain 
At the heart of Al Ain is an oasis that is the lifeblood of this lush green paradise in the midst of Arabian sands of the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The entire area is irrigated by system of water ways that ensures that every part of this paradise remains green in all seasons. Home to a national museum, palm plantations and working farms, those searching for serenity and tranquillity during their holiday in the UAE will not be disappointed. Reaching Al Ain is simple for those who have bought tickets on flights to reach the international airport at Abu Dhabi, as this wondrous destination is only a short drive away from the city.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Best Beaches to Make the Most of Los Angeles Vacations

A treasure trove of magnificent beaches, Los Angeles offers beyond imagination to all those explorers who adore the striking vistas of wild blue yonder, turquoise waters and gilded sands and have penchant for rejuvenating sunbathing, swimming and other beach gambols. It is the very land where vacationers enjoy the best of beach holidays and get the maximum bangs for the bucks invested on tickets aboard flights arriving in USA. Here’s why!

Venice is a mosaic of colourful mankind and is an awe-inspiring marvel of nature! It is an every bustling seaside gem of Los Angeles that never stops to quiver with dozens of boardwalk vendors, traditional pedestrian streets nearby and exhilarating crowds. It has emerged as very popular stamping grounds for taking delights at people-watching, bicycling, strolling and much more. Vacationers will surely get the maximum bangs for their bucks invested on tickets aboard flights and USA holidays. 

El Matador
It is like a small package with big surprises. The fascinating seaside place of Los Angeles is drenched in sheer beauty and offers golden prerogative of strolling, swimming, bodysurfing and much more. It is advisable to ensure the tide times as smaller coves get cut off at high tide. No wonder, it is one of the remarkable places in USA where you truly realise how less you have paid for tickets on flights to sojourn paradisiacal jewel in the crown of the city.