Friday, October 29, 2010

India to welcome Holiday Inn Express

India is set to welcome a number of Holiday Inn Express hotels as part of a new deal. InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has agreed with Delhi-based developer Amrapali Group to launch four Holiday Inns and four Holiday Inn Expresses.

According to the new partnership, the hotels will be developed over the next three to five years and could provide accommodation for those planning to take flights to India. The hotels will be based in Nodia, Indore Pithampur, Jaipur Hitech City, Kochi and Patna.

Anil Kumar Sharma, chairman and managing director of Amrapali Group said: "India's need for world-class hotels consistent with rapid economic growth make this an opportune time for us to expand our hospitality portfolio."

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

AI Express increases Indian flights

Budget airline AI Express is set to launch a number of new flights to Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata in 2011. Part of Air India, the low-cost carrier believes the new domestic flights will help link more Indian cities to Delhi. It is expected that the new service will being in March next year, reports Times of India.

The airline is also set to be renamed Express India as part of a revamp and image update. AI Express will also move its headquarters from Mumbai to Kochi as it focuses on routes in the south of India.

"Our plan is to make Kochi our hub and route our operations from there, but Trivandrum will continue to receive a large number of flights," explained an Air India official, reports Business Standard.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

New cheap flights to India launched

Swiss International Air Lines has launched a number of deals on flights to India.

The lower priced fares are available until 15th November and will include flights leaving from Birmingham, Manchester, London Heathrow and City, connecting via Zurich airport.

Return flights to Mumbai will start at £362 from Birmingham, £365 from Manchester, £375 from London Heathrow Airport and £376 from London City Airport.

Those looking for flights to Dubai will be able to purchase tickets starting at £372 from Birmingham, £375 from Manchester and £385 from London Heathrow.

The airline recently increased the number of flights it is offering between Zurich and India with two new additional services per week.

"With these additional flights, we respond to a very encouraging increase in demand and considerably strengthen our commitment to the Indian market," explained Jean-Philippe Benoit, general manager (India) of Swiss International Air Lines.


Monday, October 11, 2010

All time Favourite Christmas Holiday Destinations

Christmas spells as the time when millions of travellers flock to their favourite holiday destinations. Be it glamorous getaways like Paris, New York, and Las Vegas or a spiritual destination like Bethlehem, there is something for everyone.

No one can escape the overwhelming spirit of Christmas. Almost every part of the world reverberates with cries of ‘Merry Christmas’ on 25th December. Christmas remains one of the best times to plan your long haul overseas travel for a taste of festivities far away from home. However, booking of flights needs to be done well in advance so as those elusive cheap tickets do not slip out of grasp. However, quite a few airlines also offer some special Christmas deals. Here are some of the most popular Christmas destinations as revealed by online searches and other sources.


Paris, synonymous with fashion and glamour stays one of the hottest Christmas holiday destinations in the world ushers in the festival in its signature trendy style. Vanity shopping is as much a part of Christmas celebrations as is watching dazzling fireworks displays over a goblet of French wine. The Champs Elysées lights displays and Notre Dame Cathedral celebrations remain two of the biggest Christmas events in Paris.

Las Vegas

Everything in Las Vegas is larger than life and this rings true in the matter of Christmas celebrations as well. Every casino comes with terrific Christmas holiday ideas to make it an unforgettable night in Sin City. The Fremont Street Experience, Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden, Bellagio's Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, and those glitzy shopping malls are the hottest places of Las Vegas on Christmas Eve.

New York

Although, the Big Apple is bursting with infectious energy and charm throughout the year, somehow, the same increases ten folds during Christmas. The ‘Rockefeller Center’ with its gargantuan Christmas tree and the skating rink lures hoards of tourists and locals alike. Shopping at Fifth Avenue seems to take on a new meaning altogether, while the Saint Patrick’s mass and carriage riding around Central Park linger on as endearing memories.


Those who wish to celebrate Christmas at some exotic overseas beach destination would do well to consider Goa. This Indian destination preserves rich chunks of its Portuguese heritage and is an excellent fusion of modern style and old world charm. Christmas here means endless culinary delights, especially sea food, night to dawn beach parties, and gallons of booze. There are numerous churches and cathedrals for those who do not want to miss out upon the religious side of Christmas. Very understandably, Goa is a premiere choice for many planning their Christmas holiday breaks.

Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Bethlehem and Jerusalem quite deservedly enjoy a special status as far as Christmas holiday tours are concerned. While 25th December marks the celebrations by Roman Catholics and Protestants, 6th January comes alive with the version celebrated by Greeks, Syrians, and other Orthodox Christians.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Christmas Holidays – Great Time to take Flights to India

Christmas is a fantastic time to catch your flights to India. The entire country is in a celebratory mode and makes for a terrific winter destination. Some of the best Indian Christmas destinations are Mumbai, Goa, and the North Eastern states.

India turns into an enormous pleasure house of entertainment and fun on Christmas Eve. In fact, in many parts of the country, Christmas celebrations rock the atmosphere for an entire month. India is known for its diversity in unity and this is the perfect time to see how different communities celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Here are some of the most happening spots for spending Christmas holidays in India.


Mumbai, the glitzy finance capital of India and the abode of numerous film stars of the Indian industry celebrates Christmas with great aplomb. Those booking flights to India this Christmas should definitely keep Mumbai in mind. With a sizeable Christian population, the city turns into one big party scene. The innumerable discos get jam packed with revellers and turn into a breeding ground for celebrity hunters. Many of the homes create a nativity scene as well. The true spirit of Christmas also comes alive in Mumbai’s scores of churches, many of them dating back from the Portuguese and Anglican British colonial eras. Some of the most well-known ones are Mount Mary’s Basilica, Gloria Church, St Michael’s Church, St Andrews Church, and St Thomas’s Cathedral.


Christmas is definitely amongst the biggest, if not the biggest celebration in Goa. Homes, cathedrals, and churches are remarkably done up in Poinsettia flowers and cribs are put up for the baby Jesus. The midnight mass is attended by overflowing throngs of crowds, which finally culminates into joyous handing out of Christmas presents and hearty feasting. Children sing Christmas carols and these melodious notes fill the night air. Like Mumbai, Goa is also well-known for its churches and cathedrals, with some of the most prominent ones being ‘Church of Our Lady of Rosary’, ‘The Rachol Seminary’, ‘Chapel of St. Francis Xavier’, ‘Chapel of St. Catherine’, and ‘Basilica of Bom Jesus’. During Christmas, Goa’s trademark partying scene takes on a new meaning. There are all night beach parties, lip smacking culinary delights, especially sea food, and lots of booze. Many of the restaurants and hotels put up special theme nights. Christmas is a truly gala affair in Goa. Furthermore, Goa is serviced by plenty of cheap flights from Mumbai is the indisputable premiere destination for anyone planning to spend Christmas holidays and New Year Eve 2011 in India.

The North East

The North East comprises the Seven Sister States of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura. Teeming with a Christian population and an anglicised culture, the North East ushers in Christmas with a boom. In fact, Nagaland’s Christian tribal communities alone work up a unique atmosphere. Children sing carols in both English and Nagamese and the chanting of carols become a soothing music to the ear. Every church holds midnight masses drawing in huge crowds of devotees. Throughout the day, there are Christmas carnivals and circuses, while the nights culminate into memorable Christmas dinner parties. The mountainous terrain and the raw natural beauty of the North East add its own generous bit of charisma to the celebrations.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tips for a Backpacking Holiday of a Lifetime

Backpacking can be great fun and immense joy if backpackers follow certain guidelines and tips. A combination of skill sets along with valuable knowledge can leave backpackers enjoying their trip without any worries and problems.

If you are planning for a backpacking adventure, it is highly recommended that you get familiar with basic backpacking guidelines and survival skills. Such information and knowledge can prove to be highly beneficial for backpackers as it helps them in enjoying their trip absolutely. Additionally, these skills provide a certain sense of safety and security to the backpackers.

Backpackers or even individuals on solo travel tours will surely benefit themselves by being knowledgeable about various such tips and skills before venturing into the wild, trekking the mountains, surfing the sea or loosing themselves in the vastness of the barren desert.

Destination Selection

The first step it to decide the destination where you would like to have your holidays. Our globe is a big place and choosing a destination can be a tiresome job. However, there are some pointers and features that may assist you in making the choice. Geography, the amount of time you can afford and the weather are few basic factors that may play a part in your decision. One should keep in mind that summers in UK do not mean summers throughout the world. Choose a location which has an agreeable weather and one which will be the most convenient to you. However, backpacking in off-seasons can get you cheap deals.


After deciding your choice of destination it is recommended to conduct some research on the particular location before actually booking your airline tickets. It must be noted that several parts of the world experience instability at some point or other and it certainly isn’t desirable for you to find yourself in the midst of some political turmoil. Carefully check online resources for latest and correct information.

Furthermore, it won’t hurt you if you find out something about the accepted customs of the country that you intent to visit. Women would not like to find themselves offending local sensibilities by wearing something inappropriate.

Finding about cheap flights and train timetables will assist you if you plan to travel around the country.

Backpacking Skills

Backpacking may seem something that is simple and fun but serious backpackers know that it is quite a lot more than that. It is a serious sport that requires a lot of skills and knowledge.

Here is a list of some basic backpacking tips and skills that you should know venturing on to your trip:

  • Backpacking Etiquettes – Backpackers must respect the nature and do nothing to destroy the beauty the environment.
  • Survival Skills – Basic survival skills help you in the times of emergency and threatening situations. A skilled backpacker should be able to handle critical needs of food, shelter and water.

  • Fundamental knowhow of first aid is indispensable as it can turn out be life saver for your or others around you. The first aid knowledge is very essential and is even included in all frequent flyer travel tips.

These are simple guidelines that will ensure that you will have a safe and enjoyable journey. Majority of these tips are plain commonsense, however few of them are important for your safety and well-being.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

India 'should bid for Olympics'

Australia's sports minister believes that India should consider hosting the Olympic Games following its Commonwealth Games success. Mark Arbib explained that India has managed to exceed expectations with its Commonwealth Games opening ceremony and should be given the opportunity to host larger international events, reports the Press Trust of India.

"It was a wonderful display of Indian culture. For Australians, every Australian I spoke to, it was wonderful," said the minister. He added: "People responsible for organising should be congratulated."

Demand for flights to India could increase if the country did secure the Olympics but Mr Arbib did raise some concerns by stressing that hosting such a sporting competition can take around ten years of planning – as seen in Sydney in 2000.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Commonwealth Games 2010: Great Opening Ceremony Renewed Interest in the Games

Commonwealth Games 2010 in Delhi opened with a great pomp and show. Dazzling and mesmerising, the opening ceremony has got people taking about the games. Take a look at the various aspects and relevant information on the CWG 2010.

2010 Commonwealth Games opening on the 3rd October 2010 has left many a critics flabbergasted and bedazzled. India opened this multi-sports event for the first time ever and by the looks of it, the country is well on its way to make it a super success. The opening ceremony that took place in the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium has been highly applauded throughout the world and is said have set a certain benchmark for future hosts.

The huge anticipation and excitement surrounding the CWG has created a great deal of interest in the host city, Delhi. Thousands of foreign visitors have landed up in the city to take part in or witness the great spectacle. Commonwealth Games 2010 has been in the international news for both good and bad reasons. Let’s have a look at the various aspects of the games and the necessary information.

Budget and the Games Village

The estimated budget for hosting the CWG 2010 has exceeded one billion pounds, excluding the development of non-sports related infrastructure like airports and roadways. This makes it the costliest Commonwealth Games ever. A big chunk of that budget has been spent on the Commonwealth Games Village. The games village includes nearly 30 apartments and more than 1200 flats for athletes and officials. It is a state-of-the-art residential project that features world class security system and two level basement car parking, as well as a number of shopping and recreational facilities.


The Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is renovated and modernised to match world class standards. The airport’s recently build Terminal 3 has enhanced the airport’s passenger capacity to nearly 40 million commuters a year. The city has extended road infrastructure with new flyovers and bridges. Additionally, the Delhi Metro has increased its operations to put up with more people and encourage the usage of public transportation during the ongoing CWG 2010 in Delhi.


Several stadiums are being used to hold various sporting events. These stadiums are Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Siri Fort Sports Complex, Thyagaraj Stadium, SPM Swimming Pool Complex, Dhyan Chand National Stadium, Indira Gandhi Arena, Delhi University Sports Complex, Talkatora Stadium, Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range, RK Khanna Tennis Complex and Yamuna Sports Complex.


Athletes from more than 70 countries are in Delhi and are competing in a variety of sporting events, such as archery, aquatics, athletics, badminton, boxing, cycling, gymnastics, hockey, netball, rugby, lawn bowls, squash, shooting, tennis, table tennis, weightlifting and wrestling.

Tourist Attractions in Delhi

Apart from the Commonwealth Games, the city of Delhi itself is a great tourist attraction that charms visitors with its unique mystique and intrigue. The city offers numerous holiday options for the travellers taking flights to Delhi to enjoy the common wealth games matches. The Old Delhi is full of beautiful Islamic structures, whereas the New Delhi is a majestic reflection of the glorious British Empire days. The greenery of Lodhi Gardens, the tranquillity of Lotus Temple and the Grandeur of Red Fort all blend together to make Delhi tourism such a big hit. You can travel many popular spots to enjoy your holidays to Delhi apart from CWG 2010.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Games will boost India's appeal

India's decision to host the 2010 Commonwealth Games will help boost the international profile of the country, claims a holiday tour firm. believes that the event will enable the local tourist industry to develop a brand image for the country and therefore increase the number of holidaymakers opting to take flights to Mumbai and other Indian cities.

Charles Glanville from explained the Commonwealth Games has led to the firm developing new tours to take in the key sporting venues. He also explained that the Games have encouraged greater investment in restoration work on the country's historic attractions.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

India: One of the Most Popular Holiday Destinations in the World

India is the most diverse country in the world. People flock to this country to have a experience of a lifetime. No wonder it is such a popular destination among tourists. Number of flights to India has increased drastically in the recent times.

Tremendously huge, interestingly ancient, exquisitely colourful - India is a mesmerising country that holds a special place in the world of tourism on the sheer basis of its beauty and diversity. India is a flamboyant kaleidoscope of landscapes, wonderful historical sites, majestic cities and quaint villages, beautiful beaches, colourful people, rich cultures and revelry. If you are intrigued by this fascinating country and plan to pay a visit then you would be happy to know that there is a plethora of airlines that operate flights to India. Apart from full service airlines passengers can also book with low cost carriers operating cheap flights to India. The country has emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world due to several attributes. Some of them are listed below.

Tourist Attractions
India is a large country and there is no dearth of great tourist attractions in the region. Places such as Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Goa are great crowd pullers. Additional noteworthy tourist destinations include Manali, Kerela, Shimla, Jammu, Kashmir and Dalhousie and spiritual duo - Hardwar and Rishikesh among many others. Several airlines offer cheap air tickets for travelers to visit these destinations. Some of the major tourist destinations are:

Delhi is the political capital of India that is renowned for its beauty and diversity. This charming city can be overwhelming for some visitors. The human and mechanical traffic at the city can be quite bewildering and scary but as you get over the initial uncertainties you will find that Delhi is full of glittering gems. Enthralling historical monuments, interesting museums, some of the world’s yummiest food and a vivacious performing-arts scene make Delhi a big hit among tourists.

Rajasthan is considered as the royal state of India. It is also the most colourful region of the country with glorious wildlife, delectable cuisine, remarkable folk music and warm people. Jaipur, Udaipur, Mt. Abu, Jodhpur and Pushkar are some of the many tourist attractions in the state. Rajasthan is a big favourite among western tourists, especially from the UK. No wonder there are so many flights from UK to India including direct flights from London to Delhi which is perfect launch pad to start your Rajasthan expedition.

Agra holds the world’s most famous monument, the Taj Mahal, which draws tourists like moths to a flame. It is a remarkable structure that is a must visit on your holidays in India. Agra also holds several other brilliant monuments that are equally fascinating.

Goa is a mini Europe in India. Influenced heavily by the Portuguese culture, Goa is one of the places in India that is most frequented by the international visitors. The Portuguese culture is visible through various facets of Goa like food, festivals, language and religion. Goa combines great historical legacy with remarkable natural beauty. The region is best known for its pristine white sand beaches.

The Indian cuisine is all about a variety and more often than not is cooked in lot of spices. Being a diverse country, each region of India has its own distinct cuisine. The food available in the country is absolutely delectable be it the legendary street food or the local or international cuisines dished out in the swanky restaurant in its cities. Quite often travellers fall in love with the spicy local delicacies. Mughlai food has always been on the top of the preference lists of British travellers and Delhi is a perfect place to try some. Although all major cities have popular places to eat, if you are in Delhi don’t miss the old Delhi area for a unique food experience.

Indian festivals are as much fun to be a part of as they are intricate with quaint traditions, lights and tonnes of excitement. The numerous festivals in India are observed with gaiety and fervour. These festivals are like glittering gems in the crown of Indian culture. Festivals have always seen a surge in the number or travellers and holidaymakers heading towards India. If you really want to have a memorable holiday in India, visit the country during October or November which is the time for the country’s biggest festival, Diwali - the festival of lights which offers a profusion of lights, sounds and colours. Travellers are likely to get great deals on cheap flights to India during this time.

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