Wednesday, October 31, 2012

E-Ticketing Trial Run for Taj Mahal

India’s Taj Mahal remains the biggest money spinner for the authorities when it comes to the dough churned out from the entry tickets of historical monuments all across the country. The monument is, undoubtedly, the biggest spectacle that awaits foreigners who disembark off their flights in the country! So surely when the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), governing body of the landmark attraction, decides to initiate the e-ticketing facility for Taj Mahal, few interested souls would sit up and notice. 

The trail run for the e-ticketing facility is already underway and till the convenient service is fully operational, the authorities will set up extension tickets counters at certain specific points in the National Capital Region (NCR) and Lucknow, providing easy options to foreigners buying tickets on flights bound to India. 

Agra’s marble mausoleum is undeniably the biggest push that compels global audience to look for cheap flights tickets for travelling to India. In 2011, 340, 000 foreign visitors making tickets bookings on India flights visited this majestic exhibition in Agra. 

Before Taj, ASI had initiated e-ticketing trial run for Qutub Minar, a popular historical structure in Delhi. It is the triumph of the programme at Qutub that has supposedly led the authorities to execute the concept in Agra. 

Archaeological Survey of India plans to introduce e-ticketing for 116 monuments whose public entry is through tickets. Surely, it will be a convenient option for leisure tourists on flights to the country.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Travel on Golden Chariot Turns Cheap this Diwali

Holiday makers who have made bookings  for  flights ticket for travel to India can  add  one more  glittering attraction in their schedule! They can now travel aboard the Golden Chariot, a popular luxury tourist train, in much affordable manner as Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) has  announced special festive season offer for the service. 

Indeed, it is good news for tourists who are taking flights bound to India and who are looking to experience the royal splendour of the country, albeit in an economical way. 

KSTDC’s Diwali Special Offer will allow travellers to enjoy a flat discount of 15% on the tickets tariff on departures on 12th & 19th November, 2012. The discount offer will be valid on both the two voyages of the train service - Pride of the South and Southern Splendour. 

Diwali is a major Indian festival that is celebrated with great pomp and show in the country. With great weather and incredible milieu of warmth of incessant revelries, flights tickets bookings for India around Diwali remain a busy activity for the interested vacationers. And now, the tourists landing in the country after grabbing flights tickets during the popular celebration can enjoy luxury travel in affordability!

Golden Chariot is the first and only luxury tourist train that covers South India. Destinations like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Goa are covered in the journey, allowing tourists a peek into the top facets of these regions. These holiday destinations are highly popular among tourists taking tickets on flights to the country.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Jet Airways'Additional India-Abu Dhabi Flights

Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) and Jet Airways have introduced four additional direct weekly flights connecting Abu Dhabi in UAE and Mumbai in India effective from 18th October 2012.

The additional flight from Abu Dhabi will depart at 1:15 in the morning, while flight from Mumbai will depart at 22:40 in the evening. The increased number of weekly flights to Mumbai from Abu Dhabi International Airport from 14 flights to 18 will strengthen the route immensely.

The additional flights aim to offer seamless connectivity to those who spend on tickets for Jet Airways' flights to Mumbai, as well as beyond on the airline’s South India domestic network and to other Asian destinations such as Dhaka, Kathmandu,  Colombo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok.

The new flights will provide additional capacity to fly higher number of travellers and the availability of more economy class tickets is for sure going to bring smiles on the faces of those travellers who continue to search for cheap tickets on the route.

Besides, these flights will also cater to the vast number of corporate travellers who look for tickets on premium carrier for comfortable and swift connections between UAE and India.

Jet Airways, one of the leading private carriers of India, presently offers tickets on 46 daily flights between India and the Middle Eastern region. The airline operates with Boeing 737-800 aircrafts, offering tickets for Premiere and Economy class seats.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Live Music in Delhi - Get the Best!

Rhythmic delights making you shake a leg, wonderful melodies enticing you to sing along and romantic tunes allowing you to feel love! Live music scene in Delhi, India’s capital is truly eclectic and incredibly wonderful. Most of the first timers taking air tickets on flights to the country have an image set for India – traditional, historical and cultural, but one would be shocked to find that their flight tickets to Delhi in India would land them in a city that is utterly cosmopolitan and is replete with all the modern lures, one of them being live music!

Night life in India’s capital has mushroomed rapidly over the years, and those seeking tickets on city bound flights will find it out. With vivacious nightlife, music lounges and clubs have come up in plenty too. Take a fleeting look at the metropolis’s music scene and few haunts to hit after disembarking flights to Delhi.

Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock Café is a wonderful address for aficionados who wish to seek the best of India. A number of foreigners who book air tickets for India flights are pleased with the café’s pulsating aura that is most accentuated by its wonderful compositions. International performers are a regular here and enthral the patrons.

@LIVE is another fine option for tourists taking tickets to India’s capital to drown their weariness after a day of sightseeing. One would find the place sporting a grunge look that is accentuated by exposed bricks. Surely, travellers with air tickets to Delhi would love to explore the place!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Tantalizing Triplet of Luxury Hotels from Bali

Bali is a popular destination and sees streams of visitors taking tickets on flights to the island, every year. Quite unsurprisingly, the destination simply teems with scores of accommodation choices. However, lavish hotels of the island simply steal the show when it comes to entertaining sybarites. Let’s take a quick tour of just three of most luxurious retreats that simply redefine the mores of extravagance and elegance!

Ubud Hanging Gardens
One cannot leave Ubud Hanging Gardens aside, when talking about some of the world’s most luxurious hotels. Located in the heart of tropical Bali, Ubud Hanging Gardens offers 35 opulent villas that seamlessly make for best options for any extravagant travellers spending on cheap tickets for flights to the island with a desire to experience unparalleled opulence and comfort amidst the superb natural exquisiteness draped in ultimate exquisiteness and mysticism.

Ibah Luxury Villas
With 17 spacious, uniquely designed private guestrooms and an array of deluxe services and amenities, Ibah Luxury Villas caters for nothing but smiles! Revered hospitality and cosmopolitan flared ambience coupled with all the possible opulence and luxuries make this hotel an ideal accommodation choice for both business and leisure traveller spending on tickets on Bali bound flights!

The Oberoi
The Oberoi is yet another famous lavish retreat that offers guests all the contemporary comforts blended with famous Balinese hospitality! The hotel is very much sought after by couples and honeymooners spending on tickets for international flights to the Indonesian island. With opulently decorated rooms and suites, a riveting world of leisure and business facilities, a spell in The Oberoi is certainly like playing royalty in some erstwhile castle.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Adventurous Goa Hopes to Attract More Tourists

Goa, India’s leading holiday destination is making sure it remains so! The incredible beach destination that remains a big reason for foreign holiday makers to book flights tickets for travel to India is now looking for different avenues to attract tourists. 

The state authorities are looking towards adventure tourism for propelling the demand of cheap flights tickets to the Goa region. Reports indicate that the state’s ministry of tourism is now focusing on the development of facilities for adventure sports like hang-gliding, white water rafting and hot air ballooning to tempt tourists to grab tickets on India bound flights. 

Earlier in the year, the govt initiated a white water rafting programme in Sattari, a remote region in the centre of the Western Ghats. The initiative proved to be highly successful with heaps of patrons, purchasing India flights tickets, opting to try it out. Encouraged by the success, the authorities are now broadening  the scope of adventure activities in the expanse and are considering to set up facilities for other adventure sports as well, such as hot air ballooning and a hang-glider base. 

Surely, tourists buying flights tickets for travelling to India will find it a fine engagement. One can catch a ride in a hot air balloon and enjoy wonderful views of the city area, the remarkable architecture and the popular beaches! 

With millions of foreigners purchasing tickets on Goa bound flights every year, the state remains a highly sought after holiday destination not only in India but also all over the globe.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Cathay Pacific’s New Seating for Flyers on India-Hong Kong Route

In good news to travellers looking for air tickets on flights between India and Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific is all ready to offer its award-winning Business and Premium Economy Class cabins to the flyers.

The popular flight route of Delhi-Hong Kong will be the first one in India to have the new seating style by the airline. It will be introduced on October 29, 2012, offering wonderful option to flyers who seek tickets on flights between the two destinations. The retrofitted Airbus 330-300 will have seating configuration that will include 39 Business Class seats, 28 Premium Economy and 175 Economy seats for passengers seeking tickets on flights bound to India.

In phases, the airline will launch the new seating cabins on other routes of the country too. Flights to Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai from Hong Kong will possibly have the reconfiguration next, following Delhi

Cathay Pacific’s Business Class has been voted as World’s Best Business Class in the 2012 Skytrax World Airline Awards and is considered to offer more privacy to passengers with flights tickets. The airline’s Premium Economy is an enhancement the existing economy seats on India flights, and offer more space and seat pitch.

The airline is also preparing to treat flyers, who opt for comparatively cheap tickets for its economy class seats to India. Ticket buyers will be able to enjoy more space and storage area, high resolution touch screen television, a USB outlet and an iPod/iPhone outlet.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Visa and Passport Tips to Mull before Travelling To Malaysia

Be it the colourful smorgasbord of tantalizing cuisines, incredible sights or lively festivals, holidaymakers remain inundated with excuses to book air tickets on Malaysia bound flights. However, it is smart to get acquainted to various facets of entry requirements before going about spending on those cheap flights tickets for the destination. Here are some quick facts about visa and passport requirements for Malaysia as advised by Foreign and Commonwealth Office (


§       Britons booking flights tickets for Malaysian holidays do not need to procure a visa before-hand as they can stay in the country for three months without a visa. However, those taking flights tickets to the country for non tourism purpose or longer stays must get a visa before arrival.

§   The Malaysian authorities strictly scrutinise immigration documents, such as work permits. So, those buying cheap flights tickets to the country must make sure not to infringe any entry rules or overstay in the country. Overstays may call for hefty fines, detention and finally deportation at defaulter’s expense. 


§      British nationals booking flights tickets to different Malaysian destinations must make that their passports are valid for more than a six month from the date of arrival into the country.

§ Visitors spending on flights tickets to travel from Peninsular Malaysia to East Malaysia East must ensure that they carry their passports with them as they may be asked by immigration officials to show their passports to enter East Malaysia.

§ Malaysia does not recognise dual nationality so dual nationals must do well to enter the country on the passport on which they exit last destination of departure to avoid entry denials.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mega Tourism City in Jaipur to Tempt India Bound Tourists

Now, foreign travellers contemplating booking cheap tickets on India bound flights will have another glittering attraction to add to their sightseeing schedule. Jaipur, country’s most impressive holiday destination is going to establish a ‘Mega Tourism City’ for domestic and foreigners seeking flights tickets to the destination in pursuit of amusement. 

The project is being billed as Jaipur’s Appu Ghar, which was a popular amusement park that was located in New Delhi, India’s capital and was shut down few back. 

The attraction is likely to offer a distinctive flair to the city that is mostly leaning on its cultural and historical magnificence to attract overseas leisure vacationers into buying flights tickets. The ‘mega city’ will regale guests with its fine retail, hospitality and entertainment picks. Tourists will be able to enjoy pursuits like swimming and golfing, and will be able to dine in at wonderful restaurants of the place.

A senior official associated with the project was quoted in media reports as saying that the first phase of the initiative will be launched within six months. Apart from entertainment and fun activities, the place is also likely to offer hotels for tourists who wish to seek a refuge within this oasis of enjoyment after taking flights tickets to Jaipur, India

One would be able to take pleasure in vast range of entertainment offerings at the expanse like bowling alleys, club, pubs, health club and multiplex. An 18-hole golf course, water park with breathtaking slides and a family entertainment centre are few of the scintillations of the place that are sure to make an impression on fun seekers booking cheap tickets on flights landing in India.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Connaught Place - The Essence of Delhi Resides

Cosmopolitan, historical, lush, colourful and vibrant – Delhi, the capital of India is a city that gifts you the world of experiences and a collage of lively sights. Its essence resides in always quivering and unrestrained entertainment centre, the Connaught Place, fondly called by locals as “CP”. Words literally fail the travellers who book cheap air tickets on Delhi bound flights and tour this mesmerizing central business district. 

The colonnaded two story buildings, the Central Park, the Janpath, the underground Palika Bazaar and proximity to India Gate, Parliament House and the President’s House, the colourful precinct offers a rendezvous with the quintessence of Delhi. Its quaint design, massive size, events that it hosts, myriad shops, and most of all people who flock here, make it a hit with one and all. Many travellers booking tickets on flights to this fascinating capital of India swear by the superb retail therapy and amazing food culture of the area.

Buying cheap tickets on flights to India’s capital indeed offers one with countless shopping prerogatives and Connaught Place is one of those glorious haunts for retail therapy. Sybarites can brace themselves for a roller coaster shopping ride through the hottest arcades in inner and outer circles. And bargain hunters can head to Janpath and revel in never-ending retail therapy. Even if you are not a shopaholic, a souvenir picked from here is well-worth the money spent on flights tickets to the city.

Eating Out
The fact that most epicureans who book cheap flights to the city arrive in CP, bears testament to the popularity of the area.  Strewn with spicy Indian street food vendors to the finest restaurants, upmarket cafes and swanky lounges, the business district exactly knows how to regale its guests. Café 100, Q’Ba, United Coffee House and Taste of China are some of the popular haunts for foreign tourists who book flights tickets for sojourning the city. 

We Care Film Festival All Set To Be Staged In Goa

The 10th edition of international ‘We Care Film Festival’ (WCFF) is just around the corner and it is time for every cineaste and humanitarian to book cheap tickets and hop on India flights bound for Goa! The international film festival is all set to take place from January 21st to 25th, 2013.  

The fest strives to highlight issues of disability including delusions related to it. Both locals and out-of-state visitors spending on flights tickets to Goa to witness the event will be able to watch around 60 award-winning feature films, documentaries and short films from India and other countries on disability issues. 

Apart from featuring an independent jury to judge the films, the festival will allow the audiences to watch the flicks and rate them by giving their opinion on the quality, content and treatment.

Organised by Disability Rights Association of Goa (DRAG) and Brotherhood, New Delhi in association with UNESCO and the United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan (UNIC), WCFF is an initiative that encourages both locals and out-of-state visitors taking flights tickets to the destination to promote inclusive approach towards the disabled. 

Cineastes and humanitarians from different parts of the world are sure to book tickets on India bound flights landing in its smallest state and the premiere beach destination to be a part of this astounding 4 day event. All of those who wish to avoid those high priced air tickets for flights bound to India must make early bookings as the fest is set to take place during the peak travel season of the country.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Now Stay Connected On India Flights With Lufthansa

Travellers booking air tickets on flights to India with Lufthansa would now be able to stay connected as the German carrier is providing in-flight Wi-Fi broadband to the flyers. Lufthansa will be one of the first airlines to offer in-flight Internet on India skies.

India-bound travellers taking flights tickets to the Asian country would be able to take advantage of the service, irrespective of the travel class. One will be able to surf the Internet on their laptops and tablets in-flight. In some time to come, the airline hopes to extend Wi-Fi to the mobiles too. This will allow flyers with flights tickets to text message and transfer data while in the aircraft.

For India bound flights, Lufthansa will provide the Internet services on four routes. Travellers taking air tickets on Delhi-Munich, Mumbai-Frankfurt, Mumbai-Munich and Chennai-Frankfurt flights will have these services. One will have to pay an additional 10.95 Euros along with the cost of air tickets for Internet services for one hour. For those flyers wanting to have the services for 24 hours, one will have to pay 19.95 Euros. One can get these services extended to airline lounges and long-haul flights of the operator. 

There are reports that more number of airlines that offer flights tickets to the various cities of India are looking to offer in-flight Internet to ticket buyers. However, there have been issues concerning the approval from regulatory authorities in India.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Passengers to India Can Soon Buy Tickets on A380 Flights

India bound foreign travellers who miss the ‘massive’ appeal of the world’s largest passenger airplane, the Airbus A380, after grabbing their flights tickets to the country would soon be able to realise their fantasy! The Indian government, that was hitherto not willing to allow foreign operators to bring in ultra long-haul aircraft into the country, has shown signs of flexibility.

If reports doing the rounds in Indian media circles are to be believed then the authorities in the country may very well agree to the operations of carriers who wish to offer flights tickets on the Airbus A380 to India.

Keeping in mind the interests of domestic carriers, India had previously restricted international airlines from flying these big planes into the country.

Germany’s Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Dubai-based Emirates are the evident beneficiaries as both have been waiting for the nod from the concerned authorities to fly A380s to India, for some time now. Lufthansa and Emirates already operate multiple flights services to India, offering air tickets for several major cities in the nation.

The news has brought cheer to aviation industry with experts hoping the move will help airlines push up their profits as cost per seat plummets down. More number of seats in a single plane on India bound flights will mean more savings on fuel costs.

Whether the carriers pass on the benefits to the flyers in the form of cheap air tickets on flights to the destination remains to be seen. However, increased number of seats on flights may also result in lesser frequency of services, restricting the flexibility of flyers looking for cheap air tickets.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Delhi Art Festival to Please Art Lovers

Artful souls planning to grab tickets on India bound flights to Delhi in the peak travel month of October are a happy lot now. Visitors to the city in the month of October will be treated to arts galore. India’s dazzling capital, Delhi is all set to host the sixth edition of Delhi International Art Festival 2012. The event will rock the city starting from October 27, 2012 till November 10, 2012.

With talented artists from across India and abroad lined up to showcase their skills in a variety of media, the event is expected to tempt huge number of visitors from different parts of the globe to look for cheap tickets on flights to the city to partake in this entertaining event.
This edition of the fiesta will showcase a range of events from classical, fusion, world to contemporary music and dance– both Indian and Western; contemporary theatre, cinema festivals on artistes, literature and comedy to amuse those taking air tickets on flights to wonder Indian capital during the celebration. 

With so much and more on offer, art lovers from worldwide are sure to book tickets on India bound flights to the city to attend this amazing event. All of those who wish to avoid those expensive tickets to India must make early bookings for their flights as the fest is set to take place during the peak travel months of October and November for the country.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

5th Edition of Kovalam Literature Festival Ended Successfully

Flights tickets to South India have long been popular amongst those who wish to sample incredible lures including the virginal beaches and multitude of temples and gardens. However, the destination is also known to organize dozens of incredible colourful and interesting events.

Recently, bibliophiles who bought cheap tickets on South India bound flights to connecting Trivandrum were treated to one of country’s most eagerly awaited literary fest, Kovalam Literature Festival (KLF) 2012.

The fifth edition of KLF 2012 concluded successfully at the South Indian city on October 7, 2012 with massive attendance from local and out of state visitors who bought flights tickets to partake in the fest.

The festival is the annual flagship event that ranks high at the city’s cultural and literary calendar. This year, the fest gave bibliophiles an opportunity to be among illustrious authors of the literary world. Some of the most noticeable ones were India born British writer Farrukh Dhondy, Sonia Faleiro, well-known film critic Anna Vetticad and Israeli authors Sarai Shavit and Dorit Rabinyan among others.

Besides, visitors buying flights tickets to South India’s popular city during this fest were also treated to wonderful performances by the fusion rock band, Indian Ocean and the one-man band from Israel, Tal Kravitz.

With entertainment and enrichment, this knowledge packed literary initiative has played a major role in boosting tourism and has become an inescapable reason prompting thousands to look for flights tickets to the destination in India, over the years.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rise in Number of Foreigners Taking India Flights in September

Figures released by Government of India indicate that there has been a rise in the number of foreign tourists grabbing tickets on flights to different parts of India. In September 2012, approximately 0.42 million foreign tourists made bookings for air tickets on flights bound to India. In the same period in 2011, approximately 0.40 million foreigners had booked flights tickets to the country. This has resulted in a growth of 3.2 per cent for Sep 2012 over Sep 2011.

If one talks about the year so far, as many as 4.63 mn foreign vacationers took India bound flights tickets during January-September as compared to 4.37 mn who bought air tickets on flights in the year 2011 in the same period, resulting in a growth of 5.9 per cent.

Tourism Ministry of the country seems buoyed with the news and hopes to push foreign tourist arrivals in India to 12 million by 2016-17.

Rise in tourist inflow from different countries of the world has directly impacted the country’s foreign exchange. In September, forex were INR 6,652 crore (USD 1265.50 mn approx) as against to INR 5,748 crore (USD 1093 mn approx) in 2011, which is a rise of 15.7 per cent, as revealed by ministry data.

India remains a highly popular holiday destination with heaps of foreigners vying to get their hands around cheap tickets on flights to the nation. September is the start of peak tourist season in the country when summer heat and wet rainy season makes way for pleasant autumn weather.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Explored India Well? Think Again!

India is a strange country. But of course, we needn’t tell you that, you already knew it! This enigmatic Asian nation is as mysterious as they come. From snake charmers to terrifying rituals, from incredible beauty to astonishing nature – there’s a reason cheap flights tickets to this country are as revered as any of the many gods there!

Beyond the ashen splendour of Taj Mahal, far away from the regal magnificence of architecturally-brilliant forts, separated from the major ‘stars’ of Indian tourism and hidden from the prying eyes of the tourists who land in India with flights ticket in hands, there lies another India – an India that can be strange and an India that can be equally terrific! Here’s an idea (just an idea!) of some of the veiled Indian lures that most tourists booking flights tickets to the country usually miss.

Hundreds of corpses floating in a lake! No, this is no scene from some horror movie but a real thing at one remote corner of Himalayan Mountains. Roopkund Lake, aka 'Skeleton Lake’, has hundreds of corpses floating in it. Grab flights tickets to the enigmatic nation to unearth this eerie wonder!

Travellers have another fantastic reason to get their hands around cheap tickets on flights headed to the nation. Located near Leh in Ladakh, the Magnetic Hill is one place where you can drive uphill with the ignition off! Now, if more places were like this, we could all save some money on fuel, just like we do on cheap flights tickets!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Music Lovers to Be Treated With Musical Delights in October

I Don't Know Why But I Love To See You Cry!! Yes, it is biggest pop sensation of the world that is set to rock the most incredible nation of them all, India! Music lovers all set to take air tickets to India in the month of October will be able to enjoy performances by top artists like Enrique Iglesias.

The Grammy-ward winning sensation will be performing in India in October and is scheduled to perform in the cities of Bangalore, New Delhi and Pune on 17th, 19th and 21st respectively.

Other than Enrique Iglesias, Megadeth will also be performing in India during the month. A popular American heavy metal band is set to perform on October 14 at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida near Delhi and is sure to treat heavy metal fans taking flight tickets to India.

With a fine parade of international musical extravaganza hitting the Indian shores, tourists taking flight tickets to the nation will be treated with wonderful musical concerts. Those who have not booked their flights should hurry and book the tickets now as October is a peak holiday season in the country anyways. Also, it is advisable to book concert tickets in advance as well. Both Enrique Iglesias and Megadeth enjoy massive popularity in India and their concerts are sure to be sold outs, with a very limited chance of netting cheap flight tickets or the concert tickets at the last minute.

Stay at Heritage Hotels and Immerse in Royal Jaipur

The awe-inspiring bazaars, colourful streets and a wide range of palaces and forts - Jaipur gifts you a treasure of indelible memories. The pink city of Rajasthan, a state in India, is one of the biggest attention grabbers for those booking cheap flights tickets to the country.

A good number of vacationers make way to the destination for wallowing in the heavenly grandeur that lives in its palaces, many of which are transformed into heritage hotels. Skim through some of these renowned properties that mollycoddle with unrivalled hospitality and leave you gloating over decision of booking flights tickets to India. 

Bharat Mahal Palace
The 90-year old majestic residence, Bharat Mahal Palace is now transformed into a boutique hotel. The place overwhelms with its intricate architectures and old-world charm that exudes from its every corner. There are 30 elaborately designed rooms to relish the opulence. Add to this the exceptional services and utterly scrumptious cuisines and you have a perfect destination to make the most of one’s money spent on tickets on India flights to Jaipur

Royal Heritage Haveli
Royal Heritage Haveli was built in 18th century and opened its doors after 150 years as a boutique hotel. With peaceful courtyards, swank interiors and imposing rooms, it is like a splendid retreat to reach the pinnacle of luxury. The wonderfully designed suites boast amazing ambience, svelte colours and traditional furniture. Apart from the elites, the hotel is extremely popular among budget travellers in India and compels them to save by looking for cheap flights tickets.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kerala Blossoming As a Hub for Ayurveda Tours

Kerala is attracting medical tourists to India big time, says a recent report published by different media houses. India, with its cheap health care avenues, has always been a potent power in the world of medical tourism, attracting people form all over the world to grab flights tickets to the country. However, it is the beautiful Kerala that has been swaying the most number of people landing in the nation.

A majority of the tourists who are booking flights tickets to Kerala are from developed countries like the US and the UK. They visit this serene heaven to not only explore its wonderful surroundings but also to get themselves treated. Authorities in India and in the state realise the potential of health tourism in Kerala and are taking appropriate measures towards realising the goal. Ayurveda & Spa Tours are being promoted big time, in an effort to tempt tourist to book cheap flights tickets to India.

It is the cheap costs of treatment in India that lure travellers from different regions to grab flights tickets.

A number of tour operators specialising in India holidays offer a fine range of cheap Ayurveda packages in the southern state. People of all budgets and needs have options galore here for ayurveda & spa tours, enticing them to make bookings for flights tickets. Somatheeram Ayruveda Resort (Kovalam), Keralyeem Ayurvedic (Allepey) and Surya Samudra Spa Niraamaya (Tivandrum) are some of the prominent ayurveda & spa centres in the state that serve travellers taking flights tickets.

Friday, October 5, 2012

First Ever Bangalore Literature Festival to Start From Dec 7

Flights to India connecting Bangalore are particularly popular amongst those who wish to get a slice of this famous destination that tempts with its modern pub crawling culture and multitude of parks and gardens. However, come December, bibliophiles taking flights to India’s garden city will be able to partake in one of country’s most eagerly awaited literary fest, Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF) 2012.

The very first edition of BLF, also called Nammadu literature festival, is set to take place at the South Indian city from December 7 to 9, 2012.

Though Bangalore’s tremendous nightlife and cosmopolitan appeal have long been the major draw for India bound tourists, this three-day literary extravaganza may become an unavoidable reason tempting thousands to look for cheap tickets on flights to the destination, year on year. 

Organizers are sure that the festival will become the annual flagship event in the city’s cultural and literary calendar. The event is expected to features around 50 national and international authors like Ruskin Bond, Tarquin Hall, Benjamin Law and Kirsty Murray among others.

Besides, visitors buying flights tickets to India during this fest may also participate in a series of knowledge packed workshops, interactive sessions and panel discussions on different genres and topics.

In addition, the event will also showcase several classical, folk and popular culture of South India’s popular province, Karnataka through cultural programmes every evening to entertain visitors taking flights tickets to the city.

All set to take the literary world by storm, BLF 2012 will unfold itself as a vital platform for authors and bibliophiles to interact with each other and will be well worth the money spent on those cheap tickets on India flights.

December is a high season and one of the best times to visit India. With only two months left, all those who haven’t booked their tickets to the country would do well to look for and grab those cheap deals on flight tickets and be ready to meet their favourite author!

News Refrence

International Film Festival Set To Rock Bangalore in December

Cineastes planning to spend on air tickets to India in the peak travel month of December will get an opportunity to imbibe an exotic cocktail of regional and world cinema as the dates for eagerly awaited, fifth edition of Bangalore International Film Festival (BIFFES) 2012 have already been announced. The festival is all set to take place from December 20, 2012 to December 27, 2012.

With around 140 cinemas selected from across 50 nations, organizers are hopeful of drawing in huge number of film fanatics from different parts of the globe to book tickets on India bound flights to the city to be a part of this astonishing week-long event.

BIFFES 2012 will feature movies galore under different sections across five screens in the destination. Cinema of the world, Asian cinema, Kannada and retrospectives are some of the sections amongst a host of others that will entertain film buffs taking India bound flights to the city during the event.

Organizers have also planned to host an exhibition of movie making equipment and a photo exhibition to lure both local and out-of-state visitors into buying tickets for flights to the city during the event.

With so much and more on offer, cineastes from different parts of the world are sure to book tickets on India bound flights to Bangalore to attend this week long event. All of those who wish to avoid those soaring flights tickets to India must make early bookings as the fest is set to take place during the peak travel season for the country.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

AI’s Dreamliner Gets Trendy In-Flight Entertainment System

It seems that the wait for Air India’s Dreamliner is actually proving to be worth it! Passengers seeking cheap tickets with India’s national airline in a bid to seek a date with the carrier’s newly acquired Boeing 787 Dreamliner will be able to enjoy the state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment (IFE) system that has been provided by the French technology company, Thales.

The French firm is going to equip Air India’s prized possessions with i-8000, a highly modernised on-board entertainment system, allowing flyers with air tickets to experience the wonderful spread of leisure and informational pursuits on-board.

Travellers booking flights tickets for AI’s Dreamliner will have the privilege of having an entertainment system that is replete with wonderful options for amusement. One can make use of full audio and video on-demand (AVOD), games, shopping catalogues and a new interactive ASXi moving map application. And all this with an easy navigation user interface, which makes it comfortable to operate by those on flights!

Passengers taking business class flights tickets with AI’s Dreamliner can enjoy 15.4-inch seatback displays with USB port for charging personal electronic devices. Flyers who opt for comparatively cheap flights tickets on Air India’s economy class will be able to experience 10.6-inch seatback or in-arm display, USB port and noise cancelling audio jack.

With hubs in Delhi and Mumbai, Air India remains a highly popular choice among foreign flyers looking for flights tickets to the Asian country. India’s national airline recently inducted two of the 27 787s after a long wait. The airline will be including four more 787s in its fleet by December 2012. All Boeing 787s will have the Thales i-8000 IFE.

Kerala Travel Mart 2012 Turns Out Be A Huge Success

With a greater than ever participation of over 2,000 delegates from across 48 countries, Kerala Travel Mart (KTM) 2012 ended on a high note on September 30, 2012 after kicking off on September 27 in Kochi.

One of the major tourism events in India, KTM brings together businesses and innovative entrepreneurs. It also promotes Kerala, the southern state of India, as a major tourist destination among foreign travellers buying cheap flights tickets to the ancient country.

This year’s edition of the event also took up the issue of waste management, something considered necessary for the projection of this province of South India as a clean destination among tourists taking flights tickets to the state. Kovalam, Varkala, Alappuzha, Kumarakom, Munnar, Fort Kochi, Marine Drive, Thekkady and Wayanad are the holiday hot spots that will be beautified under the cleanliness drive.

KTM 2012 allowed foreign vacationers who took flights tickets to India to browse through 108 Tables, 296 modules and 12 Houseboat parking bays. They could check out the mural paintings and handicrafts from bamboo in a striking stall put up by the Grand Shopping Festival, a popular attraction. The manufacturing process of these articles was also showcased. A good number of tourists who grabbed cheap flights tickets to participate in the fiesta were left enamoured by this exclusive collection that displayed the heritage of this magnificent region.

The event is held once in every two years in September and has been a highly successful initiative of the authorities.