Friday, November 30, 2012

Muscat Delights Enthral Tourists Taking Flights

For most, the golden thread of tradition and cultures holds more charm than the copper wires of modernity and recent! Indeed! And that sentiment justifies the growing popularity of holiday destinations like Muscat, the wonderful capital of Oman. 

Tons of holiday makers, who by the way would like themselves to be referred as cultural aficionados, seek flight tickets to live through the incredibly charming tour of Muscat. The city is booming with cultural and historical delights that would surely be a filling buffet for anyone with even a slightest of hints of interest in heritage and culture! The astounding capital of Oman greets millions of vacationers ever year, who seem compelled to book flights tickets for a glorious rendezvous with Oman’s financial and trade centre! 

Muscat seems to be inundated with reasons to bring avid traveller to the doorsteps of travel agencies doling cheap deals for tickets on flights landing at city shores! There is the large mosque, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque that keeps both the followers and the curious riveted with its over-bulging charm. The place is a fine prism to look at the glowing colours of expanse’s cultural landscape. Then you have a fine parade of scintillating exhibits that becharm the soul of every rover seeking tickets on flights headed for Omani shores! Flights tickets experience even more demand as people get to know about the Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace, the abode and the office of the ruler of Oman.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kerala to Transform into Shopper’s Paradise from December 15

Graced with panoply of picturesque backwater lakes, unparalleled lushness and wonderful culture - Kerala, the God’s Own Country that catches the fancy of most westerners who bag cheap flights tickets for exploring India, is now coming up with sixth edition of Grand Shopping Festival.

Kicking-off from December 15, the fiesta is going to transform the Indian state into a paradise where seasoned shoppers can indulge in retail therapy to their heart’s content. It will run till 31st January 2013 and will offer an array of prerogatives to holidaymakers who are making tickets reservations on India flights.   

Mega lucky draws, gifts, high-octane campaigns and overwhelming discounts will surely leave shoppers gloating over their decision of booking tickets deals on flights arriving in India. Unique souvenirs, ayurvedic products, gold jewellery, handloom textiles, handicrafts, tribal artefacts and coir products are the wide range of items to lay hands on. 

A “Global Village” set in sprawling Bolgatty Island, located off the coast of Kochi, is going to be another drawing card of the festival. It will feature multiple stalls from participating nations, displaying their cultures, traditions and crafts. Visitors buying tickets on flights from around the globe to India could also get enlightenment about ethos of other countries.   

The carnival coincides with peak tourism season and popular Sabarimala pilgrimage of the state. Laden with countless lures, entertainment opportunities and much more, it is worth a visit by every vacationer grabbing tickets on flights from different destinations to India.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Special Adventures on Your Holidays to Orlando

Orlando is certainly the heavyweight champion, Mohammad Ali, of adventure destinations! With its scores of venturous attractions, Orlando has emerged as one of the most popular places for spending a holiday in the USA. If you crave an adrenaline rush and are planning to book tickets on cheap flights to the city, skim through this piece and take a look at just three of the most famous adrenaline-pumping opportunities that await you in this ‘One Mouse Town’!

The Rookie Experience
If you crave an adrenaline pump and speed, and have plans to book tickets on cheap flights to the USA, do well to partake in ‘The Rookie Experience at Walt Disney World Speedway Orlando’. Get yourself introduced to the Rookie Experience to get high on the thrill of zooming along the race course aboard a 600 horsepower V8 professional stock car.

Helicopter Tours
A popular activity, especially for slightly more matured adventurers booking tickets on flights to the USA, Helicopter tours are perhaps the most magnificent ways to spice up your adventurous sojourn. Choose to cruise the air aboard a helicopter and see the best of Orlando!

Airboat Trips
If you are the one who looks for something unique in terms of water adventure, your search will definitely end after you take USA’s popular Florida airboat trips! If you have booked tickets on flights to the city for some adventurous wildlife viewing, choose to cruise aboard an airboat through the wetlands and search the swamps for the fearsome Florida alligators!

A Delightful Cultural Feast Awaits Tourists Visiting Agra

Agra, the renowned holiday destination, is making sure it remains so! The land of historic Taj Mahal that remains a big reason for foreign vacationers to book tickets deals for India flights is now coming up with an unparalleled cultural treat.

The tourism authorities have organised a cultural event showcasing Indian classical dances. These dances are performed by veteran artists from the different states of India and are sure to enthral hordes of keen tourists who buy flights tickets for visiting the city.

The 90-minute show is taking place at Kalakriti International Auditorium and concludes with traditional Indian lunch. Different dance forms of India ranging from Kathak to Manipuri are the highlights of the event and are undoubtedly the great rewards for spending on tickets deals on flights bound to India.

Kalakriti’s audio-visual presentation 'Mohabbat the Taj', a mix of high-end electronic gadgetry and live acts and dance inputs by more than 60 professional artistes is already a hit and is a tempting reason for international tourists to look for cheap deals on flights tickets to explore India.

This wonderful artistic and culture rendezvous will surely put smile on the faces of regular patrons who often complained about city’s lack of night entertainment opportunities. It is expected that with such a wonderful treat on offer, the city will guarantee an unparalleled entertainment to the vacationers who book flights tickets for beholding Taj.

With millions of foreigners purchasing tickets on flights for a tour in Agra every year, India’s ‘Taj City’ remains a highly sought after holiday destination not only in India but all over the globe.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SriLankan Increases Its Trivandrum Frequency to Double Daily

Travellers seeking increased flexibility and augmented flights tickets options between the two neighbouring countries - India and Sri Lanka – got their wish as SriLankan Airlines starts operating double daily flights between Trivandrum and Colombo. The increased frequency of flights is operational from November 22, 2012.

Keeping in mind the soaring demand of tickets among flyers looking to travel between Sri Lanka and India, the airline decided to increase its services to Trivandrum, one of the major commercial hubs of South India.

The boost to the flights frequency on Trivandrum- Colombo route is likely to bring an expansion in the connectivity across the airline’s global network. The airline believes the move will particularly benefit its passengers from South India who are often found seeking cheap deals on tickets for a travel between Kerala and Sri Lanka’s capital.

Trivandrum is the second destination in India to have got a frequency boost by the SriLankan Airlines this year. Earlier in May 2012, the airline increased its flights frequency to Kochi.

Including the additional flights, Sri Lanka’s national carrier offers tickets deals on 87 weekly flights to seven popular cities in India. These cities are Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kochi, Mumbai, Trichy and Trivandrum.

The carrier has A320, A330 and A340 airliners in its fleet which it uses to operate on the India route and offer tickets deals.

With its increased number of flights, the airline hopes to become the choice carrier for passengers looking for tickets for travel between India and Sri Lanka.

Monday, November 26, 2012

India Launched Its Latest Tourism Drives

World Travel Market 2012 held in London proved to be a good platform India to present its newest tourism campaign to lure global holidaymakers into booking tickets on flights to the country. Authorities also revealed their plans to re-launch country’s domestic marketing strategies.

'Find What You Seek' to lure global tourists into booking tickets on flights to the Indian cities and the 'Go Beyond' drive directed towards the domestic market, are the two campaigns that were launched by India’s tourism authorities at the event in London.

Authorities are hopeful that the new campaigns will tremendously promote the nation amongst both international and domestic travellers. It is expected that the newest drives will get as popular as the ‘Incredible India’ campaign that has long been responsible for the roaring demand of tickets on cheap flights to different Indian destinations.   

'Go Beyond' will highlight on promoting attractions and places in India that are less known to both domestic and international travellers who book tickets on flights to different destinations in the country.

'Find What You Seek' focuses on offering a chance to pursue one’s interests to international visitors spending on tickets deals for flights to the country, be it sightseeing, exploring, adventure sports, wildlife and cultural tours, festivals, medical or wellness touristry or just shopping.

World Travel Market is one of the most popular international travel events held in London. The 2012th edition of this famous travel event witnessed more than 110 tourism industry participants from India!

Fun Things to Do When On Holidays to Pakistan

Pakistan packs in a lot of action to keep its visitors engaged and entertained for days. In fact, the sheer abundance of things to do, sights to see and the maddening frenzy of the destination may completely wear out one’s soul! So, if you are considering tickets deals with airlines offering cheap flights to the country, read on to know about some must do activities! 

One of the most riveting holiday activities in Pakistan is hunting down those cheap shopping deals from traditional local bazaars. In fact, bazaar hopping remains one activity that rivals all other attractions in the nation! If you are spending on tickets for international flights to Pakistani cities, go treasure-hunting to find that perfect souvenir to decorate your mantelpiece! 

One of the most interesting aspects of Pakistan is its smorgasbord of culinary delights that rival the best in the world! A whole gamut of eating places ranging from low budget restaurants to elite restaurants is available for gastronomists looking to satisfy their appetite for good food. If you are planning to book flights tickets for the destination, just brace yourself - you are up for a rendezvous with heavenly Pakistani flavours! 

With an incessant smorgasbord of world’s finest historical and cultural sightseeing gems, Pakistan has long captured world’s imagination! Quite naturally, rendezvous with nation’s rich history and culture remains one of the primary concerns of most visitors who book tickets on international flights to the country. If you are travelling to the country, do well to get introduced to nation’s historical and cultural gems.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Premium Economy Class Getting Popular on India Flights

Budget conscious flyers are often to be seen in a look out for better services and facilities than economy but are not so inclined to splurge on business class fares. And in an endeavour to delight those discerning flyers, many international operating international flights services to India have started offering premium economy tickets.

Hong Kong based carrier, Cathay Pacific is already offering tickets for its premium economy on its Delhi-Hong Kong route in a bid to lure the huge segment of service-and-cost-conscious travellers.

Priced lucratively between economy and business class tickets in terms, it is becoming a preferred product type on long haul routes of more than 5 hours like that of India from the UK, for both business and leisure travellers.

Besides Cathay Pacific, other carriers offering tickets for new travel category on their long-haul flights to various destinations in India are Virgin Atlantic, British airways, Turkish airlines, Air France, etc. 

Richard Branson promoted Virgin Atlantic offers tickets for premium economy seats. The newest travel category has been one of the most popular products on the India-London and India-Newark flights operated by the carrier. 

Premier British carrier, British Airways has started offering tickets on the newest travel class to its passengers, who want to treat themselves to a little extra luxury aboard their long-haul flights. 

The news of several reputed carriers offering tickets for newest travel class aboard their flights connecting India is not only good news for the budget travellers but also the corporate flyers who wish to sample reasonably priced luxuries aboard their long-haul flights.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

With AI, Fly on the High-Density Mumbai-Delhi Route Every Hour!

With India’s peak tourist season kicking in, airlines in the country are looking to prepare themselves to cater to the huge demand of flights tickets. Air India has taken the initiative and will now be offering hourly flights on Mumbai-Delhi route, which is considered one of the busiest intra-national sectors on the globe.

The holiday season in India witnesses busy tourism and the related activities in the nation, something that is not just confined to domestic commotion but also the international one, and that too massively! And the heightened demand for tickets on flights connecting Delhi and Mumbai is a resulting affect of it.  

Air India, country’s flag carrier, will be offering flights services between the cities every hour, ensuring increased demand of tickets is met. Passengers looking to book tickets for this sector with the airline can now fly every hour between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. The announcement implies that AI will now offer 18 flights daily on the route. 

While the announcement is sure to impress domestic flyers in India, it also presents itself as a case of happy concern for foreigners booking flights tickets for a tour to India. The hourly service will offer flexibility and convenience to the travel plans of tourists and business flyers landing in India and looking for a connection between country’s two busiest air hubs. Delhi and Mumbai witness the most number of foreign tourist arrivals in the country, with each representing one corner of the expanse.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Feisty Festivals – Reasons to Book Flights to North India

Thousands of merrymakers are often to be seen in a lookout for cheap options for flights tickets to North India to partake in the incessant festivities, every year. Let’s look at some of the most prominent festivities that light up North India! 

‘Festival of Lights’, Diwali is one of the most popular events in the nation that pushes up airline tickets sales. The fiesta is considered to be the start of Hindu New Year! The fest commemorates the victory of good over evil as per mythological legends. People bedeck their homes with candles and clay lamps and the splendour of the nation is best experienced on the day. Country sees streams of visitors who spend on flights tickets to the country to partake in this colourful Hindu festival.

Signifying the abundance of harvest, Lohri is yet another fiesta that draws millions to look for tickets options on flights to the country! While the festival is celebrated all over India, the northern part of the country goes an extra mile to animate the spirit of this lively festival. India’s colourful state of Punjab is the best place to explore the quintessence of Lohri that beguiles merrymakers from across the borders to look for tickets on cheap flights to the nation.   

New Year's Eve
Perhaps one of the most famous and familiar events across the globe, New Year's Eve is one of the most celebrated events in India that pushes enquiries for tickets on cheap flights to the country. During the event, locals offer their gratitude to the almighty, greet each other and indulge in overnight parties and countdown bashes!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dashing Dubai – Delighting the Kids

Full of life amusement parks spreading out in different directions; a city of interactive displays that entertain and educate at the same time and sea-themed sprawling aquarium where marine creatures are floating free – the magical, modern-day utopia of Dubai is where children live their dreams! It is one of the prominent holiday destinations in the world that set family holidaymakers on their quest for low-priced tickets deals on flights.

Kids and parents are enamoured by the family attractions of this cosmopolitan metropolis. In fact, some of the compulsive vacationers who fail to secure economy class tickets even go to the extent of taking premium class flights, merely for taking delights at its splendid offerings. 

Children's City is a tempting destination that boasts exhibits explicating scientific concepts, the human body, space exploration and natural wonders. Unsurprisingly, most families who book tickets on flights for travelling to the emirate gravitate towards this place.  

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is another fascinating site featuring the world’s largest viewing gallery and 30,000 living animals. Spending some time at the aquarium is well worth the money spent on visiting this Emirati metropolis and buying flights tickets to Dubai.. 

Kid-Friendly Hotels 
The city boasts not only the places of interest, but also an array of posh as well as cheap hotels that cater to the needs and tastes of families. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Jebel Ali are great for splurging on plush family-friendly amenities while Premier Inn Dubai Investments Park is relatively inexpensive but fine option for accommodation with little ones in tow.

Riveting Beaches and Food on Holidays in Miami

Magical Miami is a place where beaches and eating out are obsessions! The colourful city of Florida has everything what it takes to be a fun destination. Spending leisurely time on the sun-kissed swathes of sand and savouring the lip-smacking food are great ways for making your holiday a hit. If you are able to, you will come back home smiling and satiated feeling happy that you chose Miami for USA holidays. The amazing coast and food are truly worth the money spent on those flights tickets and holiday costs.

Beguiling Beaches
With azure sea coalescing with sky at the horizon, the beaches of Miami take you to the Eden that you would never like to come back from! Riveting sunbathing and rejuvenating water sports, swathes of white sand, and calming sounds and sights simply spell ecstasy and perennial bliss. Situated on the south end of key Biscayne, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park boasts Cape Florida lighthouse and remains a popular haunt among most vacationers buying air tickets on international flights for visiting the most happening coastal destination in the USA. South Beach is another most popular destination to have quintessentially Miami beach-experience and revel in the essence of the city.

Virginia Key Beach, Haulover Beach and Homestead Bayfront Park and Marina are some more seaside destinations that rank high on itinerary of holidaymakers procuring tickets on flights to this part of the USA.

Eating Out
Food is divine in Miami and catches the fancy of every visitor buying those cheap tickets on USA flights. From Italian to Thai, Cuban to Chinese and from economical to expensive, this city’s fare leaves foodies simply speechless. Perricone's Marketplace in downtown overwhelms with authentic Italian cuisine in an old-school style and serves an eclectic carte du jour.  Azul is another lure in CBD that will regale you with utterly scrumptious cuisines.

Choices for beaches and restaurants in Miami are countless for extravagant as well as budget holidaymakers contemplating buying cheap flights tickets for an ultimate holiday in the USA.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Greet the Adventure in New Zealand!

New Zealand is a playground where adventure travellers go beyond the limits! Its pristine beaches, soaring mountains, green jungles and meandering rivers - all turn out to form a recreational area for checking out the daredevilry. Brimming with adrenaline-pumping opportunities, New Zealand entices myriads of Britons to bag cheap tickets on flights New Zealand. This is the reason these flights tickets remain a perennial hit among Europeans and other holidaymakers. 

The reputation of New Zealand as “international skiing destination” is well justified! The snow-capped mountains, slopes and ample of other ski areas strewn all over vie for attention and make skiing a must do activity. It is one of the biggest attention grabbers among vacationers who lay hands on cheap tickets on flights headed to the island country. Whakapapn in Central North Island is a fine place to cut some snow! Besides, Turoa Ski Area, located about 1.5 hours from Christchurch, is another great destination for enjoying skiing and making the most of one’s flights tickets. 

Bungee Jumping
The motherland of commercial bungee jumping is none other than New Zealand! Trying this sport in this legendary land is full of joys. There is no dearth of places to try this elating sport in New Zealand. You can jump off from rail bridges, specially designed platforms and stadium roofs but the experience of leaping from Kawarau Bridge Bungee, the first commercial jump site in the world, is just unforgettable! Auckland Harbour Bridge is another marvellous site to leap off from and get the maximum value for the bundles spent on tickets on international flights to the country.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Indian Carriers’ International Services to Spiral Up By Oct 2013

Good news is in the offing for business travellers who regularly seek flights tickets for an India travel and also for those leisure vacationers who are looking forward to book tickets on flights to the country for a holiday tour around the end of the next year. Media reports have informed that by October 2013, Indian carriers will witness the number of international services rise up to 1,695 a week from 1,074, clocking a growth of well over 50 percent. 

This follows Government of India’s consent for allowing domestic operators in the country to not only fly on some new global routes but also authorising the airlines to boost their frequency of flights to international destinations. Increased flights service is surely going to benefit passengers who seek flexible alternatives when it comes to booking tickets for inbound and outbound India travel. Even cheap flights tickets may also be in store with the rise in the number of traffic rights. 

From the 2013 Summer Schedule, India’s flag carrier, Air India has been allowed to operate daily flights from Delhi to Rome-Madrid-Barcelona and Moscow, while from the Winter Schedule 2013, the airline will run services between Mumbai and Nairobi. Other airlines in India would also be able to fly to new routes as authorities in the country have given permission to operate flights to Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Sydney, Melbourne, Nairobi, Al Najaf (Iraq), Moscow, Zurich, Macau, Tashkent and Ho Chi Minh City.

Emirates Starts Flights Services To Adelaide from Dubai

Bringing cheers to British flyers considering tickets options on flights to South Australia via Dubai, Emirates has started its new flights services between Dubai and Adelaide!  

The new development has been devised to make it easy for travellers who are often seen in a lookout for tickets on the non-stop air link between South Australia and the Middle East.

Emirates offers tickets options on 112 scheduled weekly flights between the UK and Dubai with wonderful connection times making it possible to hop on onward flights to South Australia.

Initially, the airline will offer tickets on four weekly flights between Dubai and Adelaide. The carrier is expected to further increase the flight frequency on the route to one daily flight from 1 February 2013.

The carrier will deploy Boeing 777-300ER aircraft to offer tickets for different cabin classes. The airline will offer tickets for First Class that will have Private suites; Business class seats equipped with lie-flat massage beds and Economy Class featuring spacious and comfortable seating. 

The flight will also feature ‘ice’ Digital Widescreen, Emirates’ award winning AVOD system to offer gratifying flying experiences to every passenger booking tickets with the carrier irrespective of their travel classes. 

The newly launched flights (EK440) will depart from Dubai on every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday at 0200hrs and will arrive in Adelaide at 2050hrs. The return flight will depart from Adelaide at 2235hrs and will arrive in Dubai at 0515hrs the next day.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Marvellous Parklands of Canada – A Rundown

Canada is one of the glorious destinations in the world that knows exactly how to preserve the precious gifts of Mother Nature. Its verdant parklands bear testimony to the statement and still retain the charm and look as good as new.  

A good number of nature lovers’ book cheap deals and tickets aboard Canada flights to explore these national parks and take delights at myriads of activities. Read on to know more about the popular ones.

Banff National Park
It seems that Banff has a habit of overwhelming every visitor who makes tickets reservations for Canada flights. The marvellous peaks nuzzled in the arms of awe-inspiring Canadian Rockies, emerald waters of Lake Louise and soaring, scraggy acme along the Ice fields Parkway cast a magical spell. While driving and moseying are some of the great experiences that leave you gloating over your decision of grabbing cheap options and tickets on flights to the nation.

Jasper National Park
Encapsulating all unparalleled splendours – diverse flora and fauna, shimmering lakes, alpine meadows, full of foliage forests and towering peaks, Jasper is a place to behold how munificent Mother Nature is. The largest Rocky Mountain Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it truly lives up to every penny one invests on buying flights tickets. In addition it also boasts the protected ecosystems and is home to an array of animals like sheep, deer, elk and much more. With spellbinding hiking trails and fascinating peaks, it is definitely a fitting destination to enjoy hiking and mountain drives. 

Budget Shopping Is On Your Mind? Fly Dubai!!

If shopping were music, the dazzling emirate of Dubai would certainly be the Mozart! After all, where else will you find a festival dedicated to retail therapy on city’s festive calendar! Quite simply, the destination remains one of the most fascinating bargain hunter’s paradises!

Many believe Dubai to be the playground of shoppers with fat wallets! But this emirate packs in enough to entertain shoestring bargain hunters booking tickets aboard flights to the destination. Here are some reasons that make tickets for cheap flights to the emirate sell like hot cakes!

The most fascinating reason that has long been tempting budget shoppers to book air tickets deals on flights to the destination is Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF)! With stealing deals, crazy promotions, and daily raffles, DSF promises enthralling time to the budget conscious souls!

Second to none, Summer Surprises is at par with DSF and promises endless family entertainment, intense retail therapy and blissful holiday experiences to even the discerning budget shoppers who consider tickets options with airlines offering cheap flights to the city.

Atmospheric and cheaper, city’s souqs are yet another reason that tempt shoestring shoppers into booking flight tickets for air travel to Dubai! These traditional bazaars are the best place to find almost anything at a fraction of the cost of the original, be it gold, electronics or spices.

But what actually set Dubai sets the destination miles ahead of others are the chances to haggle! Bargaining is synonymous with shopping in the emirate and those who know the art of bargaining can walk away with stealing deals that put world’s biggest discounts to shame! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Arid Jaisalmer to Come Alive With Ragasthan

The Golden City of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, a star attraction in India that entice tourists to advance book tickets deals on cheap India flights, is again vying for attention with yet another irresistible offering of a colourful feast called ‘Ragasthan’. 

The desert city is hosting a three day carnival from 16th November to 18th November, 2012 at Kanoi Dunes and promises a whale of time to domestic and foreign tourists who are buying tickets for travelling aboard flights to the destination. 

With art exhibits, musical performances, film screenings, photography and much more, Ragasthan is an all-inclusive carnival and will cater to every tourist flocking to this beguiling hot spot of India. 

Featuring three assorted stages - Morio Main Stage, Ammara Electronic Stage, Olun World Stage, it is going to be a perfect treat for music connoisseurs and will offer vast opportunities to make the most of their money spent on buying tickets for the festival as well as flights. Performances by Parikrama and Advaita, the famous rock and roll bands of India; metal band Brahma; artist Shiva Sound System (UK) and Mother Perera (Berlin) will be the major highlights. 

Louis Savvy – director of Sci-Fi Film Festival UK and Dev Bengal are going to be guests for special section of Ujalo, the film tent. Visitors can discuss about their works and get enlightenment about filmmaking. Besides, Hathai, the art at the festival is another great experience for art lovers who are contemplating to buy tickets with full service or low cost flights to the enchanting land of India. 

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United Airlines Landed the Inaugural Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight

The USA based air carrier, United Airlines launched the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight on Sunday, 04th Nov.

It landed the inaugural flight at Chicago O'Hare International Airport. A good number of aviation aficionados and passengers booked tickets with airlines to witness history in the making.

It is the first air carrier in USA to receive the plane. The twin-aisle plan is believed to be 20% more efficient than other aircrafts of similar size. It is going to provide unbeatable comfort to the passengers considering buying tickets on the carrier’s routes it will operate on. The Dreamliner aircraft also features a lighter design and is made of strong and light composite materials, instead of aluminium.

The 787 is the right aircraft for international routes and has many passenger-friendly amenities. Featuring 72 seats in Economy, 36 seats in Business and 111 seats in Economy class, it will considerably improve the flying experience of travellers booking tickets with United on Dreamliner routes. In addition, it also boasts larger overhead bins, better ventilation systems, advanced lighting and lower cabin altitude. No wonder, these passenger-friendly services are surely going to meet the expectations of the every traveller who will board these flights.   

The carrier will ply it for flights from Houston, USA to Lagos, Nigeria starting from January 7, 2013; Denver to Tokyo Narita, starting March 31; Houston to Amsterdam service beginning December 4, 2012 and Houston to London Heathrow service begins Feb. 4.

With state of the art Boeing plying on these routes, the airline is going to gain immense popularity among passengers who look forward to bag tickets for flying on its flights.

Friday, November 9, 2012

New Flights between Delhi and Male Announced by Maldivian

An added connection between India and Maldives is on the cards as Maldivian, the national airline of Maldives, seeks to link capital cities of both the countries. The carrier will be offering flights services between Delhi and Male from April or May of the next year, said the airline’s chairman, Bandhu Ibrahim Saleem. 

The carrier will be receiving its second Airbus A-320 in March or April 2013 and the operator plans to use the aircraft to run services to Delhi. It has also been reported that initially the airline will operate three flights a week to the city but later on in October, as the third Airbus 320 aircraft is delivered, increase in the frequency of flights to the Indian cities can be expected, offering added alternatives to tickets seekers.  

The carrier is also scheduled to begin three-times-a-week flights to India’s Mumbai and Chennai from Male in the mid of November 2012. With an augmentation in the number of flights connecting India to the Maldivian capital, the airline is hoping to attract more number of people in India to purchase cheap tickets for travelling to the popular beach destination. Even Europeans looking for tickets for travel to the Maldives will have increased tickets options as Delhi remains a highly popular stopover for tourists seeking tickets on connecting flights. 

As of now, Maldivian is operating flights connecting Male and Thiruvananthapuram, a city in South India.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Top 3 Luxury Hotels near Singapore's Changi Airport

There are many luxurious hotels in Singapore. However, those located near Changi Airport often see streams of time-pressed travelers who spend on flights tickets to the destination to grab a quick bite of ‘Lion City’s peerless hospitality! Here are top three options for those time-crunched visitors spending on flights tickets to the destination.

Ambassador Transit Hotel
Located within the Departure Transit Lounge of the Changi Airport, Ambassador Transit Hotel remains the best pick for time-pressed visitor buying tickets on Singapore bound flights! Featuring luxurious rooms and suites, restaurant, meeting facilities and host of other services, this property seamlessly offers fabulous stays to business and leisure travellers spending on flights tickets to the city!

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport
Linked with Terminal 3 via covered walkways, Crowne Plaza Changi Airport is a good value for money option that tempts even the discerning tourists to book cheap flights tickets and save only to splurge on lavish stays here! With 320 luxurious rooms and suites, award-winning dining and infinite deluxe amenities, the retreat weaves sweet memories for those travellers who spend on flights tickets to the ‘Lion City’ with a wish to sample royal luxuries! 

InterContinental Singapore
InterContinental Singapore is one of the most lavish hotels in the city! This hotel features kingly guestrooms and heavenly suites, restaurants, swimming pool and airport shuttle services amongst a host of other significant services. InterContinental Singapore is widely acclaimed for offering every frill of a lavish hotel, such that it sees hordes of travellers spending on flights tickets to the city of Singapore for business or leisure pursuits.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bihar Rivals India’s Key Tourist Destinations

Given the increasing footfall of foreign tourists, Bihar has become a favourite destination among hordes of holidaymakers who book ticket deals on flights to incredible India.

As per the state’s tourism authority, the number of foreign tourists in Bihar is expected to cross 1 million this year. From January to August this year, more than 0.84 million foreign tourists visited the different historical sites here which are considered the USP of the state tourism.

Bodh Gaya, Nalanda and Vaishali are the prominent Buddhist draws of this state of India that increase the demand for flights tickets among Buddhism enthusiasts.  

As per the reports, the destination is receiving one out of six international travellers who flock to India. There is a more than ten-fold increase in the count of arrivals.  The historical sites of the province attracted good number of holidaymakers who bought flights tickets to the country. 

The tourism authority is taking further steps for catching the fancy of domestic as well as international vacationers who spend on tickets deals for flights to this destination of India. 

This north-eastern destination of India is already a treasure trove of cultural and spiritual gems. And now it is leaving no stone unturned for beguiling the global holidaymakers’ travelling on air tickets. 

According to reports, the Indian state is flocked by higher number of holidaymakers on international flights than the country’s premier beach hotspot – Goa. Considering the tourist attractions and endeavours, it is expected that the state is going to be a worldwide hit.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Top Luxury Hotels in Top 3 Far East Destinations

Summary: Dazzling Far East destinations like Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore are all charming tourist hotspots. But what makes flights tickets to these nations such a hot commodity amongst global nomads is the easy availability of lavish accommodation options.  

Top Luxury Hotels in Top 3 Far East Destinations
Far Eastern destinations of Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore are renowned all across the globe for their picture-perfect beaches, pulsating shopping and fascinating delights. But when it comes to accommodating sybarites, these destinations simply leave no stones unturned! The glamour of lavish hotels beckons luxury seekers from worldwide to consider tickets options on flights to these destinations. Here’s a little insight into one lavish accommodation each from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Singapore - The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia, Singapore
The Ritz-Carlton is an amazing property which is touted to be one of the most lavish accommodations not only Singapore, but in entire Far East region! Located close to Changi International Airport, Ritz-Carlton is perhaps the most lavish choice for modern day sybarites who wish to get the exact worth of their money spent on flights tickets and accommodations deals.

A tranquil oasis of serenity, Ritz-Carlton, Millenia is tempting enough to literally force luxury seekers into booking tickets on cheap flights heading to Singapore and save money to splurge in here! The Ritz-Carlton features 608 newly renovated guestrooms with unobstructed skyline views of Singapore.

Ritz-Carlton is utterly famous for its award-winning dining and its soothing spa. Besides, the timeless elegance and unabashed opulence, the hotel also features an interesting art gallery housing the works of some of the greatest artists like Frank Stella, Andy Warhol and Dale Chihuly.

Thailand - The Peninsula
One certainly can’t ignore naming The Peninsula located in Bangkok when talking about some of world’s most luxurious accommodation. In fact, the accommodation is one of the most compelling choices not only for sybarites but also the budget-conscious travellers who often look for tickets on cheap flights to save on airfare and splurge on accommodation.

39-storied - huge yet astonishing, The Peninsula features 370 heavenly guestrooms and 65 opulent suites. Every room and suite seamlessly makes for the best option for any extravagant travellers spending on tickets for business class flights to Thai capital, Bangkok to take in the panoramic views of the Chao Phraya River and country’s hulking skyline.

Recipient of several accolades, including ‘World's Best Hotel’ in 2003 by Travel + Leisure magazine, The Peninsula prides itself on offering its guests an extravagant dose of luxury with three-tiered swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna, steam rooms and beauty salon offering holistic massage treatments.

Malaysia - Mandarin Oriental
Malaysia’s most opulent establishment, the five-star Mandarin Oriental is located in Kuala Lumpur. Prestigiously located adjacent to the famous Petronas Twin Towers, Mandarin Oriental eclectically catches the fancy of every luxury seeker buying tickets with full service carriers offering flights to Malaysian capital.

The hotel features 643 rooms and 51 fully-serviced apartments to make it easy for the guests to take their pick! Guests can savour impressive views from their sumptuous suites that are stylishly furnished to ooze Oriental opulence. A spell in the Mandarin Oriental is like playing royalty in some erstwhile castle!

Be it the dramatic infinity edge pool or the tranquil spa and wellness centre, the hotel unfolds itself as a serene stretch of paradise for its guests who spend quite a fortune on air tickets for international flights heading towards Malaysia to get swept away with the magnificence of the destination.

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