Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tips For Snapping Up Last-Minute Airfare Deals to India

Booking tickets for a leisurely break to India well in advance can help you make enormous savings! However, if you are an impulsive, last-minute traveller, a little research and smart work can get you the real good last minute deals to enjoy those enchanting  holidays to enigmatic India without spending an arm and a leg!

So if you still haven’t booked your tickets to India in advance, don’t disappoint.  Use the following tips to snap up a lucrative last minute ticket deal on cheap flights to India.

Have a Flexible Approach

Being flexible with travel preferences helps a lot in netting last minute deals. Often airlines operating flights to India at odd hours come out with cheap last minute deals. Flexibility with choice of departure and arrival airport also increases chances of booking cheap last minute deal.

Go for Popular Websites

It has often been noticed that a search for lucrative last minute deals for cheap tickets on flights to India remains incomplete without browsing through prominent airfare listing and flight comparison websites. These websites offer loads of information on last minute deals available both with airlines and travel agencies. However, do check out airline and tour operators’ websites separately to compare the quoted airfares.

Contact Airline

Just because you have found the airfares on the website billed as last minute doesn’t mean it is the best possible discounts! To enhance your savings you need to know the original airfare. Contact airlines to find out which cheap flight to India has vacant seats and last minute tickets available on it. You might grab a better one!

Go For All-Inclusive Holiday Packages

Besides cheap airfares, one also requires affordable accommodation and car rental deals for a gratifying break. It is sensible to look for a last minute all-inclusive holiday package as it enhances savings and avoids individual expenditures made on airfares, accommodation and possibly a car rental from the airport. Furthermore, many tour operators offer deep discounts on all-inclusive holiday packages.

Don’t Forget Travel Consolidators and Ticket Auctions

Check with travel consolidators as they often sell air tickets for prices less than the airline's advertised prices. Airline ticket auction websites are also great places to snap up lucrative last minute flights’ tickets.

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