Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rent a Fort in Majestic State of Rajasthan

The royal state of India, Rajasthan tops the travel itinerary of many travellers planning holiday tour. The state is home to many historic forts, opulent palaces, and quaint havelis, most of which are either sold or conceded to the state government by their princely proprietors.

The state authorities of Rajasthan, who were fighting hard to fund the restoration and preservation of these forts and palaces, have now decided to offer them on lease.

Infact, the concept of heritage hotels kick started from Rajasthan and has been luring millions to plan air travel and book cheap flights to India since decades. The state currently houses over128 heritage hotels that greet hordes of travellers booking flights to India.

The idea of renting the forts of Rajasthan is quite interesting but has been under cloud due to poor infrastructure and extreme bureaucracy that has let down a number of potential customers for the leaseholds.

Neemrana Hotels is the first group that has taken the step of acquiring the lease of Tijara Fort to extend their business by tempting more number of travellers booking tickets for flights to India. Despite contracting a 60-year lease accord in 2005, it took the group some years to get final ownership of the property.

The historical palaces of Rajasthan are real assets of the state and have been great feast for travellers booking cheap flights to India. The program of leasing these masterpieces can be extremely beneficial for Indian tourism and can do wonders in no time, beguiling tourists to plan a Rajasthan trip after booking India bound flights.

The Rajasthan’s tourism secretary asserted that the government is taking the leasing program seriously. Meanwhile, most of the properties named for lease remain creaky and disregarded. Some of the forts have completely disappeared and their stones have been taken by the residents to construct their own houses.

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