Monday, October 14, 2013

Top Three Star Attractions from Bangalore’s Nightlife Calendar

India’s Mecca of IT, Bangalore teems with infinite delights to please its visiting rovers! But what tempts thousands of nighthawks into booking flights and hotel packages for holidays to the metropolis is the sheer abundance of nightlife joints that come alive with neon-lights and ear-deafening music as soon as the sun fades into the time of oblivion! Take a look at three of the most electrifying pubs, clubs and bars that abound a whirlwind of fun and frolics and promises a night of eternal fun and frolics in this city of India!

Packed with everything essential to take the overall appeal of the metropolis to an astoundingly different dimension, Eclipse is one of the finest pubs not only in the city but in entire India. With its electrifying ambiance, fine drinks, appetizing cuisines and tantalizing ambiance, Eclipse promises to regale and entertain even the most discerning night animal spending on hotel and flight packages for holidays to this destination in South India. 

Blue Bar
Immensely popular with headbangers, Blue Bar is a vibrant nightclub in Taj West End where music meets glamour and stimulates the senses! As soon as the evening sun drowns down the ocean, Blue Bar comes alive with booze, beats and boisterousness! No wonder, it lures almost every party lover booking all inclusive packages for holidays to India to enjoy the mesmerizing facets of night.  

Legends of Rock 
Legends of Rock unfolds itself as the best place in Bangalore for musos. Murkily lit ambiance blended with captivating music and tantalizing drinks and dinner makes the evenings all the more exciting for musos spending on flights and hotel packages for holidays to the South India’s Garden City, Bangalore.

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