Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hurghada International Airport: Important Information for Travellers

Hurghada is a word class tourist destination! No wonder, the Hurghada International Airport is a popular place all over the world. Nearly 7 million people visit Hurghada airport every year in order to be able to enjoy the city’s stunning beauty and attractions.

The Hurghada International Airport is a wonderful facility that guides travellers through a maze of its services and facilities. The airport is located just 6 km away from the heart of the city and an efficient transports network ensures that even that is not an issue for passengers.

Airport Accessibility

Passengers landing up at the Hurghada Airport will be pleasantly surprised to find several modes of transport. One can either board a public bus from a bus stop that is located very near to the international airport or one can take a taxi from the taxi rank that is again located very close to the airport. Buses usually take 15 to 20 minutes to reach the Hurghada city. Regular taxis and tourist taxis are available and no points for guessing that tourist taxis are much more expensive. Travellers who land up at Hurghada Airport and board tourist taxis will need no guide as the taxi operators themselves act as one!

Airport’s Website

Hurghada is most known for its wonderful beaches and acts as a glorious winter sun destination for European tourists. Not surprisingly, Europeans form the major chunk of tourist traffic in Hurghada.

People who are looking forward to travel to this remarkable Egyptian city would do well to check out the Hurghada International Airport’s website for information, www.eac-airports.com/OurAirports_Hurghada.aspx. The website is a perfect tool that provides information and tips on each and every facet of the airport – be it history, services, capacity or other significant Hurghada airport information.

Given the immense popularity of Hurghada, it is not surprising that a number of airlines offer flights to the city’s airport – from full-service award winning carriers and low-budget airlines to code share as well as global alliances member airlines.

Airport’s Services and Amenities

The Hurghada International Airport features excellent services and facilities for passengers. Travellers have access to short term as well as long term parking lots, a VIP lounge that must be reserved beforehand and all sorts of banking services.

The airport is a happy place particularly for food lovers as one can sample local as well as international dishes here. The international airport features a number of cafes and bars. You can also eat at a full-service restaurant at the airport. Other than that, individuals can spot several coffee and fast-food machines.

For those with a shopping itch, the Hurghada airport features numerous shops and stores selling gift item, jewellery and magazines. One can also enjoy shopping at the airport’s wide duty-free shopping arcade.

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