Monday, June 13, 2011

Visa Tips for Britons Taking Flights to Egypt

Quite a few travellers booking their cheap flights to Egypt are often at a loss about visa requirements enforced by the country. Skim through this article for useful information on visa facts such as fees, application and visa extension.

The mysterious land of Egypt remains one of the biggest tourist magnets in the world. Be it Cairo, Luxor, or Hurghada, every corner of the country is packed with ample attractions. Before spending your hard earned money on airfares to Egypt, it is prudent to have a good working knowledge of visa regulations. Take a look at some of the visa related facts.

Entry without Visa

British passport holders should obtain a visa before they go about zeroing down upon their cheap flights to Egypt. A visa won’t be necessary for travelling to Sharm El Sheikh, Nuweiba, Dahab, and Taba resorts, provided the trip does not take more than 14 days and one does not move out to other places.

Visas can be procured from Egyptian Consulates outside Egypt and also after reaching Egypt by paying the fee in Sterling or USD. Such visas are valid up to a month’s time.

Travellers coming to Sinai peninsular without a visa can buy one at the Sharm El Sheikh airport for their Egypt travel.

Before catching flights to Egypt, travellers need to be aware of the fact that a visa alone does not assure entry into Egypt. The immigration authorities are the final deciding authority on whether to allow someone inside the country.

Visa Extension

Quite a few travellers catch their flights to Egypt and later on decide to get an extension on their visa. For a visa extension, an application has to be made at the Egyptian Passport and Immigration Offices. The Egyptian Consulate should be approached for further information.

While Leaving

While booking tickets for one of the cheap flights to Egypt, travellers must make sure that their visa is up to date. Leaving the country may become difficult if your visa is out of date and usually travellers whose visas are out of date by more than 14 days get detained.

Visa Fee

Travellers, who have decided to book cheap flights to Egypt can either apply for a visa in person or through post. Those who apply in person have to pay the fee in cash and those who apply through post have to pay the exact sum by way of Postal Order.

A single entry tourist visa costs £15 and a multiple entry visa costs £18. Travellers booking flights to Egypt for business reasons can take a single entry business visa for £53 for and £91 for a multiple entry one.

Visa Application

Along with the duly filled visa application form, applicants have to provide two recent passport sized coloured photographs taken against a white background. The name of the applicant should be written at the back of the photograph.

A wealth of further visa related information is available with ‘The Egyptian Embassy in London’.

(Source: Websites of FCO Egyptian Consulate in London. These must be referred for detailed information)

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