Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What Not to Miss on Holidays to Bangkok

The wonder and the splendour of Bangkok reflect in its vibrant culture, enchanting locals, incredible food and remarkable shopping. But it is the regal charm of its attractions that makes flights to Bangkok so popular all over the world.

Bangkok is an incredible holiday destination that enjoys massive popularity all across the world. People of all ages and with all kinds of budgets can be seen rummaging around for tickets on flights to this terrific Thai city.

A plethora of enchanting attractions, the wonderful amalgamation of traditional and modern, great climatic conditions all year round and brilliant hospitality of the locals make flights to Bangkok a revered commodity among keen vacationers. Airlines, too, understand the worth of Bangkok as a travel destination and most of them offer a number of flights to Bangkok.

Tourists who truly wish to explore the magnificence of this mesmerising city would do well to check out the following must-visit attractions on their tour of this Thai city.

Jim Thompson House

Jim Thompson House is an attractive traditional Thai house that is a repository of antiques and Thai handicraft. Jim Thompson was an American who is accredited with revolutionising Thailand’s silk industry. His house is a museum of sorts and contains remarkable assortment of antiques from all across the Southeast Asia.

Grand Palace

A visit to Grand Palace is must for any leisure traveller who books flight tickets to Bangkok. The place exhibits the grandeur and the regal splendour that is associated with the Thai royals. Millions of tourists visit this dazzling complex of palaces each year to get bewildered by the opulence and the delicate construction style of the Grand Palace.

Wat Po

It is a breathtaking complex of fantastic temples featuring elaborate patterns and designs. The massive 45-metre long reclining Buddha is undoubtedly the biggest charm at Wat Po that compels people to look for cheap airfares on flights to Bangkok. Wat Po is also a popular centre for traditional Thai massage.

Siam Ocean World

Siam Ocean World is one of the more contemporary charms of Bangkok. It is one of the largest aquariums in Asia and holds as many as 30,000 marine animals and nearly 400 aquatic species. Among them some of the popular ones are Stingrays, Leafy Sea Dragons and Blue Ringed Octopus. Siam Ocean World is located in Siam Paragon, a world class shopping and entertainment centre for holiday makers.

Floating Markets

The Floating Markets of Bangkok provide a wonderful experience to tourists on city tour. It surely is a unique experience for the visitors to shop around for fresh vegetables and fruits on boats. Colourful merchants, fun bargaining and vivacious atmosphere add further zing to the experience. It is a must visit for tourists who are on restricted budget and who book cheap flights to Bangkok as the markets offer some wonderful bargains for them.

Rama VIII Bridge

Rama VIII Bridge is a wonderful component of Bangkok's scintillating skyline. It is a single tower cable-stayed bridge that spans across the Chao Phraya River and offers some arresting views of the river and the region.

Democracy Monument

Bangkok’s Democracy Monument commemorates the June 1932 revolution that ended the rule of absolute monarchy in Thailand. The structure consists of four wings, each of which is 24m high. The monument was designed by an Italian artist and sculptor, Corrado Feroci.

Lumpini Park

The Lumpini Park, located right in the heart of the city, offers a refuge of nature to worn out city dwellers. The tranquillity of the place is infectious and lends transcendence to the lives of people. The Lumpini Park too is popular among tourists as this is the place where they get to greet the actual life of Bangkok. The presence of many food vendors offering scrumptious delicacies also attracts tourists towards the Lumpini Park.

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