Friday, August 5, 2011

New Zealand As An Adventure Oasis

I have been to places far and wide, long and short, and ugly and beautiful. I have experienced the spiritual morning of Haridwar, India. I have shaken a leg at the glitzy Cape Town discothèque. And I have enjoyed (albeit from a distance) the coquettish charms of a Bangkok ladyboy.

Few weeks ago I had the good fortune to revel in the beautiful glory of New Zealand – in my opinion the most naturally attractive place on earth! But look beyond the natural marvels (not easy, I admit) and you will find New Zealand to be an extremely fun and adventure destination.

Given the remote location of the country, it has to be said that cheap flights tickets to New Zealand are not exactly aplenty but once you manage to get cheap airfares on flights to New Zealand (check out different travel websites for airlines offering cheap flights), you be ushered into an adventure land of infinite charms and countless trappings. The country is the mecca of extreme sports.

Be it paragliding, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, climbing, sailing, paragliding or skydiving – New Zealand holidays spell a time of lifetime for adrenalin junkies. But it is the bungee jumping that seems to have blurred the fine line between adventure travellers and regular leisure holiday makers! Really, bungee jumping does appear to be the fad of the decade with almost everyone who visits New Zealand ending up upside down. Yours truly too tried out the ‘death-defying’ stunt and let me just wrap up by saying this, next time I go for bungee jumping I am not going to eat anything at least for a day prior the feat!

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