Monday, November 28, 2011

UK Strike: Turmoil Expected at Airports on Wednesday

Passengers arriving at UK airports on Wednesday are advised to get their magazines, iPods and everything else that may assist them to kill time as it is going one hell of a wait for passengers as only a handful of immigration desks will be manned at airports.


Industrial action, called by public sector employees, is sure to engulf and impact international airports all over the United Kingdom. And if reports are to be believed, the waiting time can well extend up to 12 hours to clear immigration! So much for the cheap flight tickets that you picked up on flights to UK!


London Heathrow will be most affected airport as it is the busiest one. Then certain experts believe that the airport's flight pattern is such that it sure is going to add fuel to the industrial action fire. Even airport authorities acknowledge the massive challenge it faces and that is why Normand Boivin, Chief Operating Officer of Heathrow has written to the airlines to cut down their passenger load by 50 percent in order to trim down the chaos.


Different airlines have reacted differently to the situation. While most airlines that offer flights to UK are offering flight changes for the day, Etihad has been most proactive and has cancelled London-bound flights for that day.


Airlines like Qantas, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are offering free of cost flight changes for passengers. Easyjet, a popular budget airline known for offering cheap flight tickets, has warned travellers of the impending strike and advised them to make their travel plans keeping in mind the long delays.


Qatar Airways and Gulf Air also cautioned travellers.


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