Friday, March 30, 2012

Hyderabad – An Eclectic Blend of Historical and Modern

Epithets like ‘City of pearls’ and ‘Istanbul of India’ fall short when one starts to describe the true essence of Hyderabad. This hypnotic city quintessentially resonates with its exotic cocktail of multi-ethnicities, quaint traditions and hi-tech buzz.

Hyderabad offers a visually delightful treat to overwhelm the senses of visitors buying tickets on cheap flights to India! Hyderabad, situated on the banks of the river Musi, is modernistically sophisticated yet traditional at heart. Visitors planning leisurely breaks to the city are greeted with an eclectic blend of modern and historical right from the time they land at the Hyderabad’s futuristic international airport!

City’s urban sophistication and quaint elegance becharms even the most discerning of tourists transiting through the airport persuading them to come back for a leisurely break to explore the city!

With infinite and imposing ancient charms, the city promises a travel back in time of erstwhile Indian royal era! Besides innumerable ancient charmers, the splendiferous contemporary marvels intoxicate the senses with an extravagant dose of flamboyant modernity! With attributes such as these, it is quite unsurprising that thousands buy cheap tickets on flights to India only to explore the exotic blend of historical and modern marvels of this city!

Charminar, an architectural wonder of the ancient times, casts an incessant spell by the virtue of its sheer majesty. Adorned with stunning minarets and embellished with mind-boggling architecture, this ancient charm offers the true essence of Hyderabad. The lure of a bird’s eye view from the looming minarets of Charminar persuades thousands of culture vultures to hop on flights to India.

Those buying tickets on cheap flights to India would not miss out the site of one of the worlds tallest and astounding statue of Buddha located in the Lake Hussain Sagar. The splendid and magnificent Golconda Fortress and the wonderful tombs of the Quatab Shahi Kings make for the most irresistible lures for those spending money on cheap airline ticket deals to explore the country’s chequered past.

Nehru Zoological Park, yet another dynamic modern marvel, remains the perfect getaway for an easy escapade from city’s frantic pace! The grand and flamboyant ‘Ramoji Film City’ wins the limelight and remains a must-visit attraction for those willing to bask in unending revelry on their India holidays!

Family vacationers with children who travel to Hyderabad on cheap airline ticket often add the Birla Planetarium & Science Museum to their travel itineraries for a close encounters with twinkling stars! The Birla Science Center is a must-visit thought-provoking treasure of a heavenly Planetarium and an enriching Science Museum.

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