Saturday, March 31, 2012

Reasons behind Increasing Demands of Flights to India

Flanked by splendid Himalayan Ranges in the north and bordered by pristine stretch of sparkling beaches in the south, India is a land of great wonders that lures throngs of Britons every year.

The country is a vibrant kaleidoscope with many priceless gems including the epitome of true love, Taj Mahal, blissful backwaters of Kerala, astonishing Ajanta and Ellora at Aurangabad, royal palaces and forts of Rajasthan, imposing historical spots at Delhi and awe-inspiring Mother Nature at Darjeeling. India has a great tourism potential and attractions that bewitch all sorts of Britons to book cheap flights to the country to partake in escapades, cultural tours, religious tours, leisure holidays and much more.

With an increase in the number of travellers planning holiday breaks and booking tickets for flights to India, the tour and travel sector of the country has reached to an unmatched level.  A holiday break to India offers unstrained learning based travel experience. Its visitor-friendly customs, diverse cultural heritage and interesting fairs and festivals are enduring draws for the travellers. The other attractions of the country including sun kissed beaches, flourishing forests, imposing wild life and awe-inspiring landscapes for eco-tourism; pristine snow, foaming river and soaring mountain peaks for adventure tourism; splendid technological parks and science museums for science tourism; divine pilgrimages for spiritual tourism and rich heritage, modern trains and high-tech hotels for heritage tourism - all amalgamate to raise the number of travellers booking tickets for flights to India across the world.

The magnificent Indian handicrafts including jewels, rugs, leather items, ivory and brass goods mirror the real hidden talent of the locals here and top the shopping list of every traveller booking holiday deal for cheap flights to India

The medical tourism is also a significant segment of Indian tourism industry. With all scales of treatments available in the country, millions of Britons book cheap flights to India to get themselves treated at the best hospitals and centres on the globe. 

With a boost in the tourism sector, Indian infrastructure has also seen a massive improvement over the last few years. Delhi airport stands as testimony of this country’s flourishing hospitality standards.

Most airports of the country are well equipped with all sorts of modern facilities and operate many domestic and international airlines that serve British holidaymakers looking to book flights to India. UK’s British Airways and India’s Air India and Jet Airways are few popular airlines for people hopping to fly to the ancient country.

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