Monday, June 11, 2012

Life Might Become Easy For Transiting Travellers In India!

India has woken up to the fact that it has to take some steps to develop the country’s airports as aviation hubs. The Indian ministry of aviation has decided to appeal to country’s central banking institution, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to allow having ATMs and currency exchange counters before immigration areas in international airports.

The move is going to benefit flyers who book tickets on flights to India looking for a transit travel. Also, tourists, who grab cheap flights to India and apply for visa on arrival, will be benefited by the move.

Of course, transiting travellers landing at the Indian airports will need to spend on food and beverages and make use of other facilities in the transfer area. Paying in foreign currency is not feasible, and thus there is a need for ATMs and forex counters before immigration areas at airports.

Current guidelines of RBI do not allow foreign exchange services before the immigration in airports' arrival terminals and this has been termed as “major hindrance” for transiting travellers looking for onward journey after landing up in India.

Not surprisingly, of the total passenger traffic, India flaunts a very low percentage of transiting passengers, when compared to other international hubs.

India’s favourable location should make it an automatic choice among transiting travellers. India should remain a favourable destination for people looking for airline deals for cheap flights for further travel to Far East destinations and other Southeast Asian Countries.


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