Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hyderabad International Airport Expands Shopping Zone

International shoppers looking to explore the inimitable Indian shopping experience now have the chance to do so right at the Hyderabad International Airport, also known as Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

The airport has undertaken a massive project to increase its already expansive retail zone by another 150% - something that is sure to impress international holiday makers taking flights to India and landing up in the city.

The airport has set up several top-notch retail brands to allow the passengers to experience familiarity. In addition, the airport has allocated an additional 5,000 square feet for the setting up of multi-cuisine restaurants. Moreover, the airport has roped in a spectrum of stores like books and stationery chains, jewellery outlets and apparel units.

Over the last few months, several new brands have come up at the Hyderabad International Airport like Karachi Bakery, WH Smith Bookshop, Krishna Pearls and Jewellers, Taste of India, 'Anuva' and Hyderabadi Bangles. These brands add a local and ethnic flavour to foreign holiday maker’s shopping experience. Then there are globally renowned luxury brands such as Mont Blanc and Swarovski and popular food chains like KFC and Barista.

Hyderabad remains a popular travel destination in the world. While its cultural charms beguile tourists to look for airline tickets deals on cheap flights to India, the city’s business appeal tempts corporate executives. And with the city airport offering a virtual world of shopping alternatives, the popularity of the destination is only going go higher.

Experts believe that it is the slow improvement in passenger traffic that has led the airport to plan such a retail overdrive.


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