Tuesday, August 14, 2012

India to Be Promoted as an 'All Season Destination'

Indian Government is all set to go all over the place to proclaim and advertise the ancient country as an all-season destination! The country’s Ministry of Tourism (MoT) will be working together with trade associations in order to promote tourism and to attract travellers to look for flights bound to India.

The ministry will organise several road shows all over the globe to propel the country’s tourism interests. Expos will be held in country’s both traditional and non-traditional markets.

In an effort to tempt travellers to grab flights to the nation, MoT will work with associations like Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO) and Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA).

Road shows will be held in the US and Canada next month. These exhibitions are going to showcase India as an all-season destination and are set to tempt tourists to take flights to the Southeast Asian nation. The first road show in the US will be held in September 10 in Phoenix, Arizona and will gradually move to San Francisco and Seattle before covering Vancouver, Canada.

The expos and fairs are all aimed at portraying India as a destination for where flight tickets can be booked any time of the year.

Moreover, to promote India as a medical hub and to make people look at flights to cities like Mumbai and Delhi for their treatment, the ministry will be conducting medical tourism exhibitions in Kenya and Tanzania.

Roadshows will also be held in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand from October 1-4, 2012 to attract tourists from there to book flights.

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