Saturday, August 18, 2012

Trivandrum International Airport to Grant Visa on Arrival

Holidaymakers taking flights to God’s Own Country, Kerala will certainly be a happy lot now as state’s popular international gateway, Trivandrum Airport may very soon offer visa on arrival (T-VoA). The facility is sure to lure the impulsive holidaymakers who often remain tentative about their travel plans.

The airport will offer visa on arrival with a maximum validity of 30 days to citizens of Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Laos, Myanmar and Indonesia. Presently, citizens of France, Germany and Russia on India bound flights can only get visa on arrival.

The move is sure to boost the state’s tourism with growth in the number of foreign tourists on flights to India connecting Kerala.

Besides Trivandrum, Goa and Bangalore may also issue T-VoA very soon. Earlier, only Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata’s international airports provided this facility to foreign visitors on flights to India from select countries.

Though the facility will definitely offer a convenient travel option to foreign tourists on flights to India, there are certain rules and restrictions related to it that are expected to be followed to the dot. T-VoA will strictly be restricted for recreation, sightseeing or meeting friends or relatives in the country, excluding any other purpose or activity.

Furthermore, those on flights to India and applying for T-VoA must have a passport with minimum six-month validity. Applicants should also not have a residence or occupation registered in their names in India to qualify for tourist visa on arrival.

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