Friday, August 10, 2012

South Indian State of Kerala Launches Sightseeing Boat Service

Sightseeing on boat! This is the latest offering of India’s popular tourist destination, Kerala. The Kerala Tourism Development Corporation and the Kerala Shipping and Inland Navigation Corporation have come together to launch a ‘sightseeing’ boat service that is sure to lure not only domestic travellers from all over the country but also foreign vacationers taking flights to India.

The ferry service, which is slated to start and end at the Ernakulam Boat Jetty, will link a number of tourist spots and heritage centres in the Fort Kochi and Mattancherry heritage tourism zones. Foreign tourists who vie hard to book flights to explore the cultural attractions, glorious heritage and traditions or the region will surely have their hands full.

The new service will also allow leisure vacationers to sample the much renowned Indian diversity. In Mattancherry, guests can visit the Jewish synagogue, the oldest synagogue in the Commonwealth countries, and the Dutch Palace, a sure to lure attraction with a fine portrait gallery of the former kings of Kochi. Offering a treat to the cultural buffs taking flights to South India, the Dutch Palace is a delightful place to explore India’s brilliant legacies.

Fort Kochi is again for those interested in looking at the country’s European inheritance after taking flights to India. St. Francis Church, the first church to be built in the country by Europeans, is a highlight of the place.

The first cruise was flagged off on Saturday by KSINC’s Managing Director Tom Jose and a double deck, Lake Palace will be used to operate the service, offering two schedules in a day for domestic and international tourists booking flights for the destination.

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