Monday, February 11, 2013

Accommodation Scene on Goa Beaches

The picturesque shores like Agonda and Baga are among the most fascinating baits gracing the glorious Goa. Ever quivering with fun and entertainment and boasting intoxicating nightlife, these seasides are visited by almost every traveller who makes tickets reservations for flights landing in India. Considering the popularity, a good number of hotels have mushroomed across these seasides that cater to all kinds of holidaymakers. Read on and get acquainted with popular accommodations located near the renowned ones.  

Agonda, South Goa :-
Deserted stretch of Agonda is a compelling stop for most tourists who buy flights tickets to jaunt this overwhelming state in India. It boasts array of coco huts that make for perfect accommodation to stay nearby. Romance Beach Huts is a popular seaside hotel that ranks high among hordes of travellers who visit Goa and book tickets for flights landing in India. Alternatively, Cupid's Heaven and Monsoon are clean yet cheap options that catch the fancy of budget traveller and live up to every penny spent on flights tickets to travel this coastal destination of India.

Baga, North Goa :-
Always packed with tourists, Baga is an obvious address of umpteen hotels. The Ronil Beach Resort and Colonia Santa Maria are the two lavish properties that remain a well-known choice among well-off holidaymakers who book for business class flights tickets. On the other hand, Alidia Beach Cottages that offers too much for too little is a great and inexpensive option for budget conscious vacationers visiting India.

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