Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Top 2 Popular Markets in Cape Town

Cape Town’s intoxicating consumerist culture can be best experienced at its ever quivering flea marketplaces that remain the most potent representation of a playground where tourists go for recreation, retail therapy and immersing into the splendours of South Africa, all at the same time. These open air spaces are among the enticing rewards that one enjoys for spending on cheap flights tickets. Here are the most popular ones that captivate the imagination of one and all! 

Greenmarket Square :-
Pulsating in the heart of Cape Town’s CBD, Greenmarket Square is a star attraction and the most compelling stop for those who book tickets for flights landing in South Africa.  It is an open-air space where you can grab an array of items including attires, glassware, footwear, curios and hand-painted fabrics. One can catch performances of buskers, mime artists and jugglers, too. Spending some time here is well worth the money spent on flights tickets and holiday deals. 

Milnerton Flea Market :-
Looking for one of a kind curio in South Africa? Make way to Milnerton Flea Market on Racecourse Rd Milnerton and pick from the bunch that inspires nothing but awe. It is the most prominent spot that boasts a wide range of shops selling used products like domestic tools, military objects and antiques at cheap prices. Dotted with ample of mobile food stalls, it is also a fitting place for savouring the delicacies of Cape Town and satiate the palate. There is no denying in the fact that the experience literally leaves one gloating over his decision of visiting it and grabbing all those flights tickets to jaunt South Africa.

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