Monday, May 20, 2013

Abu Dhabi-Based Hotel Chain to Enter India

Tourists who are keen on India holidays and look to incorporate quality accommodation options in their vacation packages are likely to have more alternatives made available to them by Abu Dhabi-based hospitality group, Rotana. The group has plans in place to set up 20 properties in India in the next 10 years, offering multiple choices to all sorts of vacationers seeking packages for India holidays. The firm is seeking to debut in India with its flagship brand Rotana in the upscale category and the hotel apartment chain, Arjaan. Also, the hospitality group will introduce another of its brand, Centro in India.

Rotana Hotels and Resorts is more of upscale brand that aims to target the big spenders on their holidays in India. On the other hand, Arjaan is likely to appeal to budget vacationers who plan holidays and include mid-level accommodation choices in their packages. Centro is another budget option and is most likely to be hit among tourists looking for pocket-friendly options when booking holiday packages for India tour.

The company’s first property is expected to become operational in 2016 in the National Capital Region of India.

Internationally, the company has 46 properties in 10 countries. The firm has another 44 in the pipeline that are expected to come up by 2016 across 10 more countries.

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