Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Top 2 Unusual Sites to See in Bangkok

Bangkok overwhelms with a wonderful melting pot of contrasts! You will see abundance of peculiarly striking and strikingly peculiar gems strewn at every nook and cranny. From wacky museums to quaint edifices, it is a treasure chest where tourist can see the unforeseen. Have a look at two of the most popular bizarre experiences, justifying the value of money spent on Thailand holidays and packages.

Erawan Museum
An enormous, three-headed elephant statue standing upon an equally huge plinth greets every visitor who tours Samut Prakan's Erawan Museum. Each storey bespeaks the distinctive Thai beliefs of the universe. The basement epitomizes the cosmological underwater world while the first floor boasts Mount Meru, a centre of universe as per the Buddhist belief. Certainly, it is one of the fascinating attractions where tourists can make the most of their money spent on Bangkok holidays and packages.  

Robot Building
Situated on South Sathorn Road, it is another queer jewel in the crown of Thai capital.  Elaborately designed with complete details including eyes and antennae, it is an attraction in itself. The whimsical fa├žade resembles a robot and adds a unique feel to city’s dazzling skyline. It is one of the enchanting places that enjoy immense popularity among vacationers booking packages and holidays for the city.  The edifice is not open to the public but can be easily viewed from the Skytrain between Surasak and Chong Nonsi stations.

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