Friday, May 3, 2013

Summer Holidays in India’s Top Tourist Hill Stations

The hill stations of India are known to provide a perfect summer retreat to those looking for pleasant weather, picturesque surroundings as well as thrilling outdoor activities.

The British were the first to discover the true essence and wonders of hill stations in India. They developed the northern Indian marvel, Shimla as their winter capital to escape the much dreaded Indian summers. Over the years, Shimla has transformed into a perfect getaway for escaping the blistering weather, beguiling hordes of tourists to consider making bookings for tickets aboard India flights. From taking a toy train ride with the family to going for an excursion and from hiking in the hills to just fishing in the river, foreign tourists procuring tickets on cheap India flights will never run out of activities to do in Shimla! Rich with outdoor activities and picture-pretty surrounding, holidays to Shimla is never going to tire you out.

Tourists also seem to love tickets on flights that take them to Kashmir, India’s northern most scenic paradise. Kashmir is a beautiful city of lakes and snow capped mountains. Famous for its gardens, snow-clad valleys, pretty shikaras (houseboats) on glittering lakes, and snow sport activities; holidays in Kashmir is another good idea to beat the heat after getting hold of tickets on flights for Indian travel.

Darjeeling is another very popular place in India that shoots up the demand for airline tickets during the hot weather. Home to Mount Kanchenjunga and rows of tea plantations the place enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year and is perfect for spending holidays after disembarking from India bound flights.

Coorg, in the south India, treats with natural beauty and is another good choice for enjoying vacations in India. 

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