Thursday, April 5, 2012

Maximise your Compensation during Flight Cancellations

India remains a dream destination for many Britons! But what when the dream turns into a nightmare as traveller faces the annoying issue of flight cancellation!

Flight cancellation, though a common issue, can seriously spoil your holiday mood and ruin all the efforts you made in browsing cheap flights to India. However, having knowledge about the various compensation rules can help you in getting over the insurmountable travel inconvenience caused due to flight cancellation.

Go for Travel Insurance

To gain the maximum compensation on flight cancellation by the airlines, you should opt for travel insurance well in advance either with the airline or with some reliable travel agent. Travel insurance can ensure you full compensation for the cancellation of your flight to India due to various issues including weather conditions or some technical problems. For example, the comprehensive travel insurance offered by British Airways cover trip cancellation or delays, lost or delayed baggage, medical cover, repatriation, and 24 hour support to ensure peace of mind and safety to the travellers. BA is a popular choice for flights to India travellers can get a quote and book travel insurance on the airline’s website.

Stand For Yourself

If you do not have a travel insurance, you do not need to feel like a deprived passenger.   With travel insurance or without it, you are liable to get airline compensation for a cancelled flight. However to get the maximum compensation from the airline, the first thing you need to have is the correct ticket confirmation. Moreover, you must also book for the compensation as soon as possible to gain utmost benefits.  

Airline's Responsibility

Once you have completed all the formalities after your flight gets cancelled, the airline will definitely offer you compensation. However, compensation policies depends from airlines to airlines. For instance, holiday makers booking cheap flights to India with British Airways are liable to get rebooking of flights and may even ask for complete refund of the ticket fare if their flight is delayed for five hours or more. The airline also offers complementary meals, refreshments, accommodation option near the airport and means to contact two persons outside the airport premises.

However, if you do not get any such compensation from the airline you are flying with, you must go through the fine print in the airline's policy and ask for compensation by writing a formal letter, if needed.

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