Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Top 5 Advantages of Booking Red Eye Flights to India

Red eye flights are the ones that usually depart late in the evening and arrive early in the next day. Though they include the no-sleep factor, they have their own set of benefits over the daytime flights.

Having taken couple of red-eye flights to India in the last few years, I have realized the fact that they are extremely advantageous over the day flights and can enhance the air travel experience of the flyers.

Best to Grab Non-expensive Tickets

The biggest factor that excites me to book tickets for red eye flights to India is their cheap ticket fares. The prices of red-eye flights are considerably lower than the daytime airlines and hence they stay popular among countless budget travellers like me looking for tickets for cheap flights to India to relish economical holiday tour.

Faster Check-ins

Airports tend to be less hectic and crowded during late nights. Therefore, apart from getting cheap flights to India, travellers flying with red-eye flights will also be saved from jaunting to the airport gate and get over with the check-in procedures smoothly and quickly.

No Rush Hour Traffic

Facing huge traffic just before boarding the airline can give you a severe headache and may spoil your holiday mood. However, red-eye flights save you from this trauma and help in escaping the heavy morning and afternoon traffic hours.

A Boon for Business Travellers

Daytime flights always leave the travellers on business tours in guilt of losing a full day of work. A late night flight however, comes as a boon for them where they can maximize their productivity and minimize their lost working hours.

Amazing Add-on Benefits

The other additional benefit of red-eye flights that made my journey extremely pleasurable and gratifying is less distractions. Contrary to daytime flights, red-eye flights are much calmer and thus the flyers can easily enjoy a baby nap throughout their travel.  Moreover, many red eye flights fly with vacant seats. So if you are in some cramped seat, you may move to any other vacant seat to stretch and unwind.

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