Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tips for Those Taking Connecting Flights to India

Are you taking connecting flights to India and feeling insecure about various concerns related to it? Well, now with few easy measures you can make your travel with connecting flights pleasurable and hassle free. Read below to know how!

Due to long-haul journey between India and the UK, the necessity of changing flights partway has become a basic need of many Britons. However, with jam-packed airports, travelling stress and lack of knowledge about the rules and regulations, connecting flights often make travellers wretched and jaded. Have a look at some tips that can relieve you from the connecting flight issues and let you enjoy pleasing air travel.

Pre-check Gate Change Number

To avoid last minute rush and misunderstandings, you must check the gate number of the connecting airport beforehand. Many a times, airlines change the gate number at the very last moment, which creates a baffling situation for the flyers booking tickets for cheap flights to India.  Confirm it from the airport reception as soon as you reach the connecting airport.

Rule for Duty Free Items

If you have booked tickets for connecting flights to India, you are advised to pack duty free items including liquor, wine, perfume and body sprays, facial cleansers and creams, body or hand lotions, etc in your baggage if going under security checkpoints again - usually after customs. For instance, if you are travelling LHR – Dubai - India, you can put it in your checked luggage after customs in Dubai.

Bad Weather Conditions

Some times connecting flights are delayed or even cancelled due to severe weather issues. However, you must understand that weather syndrome is an uncontrollable issue and the airline with which you have booked your flights to India is usually not liable to cover your expanses for problems related to bad weather. However, if your connecting flight has been delayed by hours due to unpleasant weather, all you can do is to wait at the connecting airport and kill time.

Luggage Issues

Many a times, travellers taking cheap flights to India with several stopovers forget to ask the airport authority whether they need to pick up luggage while taking the connecting flight or not. This question can be asked at the time you check in your luggage for the first time to save time spent in clearing customs for your connecting flight.

Ask for Terminal

Many times people even miss their flights due to long distance between terminals and gates which leave their dream holiday tour to India in jeopardy. Confirm the terminal for your flight from the travel agent or the airline in advance. If in doubt, simply ask the airport help desk about the terminal and directions from where you have to board the connecting flight.

Reach the Gate Hassle Free

The sight of travellers jolting with their heavy luggage at the airports is very common.  Therefore, to reach the gate of your connecting flight faster and effortlessly, you must check-in as much luggage as you can to avoid being a beast of burden among the puzzling crowds of the airport.

Need a Stroller

Stroller is a ‘must have’ item that helps you in moving easily and comfortably around the airport premises.  So, if you are using a stroller, you must get it checked by the gate agent at the airport gate. The gate agent will give you a tag and a claim ticket for your stroller, which you need to submit later before boarding your connecting flight.  

Change of Airport

If you need to board your connecting flight from some other airport, do keep enough time on hand to reach the desired airport on time. Sometimes, you might also need to hire a cab to travel to other airport. So, book your cab well in advance to avoid wasting time and chances of missing your connecting flight.

Connecting flights, no doubt, add a stroke of twist to your travel experience. However, at times they become a complete nightmare for the flyers. So act smart and make your travel with connecting flight memorable and pleasant.

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