Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tiger Sighting in India: Where to Go!

Wildlife enthusiasts taking flights to India to catch a glimpse of the terrific tiger have a number of options at their disposal. Jim Corbett National Park and Sunderban National Park are couple of such options for the animal lovers.

The unnerving growl, the fierce eyes, the fascinating aura…! There are very few natives of the wild that create a kind of awe that are manufactured by a tiger sighting! It is not everyday that a man gets to see the royalty of the wildlife! Watching the wild beast on Discovery or National Geographic in the comfort of your living room is a different thing but to experience the majesty of this unrivalled creature sure is something else!

India is right up there when it comes to tiger sightings. There are multiple places where big cat lovers can get up close and personal with animal after booking flights to India. Check them out!

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and promises to offer the travel buffs taking flights to India an enthralling experience! The park is known to house a population of around 200 tigers, and almost guarantees a peek at the majestic animal. Jim Corbett National Park’s topography is equally impressive with hilly ridges and rolling grasslands.

Where to stay

Jim Corbett National Park is a big holiday destination both among locals and international visitors taking airline tickets to the country. There is simply no dearth of accommodation options in the region, with a wide variety of hotels available. They can choose to stay in hotels, camps, eco lodges and cottages. Some of the popular hotels in and around the park are Hotel Tarika Resort, Hotel Country Inn Resort, Hotel Camp Riverwild Resort and Dhikala Forest Lodge.

The best time to catch cheap flights to India to visit the national park is from October till June when the forest zones stay open for the visitors.

Bandhavgarh National Park

Located in central India, the erstwhile hunting ground of the Maharaja of Rewa, Bandhavgarh National Park is another address of the big cats in India. The place is believed to be home of the white tigers. Travel buffs who were lucky enough to grab tickets on cheap flights to India must give their luck another try by embarking on pursuit of a white tiger in Bandhavgarh National Park!

Apart from enjoying close encounters with tigers, the park allows the visitor to check out 600 species of flowering plants, 50 species of aquatic and 18 species of rare plants. Safari drives and elephant rides are couple of options available to wildlife enthusiasts.

Where to stay

Bandhavgarh National Park has no dearth of accommodation options. People booking airline tickets to India will find the region inundated with hotels and resorts, ranging from luxury accommodation to economical options for budget holiday makers taking cheap flights to India. Tiger Lagoon Resort, Infinity Bandhavgarh Wilderness, Salvan Resort and Syna Tiger Resort are some of the accommodation options for rovers in search of the big cat.

Sunderban National Park

To not to talk about Sunderban National Park while talking about tigers in India is like committing blasphemy! The kingdom of the Royal Bengal Tiger, Sunderban National Park charms the visitors with dense mangrove forest. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sunderbans is home to more than 250 tigers. The park is also renowned among wildlife enthusiasts for its conservation of the Ridley Sea Turtle.

Where to stay

There is a whole spectrum of hotels, nature resorts, wildlife jungle lodges and forest camps both inside and outside the region of the Sunderban Wildlife Sanctuary. Tourists will find both luxury hotels as well as budget hotels in this part of the world, catering to both ends of tourist sort.

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