Monday, July 23, 2012

Treat the Taste Buds With Delicious Goan Food

A platter of luscious Goan cuisines, an aura filled with joie de vivre, sun-soaked beaches at the backdrop and joyous air caressing your face - a dining experience in Goa is all about gratifying the senses with the best of everything! It remains etched in the minds of discerning epicureans who take flights to India for a holiday break in Goa.

Goan Food Culture

Goan food is a blend of Portuguese and local Indian flavours. It is known for its distinctive fish and meat specialities flavoured with coconut oil and milk, onions and assorted Indian spices.

Sea food lovers booking airline tickets on cheap fights to India can sample an assorted array of fish including kingfish, pomfret (a kind of flounder), mackerel, sardines and various kinds of snapper. These are lightly grilled over wood fires, fried or baked in clay ovens known as tandoors. The soft wheat-flour bread rolls and sanna (made from a batter of coconut milk and finely ground rice flour leavened with fermenting palm sap (toddi) are the two major breads in Goa.

Rice and fish curry along with pickles and fried fish comprise the Goan staple diet. A number of beach shacks in Goa serve these delectable cuisines to vacationers taking flights to India.

Popular Goan Cuisines

Gourmets who book holiday deals for cheap flights to India and land in Goa will be overwhelmed with the variety of cuisines galore. Pork Vindaloo, a hot and tangy dish of plain boiled rice or Jeera Rice and a leafy green salad is the star attraction and remains a big hit among tourists on Goa tour.

Travel buffs taking flights to India and seeking culinary pursuits can savour the Goan Fish Curry or savour the fish xacuti. Vindaloo Masala (spicy pork dish made with masala paste), Mackerel Raechad (fried fish recipe made with a special Raechad masala), Prawns Rava Fry (semolina batter-fried prawns), prawn Ambot Tik (delicious curry made with fish or chicken) are among the popular curries to relish during one’s holiday break in Goa.

Famous Restaurants in Goa

Epicureans hopping on flights to India and landing in Goa will be awed by the abundance of gourmet restaurants. The state overwhelms with a great deal of chic restaurants and splendid beach shacks that pamper you with a blend of scrumptious cuisines and utter hospitality.

Brittos Bar & Restaurant located far off Baga/Calangute, treats you with vast range of Indian and international cuisines like Chinese, Tandoor and Continental cuisine. Besides, vacationers travelling on cheap flights to Goa can travel to Souza Lobo Bar & Restaurant, Off Calangute, North Goa, O Coqueiro in Porvorim, Goa and Florentine's.

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