Friday, January 4, 2013

India to Begin Helpline for Tourists

Foreign travellers who have their eyes set on India holidays and are looking to net flights tickets will be delighted to know that the government authorities in the country have decided to set up a helpline. The multi-lingual helpline will be offering tourism-related information and assistance to travellers who land in the country after buying tickets on flights.

News reports in the Indian media reveal that the minister of tourism has given green signal for the launch of the toll-free help line, paving the way for establishing the service as soon as possible.

The service would be available and accessible from all parts of India and is likely to start operating in the new calendar year, says a statement from concerned authorities.

The development is surely going to be a big benefit to tourists who grab flights tickets for a travel to India looking for a pleasant and fun-filled holidays. In particular, those first timers who seem keen on taking in the various splendours of India after being able to block tickets on flights bound to the Asian nation would certainly be glad to have access to information that is bound to be reliable and accurate.

While English is definitely going to be a featured language, the helpline would also be available in the languages of important source countries from where a sizable population bags flights tickets and arrives in India.

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