Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mumbai's Top 3 Unusual Restaurants That Promise Endless Fun

India’s entertainment powerhouse, Mumbai packs in something for every visitor, from sightseers to epicureans, spending on flights tickets. But the city simply steals the show when it comes to entertaining gourmands, especially the peculiar kinds booking flights tickets deals to India. From village themed eateries to ice-rink bistros, Mumbai has loads of uniquely bewitching dining joints. Read on to know about just three prominent names from Mumbai’s gourmet list that trigger demands for cheap deals for tickets on flights arriving in India.

21 Fahrenheit :- 
21 Fahrenheit is one of the most popular dining spots not only in Mumbai but also in entire India. If you are looking for tickets deals on flights to the city and are planning to visit 21 Fahrenheit, brace yourself for a literally cool dining experience where everything is made of ice, from interiors to furniture!

Village Restaurant :-
A celebration in Mumbai’s gourmet calendar, Village Restaurant is one of city’s most uniquely themed eateries! With its refreshingly original village theme, amazing bistro fare and stunning setting, Village Restaurant certainly will be your best pick if you are planning to book tickets on flights arriving in India to dine in style. 

KongPoush - Flavour of Kashmir :- 
KongPoush - Flavour of Kashmir is yet another unusual restaurant that rewards its guests with an authentic slice of Kashmir. Boasting subtle lighting, shikara shaped tables and authentic Kashmiri cuisines, KongPoush - Flavour of Kashmir Kitchen is an unusual yet pleasing dining spot that is recommendable for all travellers spending on tickets for cheap flights landing in India.

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