Monday, January 21, 2013

Lighthouses Guide India towards Increased Tourism!

The beacon of lighthouse in India is being spread around with a purpose to entice people from all over the globe to grab cheap flights tickets deals and land in the country! Yes, the great Indian land of rajas and maharajas has always been the prominent crowd puller and a major star in the world of travel and tourism. Scores of holiday makers look to lay hands around flights tickets that would take them to India to unfurl its many glittering gems. Offering another fine avenue for people to explore, authorities in India are planning to promote lighthouses along the coastline of the nation as tourist draws, for both domestic and international sightseers!

The government is planning to put the limelight of tourism on 182 of the light houses and develop them as tourist spots. Plans are being chalked out, proposals are drafted to make it happen! Surely, vacationers who are planning to book flights tickets for an India holiday in the near future will be delighted with the news. There would be top class tourists facilities available at the coastal areas in and around such spots. One could even enjoy a stay at quality resorts and experience water sports!

A top ministry official let it known that light houses in the Indian states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Orissa and Gujarat have been identified and business plans are being developed for them. Each of these provinces of India is a popular holiday destination and attracts a major section of foreign holiday makers into looking for flights tickets that would transport them to India!

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