Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dum Pukht, New Delhi Named Best Restaurant in India

Foodies please listen up!! Next time you plan India holidays and look painstakingly for cheap options on flights tickets to travel to the country, make sure you are aptly rewarded! Make sure you sample the best India has to offer at Dum Pukht!

New Delhi’s Dum Pukht has been ranked as India’s best restaurant in S. Pellerino Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant. Surely, it gives all India bound epicureans a new excuse to love their flights tickets. While the venue is rated the finest in India, in Asia it is ranked 17th. The place is most known for its royal culinary traditions and serves dishes that are highly influenced by different parts of India - from Kashmir to Hyderabad to Awadh. The eatery regards slow-cooked recipes as its speciality, something sure to be noticed by food experts taking tickets on India bound flights.

Bukhara, its sister restaurant, made it to the list at the number 26. This listing could be surprising for some as Bukhara has traditionally been more popular among not only the locals but also with celebrities and foreign dignitaries taking flights tickets to the country. ITC Maurya Hotel, a luxury property, holds both these top eating joints.

Those who are indeed going for flights tickets to arrive in India for holidays can also explore other places that made to the S. Pellerino Asia listing. These are: Wasabi By Morimoto and Indigo, Mumbai; Varq and Indian Accent, New Delhi; and Karavalli, Bangalore.

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