Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Top 3 Beaches That Make You Fall In Love with Canada

Though many believe that Canada is all about cloud-kissing skyscrapers, animating shopping and sightseeing treasures, there are others who consider country’s beaches as its greatest appeal! And sure enough, the spread of countless sun baked Canadian beaches make beachgoers scramble for tickets on flights to the destination. Here’s a little smattering on top 3 Canadian beaches that have long been responsible for pushing up enquiries on tickets for flights arriving in the country.

Long Beach
Dubbed as one of the most beautiful places in Canada, Long Beach is one of the favourite playgrounds for beachgoers booking flights tickets to the country. Located in the Pacific Rim National Park, it unfolds as a serene oasis of tranquillity and peace for its visitors. In fact, it is a perfect place to lounge languidly on the soft sand and soak in some sun far away from the everyday’s hustle and bustle.  

Devonshire Beach
With its perfect powdery soft sands and dramatic waves, Devonshire woos beachgoers, tempting them into booking cheap flights tickets to the destination. Empyreal and sublime, Devonshire makes for one of the most compelling excuses for sun-seekers to plan holidays to Canada.

Brackley Beach
With its stunning coastline and the stretch of soft white sand, Brackley is yet another mesmeric Canadian crowd puller. Offering ample frolics and facilities, Brackley has long been popular with family vacationers booking tickets on flights arriving in Canada. Most visitors who have been to the place describe it as the best place to take in the postcard perfect scenes of fading scarlet sun!

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