Monday, March 4, 2013

Hollywood Films That Make South African Holidays Popular

Be it the mind-bogglingly diversity, flamboyantly mesmerizing cities, culturally stimulating tribes or the riveting anecdotes of turbulent history – South Africa’s rough hewn surface hides in its heart many sagas that make it a perfect place for storytellers! No wonder, the country continues to attract filmmakers from around the world including the biggest names from Hollywood! Here’s a little smattering on some of the popular movies that have been filmed in the country and have been successful in tempting film buffs to look for tickets on flights to the country.

Blood Diamond
Leonardo Di Caprio starrer thriller, Blood Diamond was filmed in South Africa in 2006. The gritty thriller captured Sierra Leona’s brutal civil war and created enough buzz around the globe. Shot in and around Cape Town, Blood Diamond has long helped South African tourism by attracting more and more keen cineastes to seek tickets deals on cheap flights to the nation.

Lord of War
Yet another popular Hollywood movie that was shot in South Africa is sweeping international thriller, Lord of War. Starring megastar Nicholas Cage, this film was shot in and around Cape Town in the year 2005. Since then, heaps of filmgoers have bought flights tickets deals to the scenic city of Cape Town with a desire to live through the moments where the scenes were filmed. Admirers of the movie may check out the places where the flick was filmed after grabbing tickets on flights and landing in South Africa.

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