Friday, April 26, 2013

AC Double-Decker Train to Link Bangalore and Chennai

Chennai and Bangalore in southern part of India have long been popular destinations for cultural enthusiasts booking all-inclusive packages for holidays to the country. Leisure vacationers who wish to travel between the two cities would now be able to use an all-new, AC double-decker rail service between the two popular destinations.

With operations starting from April 25, the service is expected to become highly popular among the domestic as well as foreign holidaymakers booking packages for holidays to South India. Both the cities are immensely popular for attracting scores of cultural enthusiasts from worldwide.

The new train will leave Chennai at 7.25am and reach Bangalore at 1.30pm. From Bangalore, the train will leave at 2.40pm and reach Chennai at 8.45pm. The service will spell as a cheap and comfortable option for budget travellers booking packages for India holidays and looking for reasonable travel option between the two cities.

Railways have long been one of the most sought after ways of travelling within India and a fair share of foreign vacationers often plans to explore the country via rail travel after opting for holiday packages for India! Being a fairly new concept, the authorities are pretty sure that the double-decker air-conditioned coaches would spell new experiences for the local travellers.

Each AC coach will feature a seating capacity of 120 with only chair-car seating. Many safety features onboard the new service is sure to make foreign travellers taking packages for holidays to the country feel safe and relaxed during their train travel between the two cities.

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