Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Make the Most of Shopping at Kolkata, India

Kolkata’s air is suffused with consumerist culture! One of the largest cities in India, it offers abundance when it comes to overwhelming the guests with a buying spree! You will have no end of utterly captivating marketplaces and centres for immersing deep into the marvellous ethos and grabbing best of handicrafts, saris and much more. Certainly, shopping is one of the wonderful baits of Kolkata, drawing legions of foreign tourists to spend on tickets for flights to Kolkata in India.

New Market

Also known as Hogg’s Market on Lindsay Street, it is a well known happy hunting ground for shopaholics. Boasting about 2,000 stalls trading in every conceivable product, it is perhaps a great place where tourists can make the most of their money spent on tickets aboard flights tickets for India holidays. They can grab the marvellous variety of jewellery, garments and much more. All they need is the art of haggling that makes for a key to crack a great deal.

Dakshinapan Centre

The open-air centre located on Ghariahat Road in Dhakuria is second to none place for picking the fine range of handicrafts and artefacts and getting a maximum bangs for the bucks spent on all those tickets for India bound flights. There are ample of Indian state government emporiums selling assortment of merchandise like handlooms, arts and craft items, and fancy goods on fixed prices. The 20-year-old Dolly's Tea Shop is one of the star attractions and a compelling stop for one and all.

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