Thursday, April 4, 2013

Old Cairo - A Happy Hunting Ground for History Buffs

Old Cairo or Coptic Cairo is one of the rewarding attractions in Egypt’s capital city of Cairo that has for long prompted swarms of history enthusiasts to rummage through airlines’ websites for cheap deals and offers on tickets on flights. It is the home of Egyptian Christian community and boasts myriads of fascinating tourist trappings. They take you down the memory lane and unravel out intriguing mysteries of yesteryears. Have a look at two of the most popular avenues holding the essence of this captivating place in Egypt.

Church of St. George
Constructed on top of an ancient Roman tower, it is one of the significant religious places in Egypt. The only round church in the country is well-known for its outstanding Qaa el-Arsan, dating back to 14th century. No wonder, it is one of the magnificent attractions that rank high on travel circuit of foreign tourists who spend on tickets for flights to visit Cairo in Egypt. The Moulid of Mari Girgis, celebrated every April, offers a rare prerogative of basking into authentic multihued shades of this religious place.

Coptic Museum
Established in 1908, the enthralling repository boasts a spectacular array of Egyptian Christian artefacts belonging to Late Antiquity, late Roman Empire and Islamic era. It is sure to beguile you with magnificent history of Christianity and its intricate details. The glorious experience of visiting this enchanting museum will leave you gloating over your decision of grabbing tickets on flights and touring the city. You can also feast eyes on compelling frescoes from early monasteries, astonishing tapestries and striking embroideries.

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