Monday, April 22, 2013

South India’s French Hangover – Pondicherry

Most visitors who book tickets aboard international flights arriving in India describe Pondicherry as a sparkling French wine served with hot, sizzling South Indian platter! With sea-facing leafy boulevards, a wide gamut of fun-filled holiday activities and traces of French culture and architecture, the French Riviera of the East – Pondicherry or Puducherry leaves nothing more to be desired!

Pondicherry has a lot on offer for sightseers booking tickets on India bound flights with a desire to see it all! Arikamedu, Jawahar Toy Museum, Botanical Garden and Aquarium, Palais du Gouvernement, The Statue of Dupleix and Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus are just some of the many attractions that will make you go ga ga over your decision to book tickets aboard India bound flights landing here.

In fact, many believe that booking tickets aboard flights landing here is nothing but a chance to explore destination’s bohemian side at Arikamedu, curl toes in the soft-powdery sands at Plage Paradiso, get face-to-face with exotic fish kinds at the Botanical Garden and Aquarium, discover serenity at Aurobindo Ashram or ensure a rendezvous with the world-renowned Auroville City!

But the destination isn't all about the attractions! Shopping in the city is a unique experience in itself. Follow the shopping craze at Casablanca, one of South India's funkiest department stores or dive in the shopping frenzy of La Boutique d'Auroville, a must-do stop for shoppers taking tickets on flights landing in the destination!

And if you thought that’s all! Perhaps you didn’t count city’s tantalizing dining scene! With authentic South Indian cuisines and delicious seafood delicacies, Pondicherry promises something for every platter!

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