Wednesday, June 5, 2013

India a dream destination for every Backpacker!

India is such a riot of colours, cultures and diversity that there can be no other way of exploring it except through backpacking.  The country observes the coming together of varied cuisines, many cultures, vibrant festivities, ancient structures, huge mountains, deep ravines, golden deserts and verdant forests which together have the capacity to leave most pilgrims enthralled. Countless backpackers book flight tickets to the country every year and create unforgettable memories. Here is a smattering of some simple tips that go in to make the monies spent on India flights and holidays all the more worthwhile for a backpacker.

Most backpackers travel on a budget. Saving on flights to India and accommodation options is the best way to enjoy other outdoor activities at the countless destinations here. Tickets on cheap flights to the country can be bagged with the Indian airlines – Air India and Jet Airways.
Flights are not available in all parts of the country; you may have to avail the services of buses, trains and taxis. Avoid touts while booking any means of transport as you might be duped.
Cheap flights tickets are ok, but while booking a cheap hotel in India do ensure factors like personal safety and hygiene.
Your backpack should carry all essentials items and you should always have a local map and a guide book handy.
All times be protected against the deadly insect populace.
Be aware of the local laws and customs, and be ready with the contact details of all useful local agencies.
Know the destination you are headed towards in advance.
Avail ATMs but do not carry excessive cash.
Avoid isolated areas.
Be well informed about the prevailing weather conditions of the area you are headed towards and carry sufficient gear to arm you against adverse natural elements.

With above tips in mind, book your tickets on the flights headed to this enchanting land of the ancient sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda and let the magic weave around you!

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