Thursday, June 13, 2013

Philippines’ Unconventional Fare that Dares you to Eat it!

The Philippines is a beautiful country and its warm hearted people as well as zestful culture are probably best illustrated through its unconventional yet delicious cuisine. Seldom considered to be a culinary hotspot in the league of Thailand or China, for those seeking delight in unorthodox delicacies, Philippines’s Manila is just the place to book flights tickets to. If you are a foodie and have bought tickets on flights to the destination, then here are just two of the must try dishes unique to the Filipino people. 

These are delicious bite sized appetizers, crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, however, the details of its ingredients are definitely not for the faint hearted! Kamaro is made from mole crickets and ones from Pampanga province are considered to be the best. Don’t worry, the bugs are cleaned and their wings and legs are removed, subsequently, the remaining portion is boiled in garlic and vinegar. The boiled cricket is sautéed in oil with tomatoes and onions to make this sumptuous appetizer.

Dinuguan At Puto
If you get served this dish in a restaurant, it may not seem very appetizing by its looks. But take a mouthful with rice cake (puto) and it will surely be unlike anything you have tasted before. Key ingredients of this local delicacy are the innards of pig, which are stewed in fresh blood of pigs seasoned using oregano, onion and garlic. The dish is definitely something worth tasting for a gourmand who looks for unorthodox culinary adventures. 
And if that is not all to satiate your hunger for unconventional food, try out Sisig, Betute or Crispy Pata before you board your flights back home. 

Be it the most unheard of recipes or the more popular cuisines, food in Philippines could well become your reason to preserve your flight tickets to the country as a vivid reminder of the flavours here.

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