Monday, June 3, 2013

Indian Items to be Duty-Free As Well at Airports of India

Foreign travellers who are looking to grab hold of tickets on flights headed to Indian airports have a new reason to smile now! The authorities in India have decided to allow the sale of goods manufactured in India without excise duty at its airports. This basically means that international fliers with hands around tickets on flights to and from India can now shop for indigenous goods at duty-free shops (DFSs). The move is seen as an attempt to promote ‘Brand India’.

Thus far, DFSs at international airports of the country, could sell only imported stuff. Products manufactured by India were available too but they were not exempted from duty. Travellers, who had tickets for flights and were using the country gateways, needed to pay the taxes as well whenever they choose to buy Indian stuff unlike imported things they could buy sans tariff. News reports reveal that authorities took the decision following representations for duty-free sale of India manufactured commodities both during arrival and departure. This was done to assure that local products are on the equal footing with the imported ones. 

The news is surely music to the ears of shopping freaks who secure tickets aboard India flights and plan to fill their bags with wonderful indigenous goods being manufactured in India. Now passengers can pick tickets on flights landing in India and opt either to spend money on tax-free imported goods or on cheap, tax-free Indian commodities.

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