Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Education Tourism Adding More Flights to India

Education is one of the finer reasons for booking cheap flights to India. Besides iconic Business Management and Engineering institutes, the country has numerous institutes imparting knowledge in many other disciplines. Read on for more.

Enigmatic India, one of the earliest civilisations known to mankind, and a top holiday destination, has been spearheading education since times immemorial. This is the land, where the concept of zero was discovered by Aryabhatta. Today the alumnus of institutes like the Indian Institute of Management and Indian Institute of Technologies continue to take the world by storm. In the bygone ancient era too, the fountain of wisdom at universities like Nalanda and Taxila illuminated many brilliant minds. Over the generations, the country has repeatedly churned out brilliant Nobel Prize laureates like Dr Amartya Sen, C V Raman, and Rabindranath Tagore to name just a handful. India also boasts some of the biggest names in the world of medicine and Indian doctors enjoy the status of demigods. No wonder then, India has its place under the sun in terms of educational tourism.

Educational Tourism in India

The fact that education can not be confined within certain classrooms and other boundaries makes countless people travel overseas to quench their thirst for knowledge. For instance, thousands of students from different corner of the world catch cheap flights to India for enrolling at the different world renowned Indian colleges and universities. Indian universities offer a plethora of knowledge packed short term courses. Besides being time efficient, the cost of these courses often turn out to be a fraction of what is charged in many other parts of the world. No wonder, scores of knowledge seekers buy tickets for cheap flights to India year after year.

Institutes of Learning

The country is full of numerous institutes that are a hot draw with foreigners catching flights to India for educational purposes. For instance, the Delhi University offers a number of such courses. These courses are usually about 4 months long and span subjects as diverse as Indian Philosophy and Culture, Indian Music, Post Independence Indian Economy, and Introduction to Sanskrit Language. Apart from the manifold savings that students get to make on course fee and precious times, the experience of being in India allows one to get a first hand experience of India’s cultural scene. Similarly, short term courses are also offered by the University of Madras on subjects like Travel, Medicine, Women and Environment in India, and Folk Music of India.

English Language and Benefits

A major reason that prompts a large number of foreigners to catch flights to India for fulfilling their educational requirements is the usage of a highly standardised degree of English in many of the educational institutions. It goes without saying that the quality of the courses are also of an exceptionally high level. Indian universities also participate in a world of student exchange programmes and study tours, which gives a sharp impetus to the number of overseas students booking flights to India.

Comprehensive Educational Tourism Packages

A number of Indian universities offer convenient educational tourism packages. These packages are specially designed in a manner, which makes the courses easily comprehensible to the visiting students. Sometimes, the packages also include a number of additional features besides the subject matters. These could include exposure to India’s history and culture, flora and fauna, and wildlife and ecology.

A Quick Glance at the Utility of Education Tourism in India

Some of the universities assist students in making arrangements for priority visas and flight bookings

Foreign students get standardised meals and lodging facilities

Competitive rates are charged for comprehensive educational packages

Girl students are given special security cover in many of the colleges and universities

Students get instructed in internationally approved information packed courses in some of the top most Indian universities and colleges.

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