Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mesmerizing Lures to Catch Flights to Sydney

Referred by many as the world's largest island, Australia is a dream holiday destination that embraces extraordinary glory and radiant splendour. Punctuated with marvellous landscapes, bounded with vast beaches and home to cosmopolitan cities – the land of Australia oozes splendour from every corner.

No wonder, the entrancing charm of the breathtaking continent prompts hordes of travel buffs to catch flights to Australia.¬ Planning holidays to the world’s sixth largest country is fun for all sorts of travellers - be it adventure spirits, cultural aficionados or the nature lovers. Australia offers plenty of awe-inspiring attractions to take one’s breath away and ample of activities to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Here is the sampling of best attractions of hugely popular travel destination, Australia.

Great Barrier Reef

A fad among marine-life fanatics and the planet’s largest coral reef system - Great Barrier Reef is a treasure trove of Australia’s rich marine life. Scuba divers and underwater explorers madly wait for the airlines to announce cheap air tickets on flights to Australia. One of the seven wonders of the natural world and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Great Barrier Reef features more than 400 different kinds of corals, coral sponges, molluscs, rays and dolphins. In addition to this, the reef features nearly 1500 species of tropical fish, 200 types of birds and around 20 types of reptiles including sea turtles.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. It is located at the Queensland coast and is a popular holiday spot among families. The Island houses dense tropical rainforest, gorges and lakes. Freshwater lakes, vivid sand cliffs, lush rainforests, and white sandy beaches make Fraser Island an idyllic attraction for thousands of visitors grabbing cheap flights to Australia. The island maintains a diverse ecology. Encounter whales, meet the sharks and play with dolphins and turtles. There is just no chance of getting bored in this spectacular island! Catch sight of other attractions like rusting wreck of the Maheno ship and the former logging camp of Central Station.

Kakadu National Park

Exploring Kakadu National Park is a must-do-thing after descending upon the shores of Australia. The park is on the World Heritage List and boasts unique cultural and natural values. Great natural marvels and internationally important wetlands of the park offer a spectacle of beauty. Floodplains of Kakadu demonstrate the ecological effects of sea-level change in northern Australia. Kakadu National Park has countless indigenous art sites and showcases the outstanding interaction of humans with nature. Fascinating galleries of Aboriginal rock painting at Ubirr (Obiri Rock) and Nourlangie are something that will leave one in awe.

National Gallery of Australia

National Gallery of Australia is a tourist delight. It exhibits a vast compilation of over 100,000 artefacts across the genres of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander art, Asian art and International art including European, American and Pacific art. Owing to the intriguing collection of the remarkable gallery, cheap flights to Australia have become a revered commodity among historical buffs. The award-winning national museum is replete with fascinating stories and attention-grabbing objects, and offers a variety of things to do for all ages.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is an outstanding epitome of superb architectural works of Australia. It is located on Sydney Harbour at Bennelong Point and is considered as one of the marvellous attractions in Australia. The colossal edifice spellbinds millions with its grandeur every year. With nearly 2,500 performances and events being staged every year, Sydney Opera House is one of the most prolific performing arts centres of the world. Cultural buffs can have a great time here as they can get mesmerized with its grandeur and take pleasure in the excellent live performances.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney’s highlight, Sydney Harbour Bridge is a must-see attraction. It spans the harbour at its narrowest point between Dawes and Milsons Points. Revered as the “Coathanger”, the bridge typifies the brilliance of engineering. The world’s largest steel arch bridge is also a renowned symbol of Australia and is located at the lovely harbour location. Climbing to the 50-storey-high bridge bestows one with a real feel of Sydney’s glory.

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