Thursday, September 29, 2011

Perth Indoor Attractions Entice As Much As Outdoors

Perth, the Western Australian capital is all about picturesque landscapes exuding awe-inspiring natural grandeur, palm-fringed beaches, magnificent lakes and river, pulsating skyline, gourmet restaurants, and tranquillity all around.

However, the lure of Perth’s indoor attractions is as strong as that of the outdoor sightseeing and attractions. There are a number of such attractions which set travellers on their quest for airlines selling cheap air tickets on flights to Perth much in advance. Perth Mint and the Aquarium of Western Australia are only to name two of these attractions that make cheap flights to Perth so much sought after.

Perth Mint

One of Western Australia’s most historic buildings, Perth Mint is also among the world’s oldest mints and was established in 1899. This award-winning tourist attraction makes for a memorable Perth holiday. After all, who would not like to get dazzled by the stunning gleam of gold all around? The mint produces gold and silver coins and bars and you can witness the sights of the dazzling Gold Pour or handle the gold bars. If the lure becomes irresistible, there is this Perth Mint Shop for you to shop for some gold coins, jewellery and precious gems as souvenirs of your Perth travel.

Aquarium of Western Australia

Aquarium of Western Australia is the largest aquarium and underwater tunnel in Australia. Here you can explore the breathtaking collection of vast marine life in Western Australian. The aquarium features the striking living coral reefs, huge sharks, rays and turtles, and intriguing sea dragons, seals, moon jellies and sea snakes. This spectacular Western Australian aquarium is a great way to voyage around huge marine life in one day.

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