Friday, September 9, 2011

Solo Travellers, Backpackers on Flights to New Zealand - Tips

Solo travellers and backpackers taking flights to New Zealand encounter an array of utterly fascinating and attractions and activities. A good awareness about critical aspects of NZ for such holidays ensures hassle free and rewarding experience.

Kiwis are friendly people and New Zealand is abode to some of the best in the world for solo travellers and back packers. Breathtaking natural splendour, tranquil getaways, thrilling activities, pulsating nightlife, and opportunity to meet people of different or similar tastes, find interesting travel companions, explore rich Maori and other multi ethnic cultures - all explain why cheap flights to NZ sell off like hot cakes.

Beach fun, water sports, hiking, trekking, mountain biking, bungee jumping, paragliding, kayaking, skiing and snowboarding are few of the most exciting adrenaline pumping activities for solo travellers taking cheap flights to New Zealand.

Travelling solo is truly blissful however single travellers are more prone to facing difficulties and challenges on their sojourn and more so due to the lack of meticulous research and awareness about the destination. Heed some important tips below and board flights to New Zealand confidently.

Accommodation in New Zealand

  • Solo travellers and backpackers can save as much on accommodation as they can by buying airline tickets with multi stop flights. There is no dearth of cheap, fairly convenient and comfy hostels in New Zealand.
  • Most of these hostels are located in prime places like lively city centres and noteworthy National Parks.
  • Accommodation in hostels ranges from private rooms with en suite bathrooms to single, double, twin family rooms.
  • Budget Backpacker Hostels and the Youth Hostel Association are popular budget accommodation providers to choose from.

Getting Around in New Zealand

  • Travel by bus, rented cars or campervan - flexibility of transport in New Zealand enchants solo travellers and backpackers who book cheap flights to New Zealand.
  • Bus travel in NZ is well organized and connects both the island. Although, time consuming and expensive, bus services are preferred by many for sight-seeing in New Zealand.
  • Solo travellers occasionally hire motorbikes. Backpackers in group can also hire cars or campervans. These options are cheap and ensure relaxed, efficient and flexible sight seeing.
  • Usually buying the vehicle with a buy back deal with the dealer is great way to hassle free travelling.
Safety in New Zealand

  • Although New Zealand is one of the safest solo and back packing holiday destinations in the world, a bit of forethought and some tips are always useful for those taking flights to New Zealand.
  • Street crimes and theft have reportedly gone up in major tourist destinations of New Zealand - one must remain extra careful at such places.
  • Use safes in hotels and keep travel documents, credit cards and travellers' cheques separate.
  • Enquire well about the reputation of adventure sports company. Those engaging in extreme sports must take out an insurance cover.
  • Seek advice from local tourist authority and register at visitor information centre before heading to remote areas.
  • Solo women must travel in pairs and avoid hitchhiking as there have been some unsavoury incidents in the recent past.

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